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ALRIGHT IM DONE dude themes aren't for me too much work 💀
it's like i think i have it all good and safe in my hands, but it's slipping through the cracks in my hands
Last live video got more meme from live tmw
Ice scream
Ending of live saying gn
Can't wait for it to end
Comment if you watched the live
Mid yawn from the live
Great ass weekend Sike It's boring af
I wanna know how he can just slide them shoes on like that...Damn Flash is back!!!! #justinbieber @justinbieber @memep #justinbiebervideos
i cant tell you how attractive the good use of good vocabulary is
U should feel very lucky if you met bizzle
this doesn't match my theme but this beautiful & amazing boy belieber needs help getting money for top surgery and his parents aren't helping him. it would really help if you guys can donate money. top surgery is painful and it cost $9,000 to get it done. if you can't donate pls spread the word. the link can be found in his bio 💗💗 / @justinbieber #justinbieber #letmeloveyou #myworld #believe #journals #purpose #likeforlike #kidrauhl #bizzle #rickthesizzler #bieberfever #boyfriend #holdtight #justinbiebervideos #getwellsoonselena #purposetour #purposeworldtour2017
Outfit on point (Not his girlfriend btw)
His smile
He's always in ny when I'm not there
One week till my purpose concert, help ((((; power? and btw im a not touched hoe
I wonder if the purpose tour is ever gonna end CUZ A BITCH WANTS NEW MUSIC
Do u still believe in jelena?
Im so sad that I can't be active that much, but I have so much in school and work on the weekends. But soon I'm gonna get a new phone and will be on so much more I promise!
you're my weakness
@justinbieber your body is a wonderland
I have so much things to do, but I'm so tired.. and there is this story on wattpad that i wanna read so bad. What should i do ?
would u rather want Justin's number or a private concert, just for u?
2013 or 2014? • • Follow @respectrauhl for more 💗
Ta du zanin😩🖤My lovely most beautyful boy💘 Justin🤝♥️ - - - #kidator #justinbieber #justinbiebervideos #justinfoley #justinlove @justinbieber
THIS👏IS👏WHY👏THEY👏NEED👏TO👏COLLAB👏 @arianagrande @justinbieber Okay. Im done spamming with videos i do have short Justin clips just look at my stories. #justinbiebervideos #justinbieber #justinvideos #arianagrande #arianavideos #arianagrandevideos
Honestly really love this edit so much. Justin is honestly my everything like i cant explain how much i love him. Hes the reason why i smile eveeydat Hes the reason why i talk up. I mean for me i feel special for having him in ny heart. People might hate i honestly dont CARE if you hate go ahead atleast respect ill still love him and no one will change that Ever i can go on and on but this for now @justinbieber #justinvideos #justinbiebervideos #arianagrande #arianavideos #arianagrandevideos
im so in love with you and I hope you known, your love is more than worth its weight in gold
Beliebers ❤️ nothing special but a new edit 🦋 #justinbieber #belieber #justinbiebervideos 🌸
Missing bizzle😪 buts it's for the best soo🤗😭😻😻
Ima jus bike to his house. IT ALL GOOOD
Here is our guest tonight just releasing his new album purpose which one to number one on I-Tunes in 99 countries is here in US releasing his new song sorry so please welcome Justinbieber Sorry:- You gotta go and get angry at all of my honesty You know I tried but I don't do too well with apalogies I hope I don't run out a time could someone call a refree Cause I just need one more shot at forgiveness ..... ..... ..... ..... Is it too late now to say sorryyyyy Cause I'm missing more than just your body Is it too late now to say sorryyyyy Ya I know that I let you down Is it too late to say sorry now ........ Awesome song by Justinbieber Sorry acoustic Live at 2015 #Justinbieber #Justin #Bieber #Belieber #Belieberbieber #Justinbelieber #Bizzle #Bizzlebieber #Bizzlebelieber #Justinbiebervideos #Jelenavideos #Beliebervideos #Biebervideos #Bizzlevideos #Justinvideos #Justinbiebersorry #Sorrybieber #Justinsorry #jelenasorry
it's impossible for me to say a favorite song on journals cause all of them are equally perfect
he has beautiful eyes , the kind you could get lost in and i guess i did 🖤