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You will move mountains baby girl! Never stop doing you #ivyrae #mummylovesyou #mygirl #myworld #stylish #justdoyou
So thankful for the community of women + men who support my group fitness classes, who keep me laughing even during burpees, don't mind when the music is too loud or when I forget what the next exercise is🤷🏼‍♀️, and who go all "I'll call your mom!" on me (wink, wink😉) when they think it's time for me to start modifying🤰🏼 When I was pregnant with Beckett, I initially felt a little disappointed with myself that I didn't maintain my workouts in the way I had expected myself to. Well, motherhood has a funny way of teaching us about expectations, doesn't it😂. So, after some words of wisdom from a dear friend, I embraced yoga, stopped comparing myself to everything on my newsfeed, and literally went to yoga the day my water broke☔️ Since I've been teaching several classes a week for a while now, I had a built in accountability system that kept me chugging along, even through the exhaustion of a potty training, toddler chasing first trimester. So while I might be huffing and puffing in the mic a little more quickly, and my belly might be touching the ground while I try to do push ups, I could not be more appreciative of the opportunity to move with a community of supportive, badass, like minded people, during the week. We'll keep showing up, just as long as they do👯 ✌🏻❤️& thanks. #groupexercise #21weeks #secondtrimesterworkout #justdoyou #findyourtribe
Best thing to be is ourselves 🙌🏻 #beyourself #unique #justdoyou #soul #content
LOOK CLOSER. . . . A year’s worth of mirror selfies from November 2016 to November 2017. How so much has changed and how so much has stayed the same. . . . 🎵Back then #mikejones . . . #justdoyou #changement #collageart #alwaysbecoming #livewhatyoulove #heretoconnect #nextlevel #dedicated #letsgo2018 #programdesign as art 🤓 #2pt0to
Phew!! 30 Cardio + 10 Abs I love getting through cardio day! Because I know I don’t have to do it again for 6 days or so. One of the ab moves in this routine made me laugh. It’s called the windshield wiper. You’ll see it at the end of my video. I decided my windshield needs to be from a Mini Cooper! 🤣 If you give me a Cadillac my wipers are surely gonna fail. One thing we must learn through this all, it’s not about being the best at it. It is all about doing our best, no matter if that is on the small Mini Cooper or grand Cadillac scale! Just do you! Do not compare! And don’t worry about anyone else! Progress not perfection and do a little more each day!
"I'm so happy! My first Thanksgiving in a real home! It is my foster home, but next year I know I'll spend the holidays in my forever home. I told Charlie and Adiquis, my foster brothers, that people are going to be real sloppy and drop all kinds of food. So we need to stay alert! So excited!!!" . Peyton would love to spend the rest of the holidays in her forever home. Would you read more about her at k9kismet.org/adoptables and put in an application to adopt her?
I saw this lovely picture on Facebook and fell in love with the quote. I am a self-proclaimed weirdo, nerd, geek. I know there are worse things to be than an oddball. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s taken me 30+ years to realize I don’t HAVE to fit in! I’m learning to love myself, and say to hell with everyone that thinks otherwise. 💁🏻 #weirdo #weirdos #beyourself #beyourselfalways #beyourself❤️ #justdoyou #100daysofhappy
Go... Go and love. ❤ Do it without reservation, without a second thought. Do it entirely and freely. Do it every moment of every day. Do it with every ounce of your being and with the depths of your soul. Know that you have given your all. Do it. Be the best version of you. Let them be the best version of them. Go... go and love someone exactly as they are. ✔❤ #quotestoliveby #quoteoftheday #thoughts #empowerment #justdoyou #comeasyouare #love #bestversionofyou
Whether I climb to the peak on my own or with the support of others. Either way I'm going to keep moving on up, you can join or support my journey, if not kindly step aside because you are just restricting & blocking my path to TRIUMPH. #ambitious #timetorise #justdoyou #motivation #ruthlessgymwear
Just throwin this out there. #justsayin #whatever #justdoyou