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Spoon Fed 142/365 Better get that into your mouth before it drips! #judgeshootsfood365 #ohnomywhiteshirt
Honey Nut Crunch 140/365 When I was a kid, I loved to eat really sugary cereals. My favourite had these random chunks of nuts covered in a honey candy mixed throughout the box. One day I excitedly poured myself a bowl, only to be hugely disappointed to find that not one single nut cluster had come out. I pulled the cereal out of the box and scoured the contents, but there wasn't any in the entire box. My sister had got there before me, and had pinched out each and every one. She did the same for any cereal that came with chocolate flakes. This was over twenty years ago, now. And I never let her forget it. #judgeshootsfood365 #nutsaboutnuts
Pasta Nests 139/365 Egg noodles, anyone? #judgeshootsfood365 #thesecretlifeofpasta
How Much Is That Pasta In The Window 138/365 Some things are just beautiful exactly as they are, and all you need to do is grab your camera. I love how this tagliatelle package has a clear front, showing off its contents like a high-street shop window. #judgeshootsfood365 #passthepasta
Gulp... Gulp... Ahhhhh! 137/365 For that refreshing taste of cola, have a nice cold glass of wait, what?! I case you can't tell, I'm a bit of a Haribo fiend. #judgeshootsfood365 #sweettooth
Take Another Little Piece 136/365 Is love finite? A resource to be given away cautiously? Or is it renewable? Like the warmth from the sun, the wind in our hair. The waves washing against the shore. #judgeshootsfood365 #loveissweet
This Photo is Brought to You by The Number 2... 135/365 Two by two. One of the most common pieces of advice in food styling, as well as in composition in general, is that threes are what you should aim for. Three is, contrary to oft cited adages, not a crowd. It's a pattern, without inadvertent symmetry. Two, on the other hand, is too few to be a pattern, while yet being too many to be unique. Two is, to put it one way, conspicuous by its mundanity. But, as they say, rules were made to be broken. What do you think? #judgeshootsfood365 #nicepair (P.S., this stunning board was handmade for me by Willie McHutcheon @mchutcheonwillie when I visited his new studio @ballyshane_ )
Mixing Flavours 133/365 On a lazy Saturday, just marinating some short rib for a long overdue dinner of Korean BBQ. Enjoy your weekend, everyone! #judgeshootsfood365 #flavourbomb
C is For... 131/365 "Me want cookie!" Here's to making learning fun! My absolute favourite character in Sesame Street was Cookie Monster. Om Nom Nom Nom! As a kid, I was a pretty picky eater. But the signs were there that I would have a bright gastronomic future ahead of me, because I always loved watching cartoon characters eat. From Asterisk and Obelisk scrunching their way through feasts of wild boar, to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles practically inhaling cheese-drowned pizza in two bites, I couldn't get enough of that visceral feeling of watching food be utterly devoured. But perhaps the best thing about Cookie Monster wasn't how much he ate, but how much he DIDN'T eat! Cookie crumbs flying in all directions, as his insatiable hunger eclipsed his ability to actually swallow... #judgeshootsfood365 #gimmedacookies (P.S., so I totally dropped the ball on this one! I thought I'd have a quick nap before doing my photo, annnnnnnd I woke up the next day. Oops! So this is supposed to be yesterday's photo, and today's photo will be coming later on.)
Got Blue Milk? 130/365 It does a Jedi good. Since last week, I've had the idea of doing a blue milk shot on my brain. So today I decided to make it happen. I showed my good friend (and now regular collaborator) John Jack Boylan the blue milk I prepared, which I had in a plastic jug that I really liked the look of. He said "Oh cool! Of course, you know it just looks like you're pouring yourself a nice tall glass of detergent..." Sometimes, a second set of eyes is EXACTLY what you need. Luckily, I had a glass bottle as a backup plan. But the real stroke of genius came from his suggestion to add a cookie to the shot. Surround yourself with people smarter than you, and listen to them. #judgeshootsfood365 #auntberuapproved (P.S., I finally got around to checking out the trailer for The Last Jedi today! Remarkably spoiler free, which I'm always a fan of!)
