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#TBT Last year at this time we were at the Zagreb (Croatia) Advent Market. (Click the link in my bio @travelingmelmt for a video and more!) It won "Best European Christmas Market" two years in a row and it was obvious why. I don’t think we’ll ever forget Christmas celebrations in Zagreb. Where was did your most special holiday memory take place?
#TBT (swipe ➡️) This time last year we were wandering among the waterfalls at Plitvice National Park in Croatia. I don’t know if I have ever been to a more magical place. The photos just don’t do it justice. It felt like a fairytale. In winter there is barely anyone else there, mist hangs in the air, and the water falls and falls and falls. Where’s the most magical place you’ve been? Why was it special?
(Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends!) #TBT This time last year, we were exploring the island of Hvar, Croatia. One thing about a year long family trip is that you better be friends with your fellow family members. Although we met people and hung out with other people, it was really just the four of us most of the time. I’ve never been more glad these two brothers are also best friends. Would you relish a year (mostly) alone with your immediate family or would it drive you bonkers? I’m somewhere in between 😂
Ich liebe dieses kleine Kerlchen für alles was er ist und tut. Und auch für die vielen tollen Gedanken die er hat... Heute fahre ich zum Beispiel mit ihm vom Kindergarten nach Hause, im Radio kommen Nachrichten. Unter anderem dass Frauen immer noch schlechter bezahlt werden als Männer. ...Ich merke wie Eli darüber nachdenkt... Zwei Minuten später dann das Ergebnis..: „Mama, das ist ja voll unfair, dass man weniger verdient nur weil man keinen Schniedel hat!“ 😬 Ich liebe ihn 😍. . . . #kidscommunicate #futurepolitician #thebrain #portraitphotography #summervibes #tannedboy #nike #hikingwithkids #naturetrail #croatia #kidsmodel #proudmom #fitkids #shorthair #kidsincroatia #omis #summer2017 #europewithkids #familytravel #exploringtheworld
So much color in the Zagreb market. The vibrant colors match the vibrant spirit of the city. So much color, art, and history to be discovered. We've been twice now on short trips but we would go back for longer in a heartbeat.
Letting out kids have a little space from time to time is as important as letting ourselves have a little space. Zagreb is such a laid back city, we felt safe letting them enjoy the walking tour on their own terms. It's not exactly running free but builds confidence in them and me.
There are many things I will remember from this year abroad with my family. One of them is ice skating in Zagreb, capitol of Croatia. Do you ever have one of those “how did I get here?” moments?
Last #zagreb indulgence: giant chocolate filled crepe. So much deliciousness at the #adventuzagrebu Christmas markets. We would love to come back next year.
@andersabroad tries to lap as many other people as possible at the #iceskating loops in #Zagreb during the #adventuzagrebu celebrations. They have a small normal rink connected to a huge track that loops around the park next to the train station. It was fantastic.
Zagreb Cathedral on a misty morning during Advent. I arrived just as the bells sounded and a few stragglers made their way in for Sunday services. Note also the frosty wheat stalks as part of the Christmas decorations.
You might recognize this shot from our YouTube video on #Zagreb #christmasmarket ( search for TravelingMel ). St Nick was quite nice and making a few Kuna to boot. What a great place and event.
The #adventuzagrebu festival was awesome and hot wine was an important part of the experience. The #christmasmarket in Zagreb has been voted best in Europe two years running.
Near dusk in #plitvicelakes #croatia discovered a whole new set of waterfalls. We did a 2 mile hike from our apartment and found a section that we thought was closed and found a new system of boardwalks. On to Zagreb.
@travelingmelmt adopted a very great full cat on the ferry from the cafe to entrance no. 2. in #plitvice lakes np. The cat arrived with the ferry and just made itself at home on the return journey. Melynda was more than happy to accommodate.
The boys pausing their game for just a moment to let their dad take their picture. #plitvicelakes np in winter deserves a classical Baroque music theme song. It is easy to imagine dukes and duchesses taking their leisure by the calm lake waters.
The boardwalk from above in #plitvice np. The water really is that colorful. The paths lead both along the river and along the rim.
@therealtravelingfinn walks below #velikislap in #plitvice np at the beginning of our hike. While spectacular i found the rest of the park to be even more impressive though in a subtle way.
What a place! #plitvicelakes was a mind soothing but blowing experience. In winter it is open but practically empty. It is so sublime and wonder inducing. No surprise it is a #unescoworldheritage site.
Last stop in #krka at the lake below #roskislap we were the only ones there after sunset. Maybe that entire day. It was still and colorful and sublime.
@therealtravelingfinn perches above the river and absorbs the tranquility of #Krka.
