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Good morning guys! ❤ Just a moment ago something strange happened to me. First time in my life I woke up and I hoped that the dream I had would be true (I usually remember only nightmares...) I had the best dream ever and it was about Neymar 😂❤👌 I met him at the market that is close to my home and he worked there (don't ask why😂) I don't know why but nobody else there didn't recognize that he was Neymar except me 😂 I just started to shout his name and crying. He came to hug me and he spoke finnish (my native language) 😆 We took many selfies together and then we went out to play football together ⚽ After that he said that he had to continue working. I started crying again and he asked why I'm crying. I said that this is probably the one and the last time I see him. He put his hand in his pocket and he gave Barca's match ticket and airline ticket to Barcelona to me 😂❤ I was soooo happy and I hugged him for the last time until the dream came to an end... 💀 Maybe this was some kind of prediction that I will see him one day. I hope so 😭❤ ps. sorry for my bad english but hope you understood 🙈 #fcbarcelona #barcelona #fcbarca #barca #barça #fcb #neymar #neymarjr #neymar11 #neymarjr11 #njr #njr11 #ney #juninho
Resenha do amigo com Miga Brana😍 #juninho
#Repost @lzbikes ・・・ Na sequência @robertojuninhobmx @thiagosilvestrepop @eubmx @mikemoura @mouzanier... São atletas profissionais de BMX, artistas no Beto Carrero e fazem parte do Team Lzbikes... Todos os atletas usam os quadros Lzbikes que foram produzidos especialmente para cada um deles e são atletas que trabalham juntos no desenvolvimento e melhoria dos quadros!!! #Lzbikes #bmx #quadro #frame #Riders #Juninho #ThiagoPop #Gilmar #MikeMoura #Kaçote #TeamLzbikes
Hoje foi dia de Brincar😍😍 #juninho #
- Eu realmente nunca sei onde tô na vida das outras pessoas. Uma hora elas me tratam como se eu fosse alguém especial, e dps como qualquer um. 👊😪💔❤ @neymarjr #Neymazete #neymar #juninho #teamo #tudopassa
happy bby | dt @juninhouniverse ; ac @nikeronaldoo
I want to post this picture of Carolina and Neymar holding Davi but im afraid I will get hate for this. Should I even post it ?