Chick Peas 128/365 Where did you think they came from? It's funny to think about the origin of the names of foods. Why do we call things what we call them? English, I think, is a particularly tricky customer, because of how much of a mishmash it is of other languages. I had expected as much before I looked it up, but the "chick" part of chickpea comes from the French word, chiche. Which in turn came from a Latin word. But I shot this photo before I googled the answer (thanks Wikipedia! Now I also know that chickpeas have been cultivated by humans for at least 7,500 years!). And while I was shooting, I did start to wonder if they earned their name by actually kinda resembling a chicken. Well, a cooked chicken, anyway. Then again, maybe the power of suggestion was just playing tricks on me... #judgeshootsfood365 #noharmnofowl
What An Eton... 127/365 Inspired by Massimo Bottura's famous dish Oops, I Dropped the Lemon Tart. I'm so glad that I learned how easy it is to make meringue! Crispy, chewy, chocolately, lemony... there's so many ways to make them, and they're all so delicious. But for Eton Mess, you have to go with the classic plain meringue, mostly crispy but with just a hint of a chewy centre. The perfect summer dessert. #judgeshootsfood365 #silverlining
Pulling A Crowd 126/365 When I've got some time on the weekend, you know I like to cook. Okay, where to begin... let's go with top left, moving clockwise. Sweet potato and purple cabbage slaw, Mojo dipping sauce (sweet and citrusy), Guacamole with roasted pepper, Sweetcorn, Dinner rolls, Dry cider, Egg yolk (for dipping), Homemade garlic mayonnaise, Potato salad with salami, Caramelised mango bbq sauce, and last but not least... Slow roast pork belly with insanely snappy crackling. This. Shit. Is. The. Bomb. #judgeshootsfood365 #notsharing (P.S., seriously, this pulled pork was ricockulously good. Check out Kenji Lopez-Alt's ( @kenjilopezalt ) recipe on The Food Lab over at @seriouseats . He's my personal hero.)
Summer in Abstract 125/365 We had to wait until May, but Summer has definitely reached Ireland. The watermelon I got for yesterday's shot has been very, very welcome. There are some flavours that have the power to transport the mind directly to a place, or a time, and fresh watermelon is definitely one of those flavours for me. Do you have a special summer food that taps into your memories? #judgeshootsfood365 #picassoeatyourheartout (P.S., I had to exercise a lot of self-control to not do a cringey mayonnaise related pun for Cinco de Mayo today. Are you proud of me?)
That's No Melon 124/365 May the Forth be with you. #judgeshootsfood365 #fruitwars #starwarsday
Um, Waiter...? 123/365 This happened purely by chance, and I simply had to take the photo! #judgeshootsfood365 #extraprotein
Can't See the Lettuce for the Leaves 122/365 Prompt: Ground Level The problem with seeing things from ground level, is that you can't always see the whole picture. Stepping back let's us see what's really going on. I will never forget seeing one of Monet's Water Lilies in an exhibit at the Chichu Art Museum, designed specifically to appreciate its size. Walking into a huge, empty white room with the expansive painting mounted on the opposite wall, the composition of the pond, the flowers, and the grasses could immediately been seen. As I walked closer, and closer, the painting gradually fell apart, until all that was left were seemingly random brush strokes and a confusion of colour. When I was close enough to touch it, I couldn't appreciate what it was. But when I was standing in the distance, I couldn't appreciate how it was. Sometimes you need to get in close, and marvel at the details. Like on this beautiful red lettuce leaf. #judgeshootsfood365 #macrophilosophy (P.S., this is the first time I've "framed" a photo to get a vertical image on Instagram. I just couldn't bear to crop this, because it simply needed the height)
The Ghost of Egg Whites Past 121/365 Prompt: Line em up The day I stop marvelling at the silky beauty of freshly whipped meringue, is the day I'll have to hang up my hat as a food photographer. But making meringue look delicious, even sexy, is easy. Making it look angry... now that's a fun challenge ;) #judgeshootsfood365 #ghostintheshell
Pure Addiction 120/365 April, bagged and tagged (even if it is after midnight) Four lines, to celebrate four months. Flour, sugar, salt, and fat. I party hard. Doing this 365 project has become an addiction. At this point, the idea of skipping a day has become unthinkable. No matter how tired, how busy, how many other things I've got going on... I simply have to make time to post. Usually, that time is after the rest of the world has gone to bed. I thought it would be fitting for the theme of tonight's photo to be addiction. These four ingredients can be found in almost every food that we feel we just can't eat enough of. The sheer abundance of what were traditionally scarce foods has undoubtedly contributed to increased obesity rates, as well as what has recently been termed Food Addiction. Maybe the best we can hope to do is be conscious of the habits we get into, so we can make an effort to do what's right for our minds, and our bodies. #judgeshootsfood365 #hashtag #whpgoodnight (P.S., the fat is coconut oil, which I was afraid might melt but was very well behaved!)
