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On this day a year ago, I took my parents to Cambria, Big Sur, Monterey and San Francisco, California. We drove via Hwy 1, up the coast and were amazed at the beauty and magnificence of the Pacific Ocean. It was a long drive, but so worth it! We enjoyed the trip, met the Mayor of Marina, who was pulling weeds from a protected area and also, we encountered a bump on the road. I haven't posted about it before because it affected me and I thought I could get over it and I did, but now I think the matter needs to be brought to light. We made several stops and one stop was to eat lunch at @wholefoods in Monterey. While at the store, we were faced with racism for the first time in our lives. An older Caucasian male in his sixties (somewhat off his rocker), passed by us and heard us speak Spanish in the deli area and said, "Go back to Mexico". I thought I misunderstood and so I asked my parents if he said what I thought he said - they said "Yes". Without saying a word to them, I walked towards the Caucasian man and told him I did not appreciate his comments. He got upset that I challenged him and got loud and obnoxious. He started to yell, "Go back to México! Trump is going to build a wall!" I couldn't believe what was happening. Immediately two gentlemen stepped in and told him there was no room for that and to leave the store. I looked around and everybody looked bewildered. A store clerk finally approached me and said she was sorry that we went through that situation and that not everyone feels that way. I checked out and the cashier, a beautiful soul, gave me a hug and told me he's also a minority and understood my pain - he was gay. I haven't posted about this because it was a very painful experience and something we will never forget and I do not wish it upon anybody. This happened two weeks after Trump got elected. He opened the doors to racism and hate and it's his voters and supporters who are responsible for his actions. I blame them. So I will continue to post about the injustices. #California #Trump #Racism #Cambria #BigSur #juliapfeifferburnsstatepark #bixbycreekbridge #Monterey #SanFrancisco #roadtrip #Republicans #injustices #OceanPointHotel #DivaHotel
Little pop of color among the dry brown brush. #wildflower #bigsur #juliapfeifferburnsstatepark #picoftheday
Bixby Creek Bridge 🚁
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