@therealtravelingfinn and I wait on the bridge over the breaks above Roski Slap 👋 in #krkanationalpark as the sun sets on the cliff behind.
#skradinskibuk in #krka np. Maybe it's better in Summer but it's stunning in December. #Croatia really is full of magic.
My favorite picture from #krka np in #croatia. Just love the colors and the lady. From here we headed north to the middle of the park to see Broski Slap (insert sound effect)
Just a pony wearing reindeer antlers. #CroatianChristmas
Overlooking the main #skradinskibuk #waterfalls in #krka national park. This park has so much to offer!👌
No Santa photos this year, but they did get candy from St. Nicholas. #CroatianChristmas
Looks a lot better than it was. Last day in #hvar we tried out the Christmas cabins.
The wooden boardwalk meanders through the braids and labyrinthine streams of #krka national park in #croatia This was just the southern end of the park. There are castles and roman ruins further north.
We got in one more walk among the lakes and waterfalls of Plitvice National Park last night as the sun set.
Almost impossible to pick a photo from our walk in Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia. A thousand Instagram photos did not prepare me. What places has exceeded your expectations?
Paco demands his due. He was or hiking pal along with Vlado at our #airbnb on #Hvar. Last night on the island before heading inland to #nationalparks and Zagreb.
@therealtravelingfinn dodges December waves in the #adriatic on #Hvar before braving the cold water. Briefly. The rest of us got used to it and stayed in for over half an hour.
Taking a break on the #Hvar waterfront the night before we leave for the mainland. Love these traveling partners and our wonderful adventures.
Sneak peek: Tomorrow we will be walking among these waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes National Park❣️ Where will you be tomorrow?
I'd like to say they were talking about the waterfall or Krka National Park, but it was really Pokémon or Minecraft or an imaginary world they created that was the topic of conversation. Do you ever have to hold yourself back from yelling "appreciate this more!"? 😂😍
#Hvar has wrapped its giant palms with Christmas lights for advent and little Christmas cabins sell booze and sausages and sweets. All along the water front.
We loved exploring Krka National Park today. Croatia has done it again--so much beauty.
Seagulls gather as fisherman separate their catch from the net and throw a few back. I love that this port serves locals as well as tourists.
Our penultimate sunset on Hvar. I'm going to miss this view. What place are you dreaming of right now?
Not a lot going on at the Christmas Market in Hvar...or maybe we were early for the four Christmas houses (bars). We enjoyed wine, beer, and soda beneath the clock tower nonetheless. Looking forward to big Christmas Markets in Zagreb and Salzburg!
While walking with @andersabroad, we found this little chapel. Not surprising as there are chapels everywhere on this island.
@andersabroad took this photo for my @mr.finklestein account, but I had to share it here because this #fatcat is making the best face. We used to roll our cat over and call it "The Fat Tummy Show." This Croat Cat would make him proud. Who else likes to harass their pets?
Couples strolling along the Riva on a Friday night in Hvar. How are you starting your weekend?
Glass of local wine with lunch on the balcony? Yes, please.
Evening falls on our at home along a cliff side dirt road after a day exploring #hvar island with our #airbnb host. So many beautiful views here!
The boys have started instagram accounts and are super into taking photos. @andersabroad here is taking a photo of #hvar from the Spanish fort above the city as his hair flies in the wind like the Croatian flag above.
Have stick, will travel. There is a perfectly lovely walkway along the harbor, but @therealtravelingfinn and @andersabroad must walk on the rocks.
The generous Vlado took us on a driving tour of the island. In Stari Grad he had some friends who opened their tasting room for us to try their homemade candied orange rinds, candied almonds, lavender oil, wine from their orchard, and a sweet dessert wine. Paco also had a seat at the table.
The humidity over the water made a nightlong exposure difficult. Very difficult. You can set of see the Milky Way. #hvar lights are beautiful at least and it's always amazing how superior the human eye.
Europeans seem to mark trails with these red-white blazes. We also see lots of bar shapes as well. It's been fun exploring the ancient footpaths of the Dalmatian coast guided by our host Vlado at Violando Apartments. - - #hiking #lovelifeoutside #trails
Snack break on our hike up from the coast through ancient olive groves and vineyards on a sunny winter day. We put in 22km on this hike and the boys held up wonderfully. #airbnb #airbnbstories
Our @airbnb host pours glasses of carob flavored #rakija near the end of the long hike he took us on along the coast and up to Motokit a nearby peak overlooking the #adriatic
Exploring Diocletian palace in #split #croatia The city has grown out from the palace like kudzu. It was wonderful to explore the narrow passageways and bell tower and hidden corners with walls of Bougainville