The Golden Rule 119/365 Hot Chocolate is made with milk, not water, just milk. Failing that... cream. These are the only options. I used to eat in a restaurant chain that had a machine which served hot chocolate. When you pushed the button, first chocolate would come out of the spout, then hot milk, and finally boiling water. I would take my cup away before the water started, and just push that button again. "I can do this all night, buddy..." #judgeshootsfood365 #bestcomecorrect
Making it Last 118/365 Speaking of leftovers, I'm finally running out of the chocolate I bought for the Easter Week photos. With supplies now dangerously low, I have had to resort to rationing. I've eaten more chocolate this month than I normally might in half a year, so I need to manage my come-down carefully. I don't wanna suddenly run out and find myself going cold turkey... #judgeshootsfood365 #isitnormaltobeshaking
Sacrifice 117/365 The photo I took two days ago required... sacrifices. I've been eating a lot of omelettes since then ;) #judgeshootsfood365 #dolceetdecorumest (P.S., I find it really hard to throw away my egg shells, they look so pretty... so I end up with a hoard of empties stashed around the place, like some kind of eggoholic.)
The Hungry Games: Catching Slightly More Fire Than Expected 116/365 Superfluous Kitchen Skillz 3 (or, Teach Yourself How to Cook Well Enough to Get Laid): The final course in our three part... course, designed to help you get from appetiser to... the sex course. Whatever. I'm tired. Flambéing, when applied appropriately, can have a dramatic effect on the complexity of flavours in a fine sauce. Flambéing, when applied needlessly, can still have a dramatic effect on your mattress. First, a spark. Then, flaming passion. Then, a fire extinguisher... #judgeshootsfood365 #itsgettinhotinhere (P.S., This stunning specimen is John Jack Boylan, being the absolutely best model/assistant/co-creator a photographer could ask for. And I'm like, 30% sure those eyebrows will grow back...)
Look Ma, One Hand! 115/365 Superfluous Kitchen Skillz (or, Teach Yourself How to Cook Well Enough to Get Laid), No. 2: The second of three things you should learn how to do to if you wanna impress your way from the kitchen to the bedroom? The one handed egg-crack. People can cook for years and years and never learn how to do this. But with a little practice, you can quickly master this trick and effectively appear to be a better chef than any of those two-hand-crackers will ever be! It doesn't matter that it's little more than a party trick for anyone who doesn't work as a short order cook... What matters is that you show off what you can do with those hands! Your dexterity! Your finesse! Or, failing that... Your patience, as you pick out all the bits of eggshell you got in your food. #judgeshootsfood365 #knowyourwayaroundanovum
Who Gives a Toss? 114/365 This wok was made for tossin', and that's just what it'll do... 🎶 Superfluous Kitchen Skillz (or, Teach Yourself How to Cook Well Enough to Get Laid), No. 1: If you want to look like you know what you're doing in a kitchen (even if you don't), there are just three things you need to do to impress the pants off of anyone. First, is a good pan-toss. Shows that you've got confidence. Shows that you're at ease in your space. Shows that you own a wok. All essential things in the bedroom. #judgeshootsfood365 #nowoknodice
Cheers! 113/365 Kanpai! Santé! Cin Cin! Sláinte! Here's to a week of drinks! I didn't plan on it, but I was enjoying myself so I decided to run with it! Hope you guys have enjoyed it too. There's a lot of shots that I have to work out how to do on my own, but thankfully this wasn't one of them. Assisted by my wonderful sister Ríona. We did a test run with regular pint glasses, but... we kinda shattered one of them. Occupational hazard! #judgeshootsfood365 #everythingsmellsofbeernow
