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Topshop F/W 2014.
Marie Claire, December 2017.
Topshop Holiday 2014.
Never Deleting You are my absolute soul mate I am so sorry for anything I may have done to hurt you. I also want you to know that I love you with all of my heart and that I can't wait for our life together and that you make me so fucking happy, you are literally a one of a kind girl that I'm so happy to have seen you online and have messaged you and than two years later messaging you again explaining that I liked you and that I really wanted to be with you. And well a few weeks later we were together and now look at us we are stronger than ever and our love has grown so much from these two years. Don't ever worry about me finding someone else because no one knows me like you and no one will ever have me like you do! I love you more than words can ever describe, never ever forget how much I actually love you. Forever and always and for eternity babygirl!
Hi guys! I was @hadidjennerbaldwinnews but I was reported and then closed. So I'm back love you all!
AHAHAHA STORY OMLLL❤️ happy Friday babesss💘
#KrippyKush is on the way🔥👏
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no caption needed bcs this photo says it all
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