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Did you know that penguins propose to their lovers with a pebble
VOLUME 2 PART 14 [I'm not here to play riddles] ||~*ENJOY*~|| JASON'S PART I left the house to work. Y/N is happy of what I bought her yesterday at the mall, so I'm happy. It was cool, but serious shits are waiting for me now. Y/N has never seen how my work really is. Yes, there is that time when I brought her to the club... a very bad idea I had this day. I still hate myself for this terrible mistake. I bet this is the moment from when things started going bad. After that night she met the other guy and cheated on me. All because of my dumb mistake. Anyway, I'll never show her again. No mother fucking way I take this risk. I make the money and she buys her stuff with it. Cool. I press the gas pedal to make the car go faster. I choosed my black discreet lambo for tonight. Yes I know, not really discreet, but anyway. I quit the town and drive for a quiet long time until I arrive at my destination. A warehouse lost in the darkness of the night. Nothing special, seen from this angle. I get out of the car and close the door behind me. Checking to the right, then to the left, I walk to the warehouse quietly. I stay cautious. We never know who the people who sent me this text are. Indeed, I received a text earlier in the day. It was from an unknown number, and was saying : 'meet me at the warehouse tonight at 11.00pm. We need to discuss. Come alone.' Of course I didn't come here alone. What kind of dumbass would I be. A few guys are around this place, watching everything and ready to protect me if something goes wrong. I act natural at the moment I enter the abandoned place. It's dark in here. "Jason ! Here you are." A voice exclaims from nowhere. "As you can tell, I am." I state to the air. "What do you want from me ?" "Guess." "Okay man I'm not here to play riddles. Be serious for God's sake" I roll my eyes. "See, you've got a lot of money, and a part of it is mine. Remember ? I still want my money back" "I'm sorry man, I dont remember about you and your money. Actually I don't count all the money I earn per day you know." I say back with a superior ton. ⬇⬇⬇MORE MORE MORE IN THE COMMENTS⬇⬇⬇
Hey guys I'm the new co owner , I'll take over this account for awhile and I hope we will enjoy this account together ✌ I'm Alex
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Good night guys! 💕
This is one of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen
Can you write 'I love Justin' with your eyes closed?
What's your favourite Disney movie?
It looks weird but I like it 😅
I tried to buy your pretty heart, but the price is too high 💔💧.
When This album came out I was like oh my gosh what girl broke his heart and then I found out it was his dad and now I just hate Jeremy like I cannot force myself to like him - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #thatsmybitch #gainfollowers #gaintrain #justinbieber #justindrewbieber #bizzle #jimmyfallon #2014justinbieber #secute #jerry #purpose #purposetour #justinbieberswag #justinfan #2u #sexy #biebster #biebs #kidrauhl #purposestadiumtour #purposestaff #rickthesizzler #jb #jdb #believe #belieberforever #gainpost #gaintrick #cutenessoverload #cute @justinbieber