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Pengen ketempat itu lagi dan ketemu kalian :') • #ken2017 #setapak
По любому маха зверь 🦅 #ken2017 #russiawrestling
one down; two more to go 〰 #KEN2017 #FSDE2017
Coming to this competition indeed became an uncomparable experience, that made me realized there's still a lot of unexpected things waiting for me. I've learnt a lot, laughed a lot, and made new friends from all over Indonesia. Even though we only made to the semifinal, we still feel deep gratitude for having this chance. @novitafuria @ivnaa_chlle Last but not least, thank you for everyone who wholeheartedly supported us. Shout-out to our "kind" LO, Kak Naritatitati @narita.tita for being patient and crazy with us. Here's to the "oikos nomos" we've learnt for 3 years; From Ragnar Frisch to Richard Thaler, from Tarumanagara University to Gadjah Mada University. The journey won't stop here. Special credit to @deavinachristy #SETAPAK #KEN2017 #FSDEUGM
Regardless coming out as semifinalist, i feel like this competition is my most memorable one. The atmosphere is really competitive, and all the rounds we played are just too good even though everyone admits they all are so hard. We met a lot of good people and gain new friends from outside and inside java, and i get to know so many new things that i might have never learned by just staying still in my senior year. . . For now i know that good results are always in line with your hardworks; here's to economics we've been learning together for 3 years, from An Inquiry into The Nature and Causes of The Wealth of Nations, to Global Value Chain. #SETAPAK #KEN2017
Last duty! #SETAPAK #KEN2017