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"Sometimes when you're in a dark place you think you've been buried, but you've actually been planted" - @christinecaine // #goodthingstaketimetogrow
I'm trying to order 1d polaroids but it's not working 😭😭
The girl in the background Jahabsjjsnsksk
😍😍 - - - new edit today
How your day
Iggy Azalea divulga mais um trecho de uma música do #digitaldistortion, intitulada como "Typo".
👏🏼"Why do you say "fuck you" when you could be saying "fuck me" man"👏🏼
I'm not gonna miss a single soul when we'll have summer break lmao
Oh, you are my sunrise on the darkest day... Not the biggest Justin Beiber fan, but this lyric immediately sparked this visual in my head. #despacito #slowly #justinbeiber #daddyyankee #luisfonsi #graphicdesign #art #artofchan #remix
I would be Shooooketh
Do you guys like the new merch - tag someone - yes ❤️❤️
In case y'all forgot
hey guys sorry we have been so inactive that will change def over the summer!!!
I want 2017stin to do an interview so I can see how wierd he's become
dean and rebekah [cc: @/rebeltutorials dt: lexa] - this is cute I like it idk why but they are so smol, I'm gonna post a lot today just cause I wanna edit, next will probably be kai and Allison but we will see🤷🏼‍♀️ - Comment request below please
Justin, Trey and Fabolous? We love a 🚂.
I'll send a free item to whoever can get as many of their followers to follow me and comment that you sent them, because I want to do something nice for ya'll ❤❤ #likechallenge #likeforlike #gaintrick #instagain #fb #followforfollow #sfs #lfl #spamforspam #followback #gain #gainpost #selenagomez #justinbeiber #kimkardashian #kyliejenner
This happens all the time 😂
Disclaimer: this is just a story OMG 5000+ likes on my last post💖 Thank you guys so much🙏😭 You guys ligit made me cry. QOTD: subway or taco bell?😁
Rolling Stones
Look at this handome prince
#MeekMill Bumping Back To Back For Motivation #DreamChasers #FuciousTv
An unfortunate coincidence
It's his wife
On a p e r i o d day
What the fuck happened here