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can't believe he went live just to watch tv and eat ice cream 😂 -m 8:03pm 🇨🇦
Do u still believe in jelena?
guys,do you like this theme or should i change it?
2013 or 2014? • • Follow @respectrauhl for more 💗
fc; 198 i really don't know how he does that with his voice but it's so amazing 😭💜 and sorry for quality but i really wanted to post it 💜 --- follow @jdbxvideoss for more videos
Det är ingen födelsedagspresent om det inte finns ett straff i det. 👌 #morgan27 #beliebers #beliebersstayforever #justinbieber #justinfan
i'm so glad the weather is finally warming up in canada 🙌🏻 -m 7:47am 🇨🇦
do u guys ship jariana?
«I'm trying not to think about you» 💫.
My son looks so unproblematic saying hi to unknown people with that beautiful smiley face, i love him so much 😻💖.
i'm so excited for school to be over omg -m 5:22pm 🇨🇦
fc; 189 DRUNKSTIN IS THE BEST 🔥😂 --- follow @jdbxvideoss for more videos
journals or purpose?
You're my sun and my moon and i wonder if i'm even a star to you 💖💫.
This is so old and I never planned on posting it but I have nothing else to post lmao
Comment " I love you " in your language ?❤
۞...It's been a while since part 9, so you can read it again if you don't remember 😉...۞ ღ I will tag only people who comments, so be active 😉ღ ╚>PART 10 <╝ ๑{I mean, not as surprised as myself... Who is he ?}๑ The boy must be around 18 only. His chestnut hair in a quiff are like his deep brown eyes: absolutely gorgeous. His whole face is gorgeous actually, I cannot deny. He seems so young and cute. He smiles softly as I focus on every single parts of his face, shocked. He actually looks like Jason... But younger. The girl gives me the bag containing the dress paid by the boy, and I take it, still under shock. "Justin. Nice to meet you" says the boy, looking at me with a charming look that could drive me cazy. " Hum, *y/n*... Nice, nice to meet you" I stutter ridiculously. He smiles showing his white teeth. Hi smile is so damn hot. His wet lips seem so soft and sweet... Wow, stop ! I already have a boyfriend that I love ! If Jason would see me right now, I can't even imagine how mad he would be... "Thank you by the way... You didn't have to..." " That's the least I can do for such a pretty girl" he replies with a wink and a smirk. Damn. "But you owe me 500$ now !" He adds laughing. Damn, his laugh. "I didn't ask you to pay for me !" I laugh in return. "Okay okay, but the least you can do *y/n*, is have a drink with me, right ?" He smirks. I'm scared. I can't do that ! Jason would be so fucking mad if he finds out... "Well, seems like I cannot refuse !" The sales girl stares at us and this is actually awkward. Justin laughs and we leave the shop.... Next is coming 💖
I changed my name from 'justinbiebsfandom' to 'bizzlexbabby'. What do you prefer?x #justinbieberperforming #bieber #justinfan #beliebers #justinbieber
These pictures are so damn beautiful I'm SHOOK 😍😍
My country is next and I'm so excited to see Justin you have no idea 🇩🇰 #8days
this have to be the best feeling ever 😭💗
I heard drawing in circles gets u more likes, & ive been seeing this everywhere so let me be a extra bitch oKAY 😛
I can't lose you, because if i ever did, i'd have lost my soul mate, my smile, my laugh, my everything 💔💧.
pretty boy -m 11:28pm 🇨🇦
Guys I'm fucking crying right now. That edit.... I can't sleep at night without dream about him. This is every night the same dream. I see him in New Jersey ,at the street, in running over him and hug him so tight without even ask. I tell him that I don't need a photo,only his hug. Then I show him this page. And I tell him that I'm so proud of him. With a river of tears. This is so sad that's only a dream. I don't wanna imagine it I wanna feel it. I saw him in his concert,but it's never enough. People that saw him know what I am talking about. Please tag him!!!!💔🥀 @justinbieber
justin's back - one of the hottest things ever 🔥💦
«In my room there's a king size space, bigger than it used to be» 🌹✨.
[fc: 12310 ] ; 27.5.2017 new theme,yayy 😂💜 like you see,this theme i will try post textposts made by me 😊 really hope that you will little bit like them 💜 if you want,you can write your opinion on textpost 😊 --- comment "💗" if you want be tagged in next post - - - [ #purposeworldtour #purpose #stillkidrauhl #sirbizzle #sorry #followtrain #gaintrick #gaintrain #gainpost #justindrewbieber #justinbieberfan #justinbieber #justindrew #justinfan #justin #jerry #jb #bieberpower #bieberfever #believetour #beliebers #believe #bizzle #bieber #belieber #theme #gainpost #tumblr #textpost @justinbieber ]
Ramadan Mubarak to everyone . And please Muslim or non-Muslim just be respectful to each other ❤
it's 3 am and I can't sleep, wHATS GOOD 😜