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Came home and found her all made up. Asked her what she used and she took some of my stuff out. Well, I must say she learns well just watching me. #kidslearnfast #sgkid #kidmodel #kidmakeup #sgmakeup #mua Makeup artist in the grooming
#16thJuly2017 📝 Last night, after Daddy went into the play room, I switched off the lights and told Aedan we have to sleep. Initially, he screamed and cried. He screamed at the top of his lungs, I bet our neighbours heard him. But I just told him we have to sleep and I pretended to sleep. He cried louder and went to knock on Daddy's door (Had asked Daddy to ignore his cries). When no one replied, instead of crying, he started to ask for food. He said "Mango" I knew this was one of his tricks. He had used this tricks in the other nights.. told us he wanted fresh milk and when we switched on the light and gave him the milk, he would say "don't want" and instead find things to play (I guess he learnt this from me. I always use something he wants to entice him to do the things I want🙄 #kidslearnfast). I told him we'll eat in the morning.. now it's time to sleep. Then instead of food, he asked to brush his teeth! He hates to brush his teeth.. so it's one of his trick again. When all tricks failed, he started to play with his shadows. He got bored after awhile and started to try and wake me up, I just continued to pretend sleeping. After some time, he asked to be nursed and soon fell alseep! ✌🏻 . In the morning, he asked for Mango again. Ever since, we intro Mango to him, he has been addicted to it. So we had mango and spinach omelette for breakfast. . We had some play time till lunch time, we had Korean stew for lunch...Yum yum... Aedan ❤️ Korean food too! . I was hoping to make him nap early. So at 3, I stopped all activities and pretended to sleep again. He kept asking me to "起来” shouted many times and I just continued to pretend. He continued to shout "起来” then I heard him laughed while shouting.. maybe he felt it's funny that he's shouting for nothing. 😅He played on his own for awhile and then asked to be nursed. I planned to do some work after I made him nap. But I pretended until I felt sleepy for real and we both napped. 😂 #thepowerofpretending . We headed out for groceries after our nap and then came home to make dinner. 📷Photo during shopping. "I want this!" Dinner today, I made lasagna! 😊 . Hope the sleeping plan will continue to work 🙏🏻
Lets finish the week FASTER, STRONGER, QUICKER with this HIIT combo Mountain CLIMBERS Jack PRESS x 45 sec POP SQUATS ball lift x 45 sec BALL KICK Throughs x 45 sec (5reps each leg switch) SPIDER BALL pushUps x 45 sec (alt) 15 seconds REST in between every exercise X REPEAT 3 sets #NHfit challange #FIT #Personaltrainer #trainwithme #GROUPFITNESS #core #functionaltraining #functionalmedicine #Medincineballworkout #HIIT #Fatburn #fitdad #Trainkids #youngathletes #Kidslearnfast #weightloss
"It's okay baby." -5yearold nephew as he place his right hand down for the snail to crawl down. We learn to care. . . . . #kidslearn #kindergarten #kidslearnfast #snails #learningopportunities
All the different languages your students speak at home are a treasure, not a threat. So welcome all of them at your school. And give kids tools to take the school language home. . Small spot for a magazine about diversity and solidarity I'm designing and illustrating. . #diversity #diversityisourstrength #diversityatitsbest #languagetraining #languageskills #kidslearnfast #solidarity #spotillo #illustratorsofinstagram #illustrationgram #vectoroftheday
Ο κύριος Φρεντ, Λόρδος από την Αγγλία, κάνει συλλογή ρολογιών και μόλις έφτασε στην πόλη μας. "Το θέατρο... έξω από το θέατρο". Ενημερωθείτε στο www.athensopenschools.gr και ελάτε στην καλοκαιρινή μας δράση! @athensopenschools #athensopenschools #seveneleven #theater #school #coolsummer #activities #activitiesforkids #thisisathens #changemakers #diversity #community #cityofathens #goodcause #kidslearnfast #theaterforkids
We always push our students to go beyond what they think they are capable of, but this year's final project is crazzzyyy!! Here's jus a sample of the main menu and cover page for the Augmented Reality App they created for the yearbook. I am going to miss this group so much next year! #edtech #lovemystudents #kidsaresmart