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A L L I N . Part of my vision for @healthstudiokc was partnering with the innovators, dreamers and doers in this amazing time in K C . Those who understand the importance of Design in our lives and are working hard together to build foundations for a better way. Today was one of those days of living into that vision when some of the @niallluxury crew stopped by. Niall's "All In" attitude to create something lasting built around service, quality and authenticity for the world -- right here in KC -- is someone we couldn't be more thrilled to work with in providing a new and innovative experience in health + care. More thoughts on T I M E and collaboration are on the blog today -- the link will take you there. #BeKnownBeSeenBeHeard #yourbodyhasadesign #allin #KCcollaborations #superpanda
M O V E M E N T . Our resting balance informs our movements, which in turn shape and build our balance. We must tend to this tension or we can quickly become imbalanced -- backs/necks/hips/knees/etc. Look at the wear on the soles of your shoes for a clue to your current balance. @healthstudiokc we believe in tending to your balance. Thanks to @lapetitecourte for helping our members out today! #yourbodyhasadesign #KCcollaborations