Iced. Coffee. With Cream. 112/365 The process is the pleasure. Rituals and habits are attractive things. Patterns, repetition, comfort. Not everything in life is constant, but this... this is. When you take the steps, when you move without fear of making a mistake, of doing it wrong... there's happiness in that. But we have to remember that there's a first time for everything. That first leap that must be made, into the unknown, before we can earn that place of comfort. #judgeshootsfood365 #contemplativecoffee
Just a Splash 111/365 Black, sweet, milky... How do you take yours? It's funny how we perceive normal. When I first heard the term "milk tea" in Asia, I literally asked "What's that?". When somebody told me that it was tea, with milk in it, I just blinked and said "Isn't that normal tea?" The slow realisation that it wouldn't necessarily have been the most obvious thing in the world to throw a bit of dairy into a herbal drink gave me a pretty clear example of the power of cultural norms. #judgeshootsfood365 #splishsplash
Cocoa Nights 110/365 There's something so comforting about a hot cup of cocoa. If I can't sleep, it's my go-to solution. Although recently, I haven't been having any trouble sleeping. Getting to bed on time however, is a completely separate matter which is perhaps beyond the power of a simple cup of cocoa... #judgeshootsfood365 #thereaintnocureforwhatigot
My Cup Overfloweth 109/365 Still, Sparkling, or All Over the Table? Colourful drinks are fun, no matter how you serve 'em! #judgeshootsfood365 #wellfoodanddrink
Iced 108/365 Even if you're not a coffee lover, it's still a beautiful thing. #judgeshootsfood365 #notbeforebedtime
Miraculous! 107/365 After all that chocolate over the past week, I think I need to lay off the indulgences and just drink a nice big glass of wa...dammit Jesus! Such a prankster. #judgeshootsfood365 #judgeshootsbooze
Easter Egg 106/365 Happy Easter! May your day be filled with at least this much chocolate! And this, we conclude our chocolate week. My home is filled with chocolate. I can barely move, for it. It covers every surface. Nowhere has been safe. But my sister has come to visit, so I predict it will last two days. Maybe. #judgeshootsfood365 #shesachocolateeatingmachine I predict it will last 2 days.
The Legends Were True 104/365 April 14th, day 173. Struggling to find words. After weeks of trekking. After months of tireless interviews and sleepless nights at sea. After years of nagging doubts... I had spent so long preparing myself for disappointment, for returning home and facing their searching stares, their questions to which I would have no answers... I had never actually prepared for this. That it could truly be. Even now, my eyes can barely believe what is before me, though it is. It really is! For my other senses cannot be lying also. These trembling hands have touched it. I only wish that Ranjeet and Everett could have seen it too. But they will be remembered, for their sacrifice was not in vain. Though I feel I could live out the rest of my days here, I must return with haste. It is imperative that I bring news of our discovery to Mr Cadbury. #judgeshootsfood365 #foodadventures
Dammit, Not Again! 103/365 Living with the Easter Bunny has its share of problems. #judgeshootsfood365 #theoddcouple
When Good Chocolate Goes Bad 102/365 Make sure to eat all of your chocolate before its Use By Date this Easter. #judgeshootsfood365 #ᴇᴀsᴛᴇʀᴇɢɢs #itsnotaprettysight P.S., perhaps obviously inspired by the timelessly delightful Calvin and Hobbes. Although it may be fair to say my entire life has been inspired by Calvin and Hobbes... Cheers Bill.
Chocolate Egg 101/365 Ever wonder what is the best prank you can play on someone this Easter? Look no further. I also love how this egg's hair game is on point. #judgeshootsfood365 #chocolatepigtails #easter
Slurp 099/365 We had been humming and hawing about what to eat. Then it started raining. The decision was instantly and unanimously made. A ramen kind of afternoon. #judgeshootsfood365 #slurpdemnoodles
Zen and the Art of Noodle Arrangement 098/365 I said I was finished with pasta photos, I said nothing about soba photos! I had something else in mind for today's photo, but I got home pretty late, and I didn't think I'd have it in me to do it justice. I did, however, find doing this photo to be fittingly relaxing! Soba noodles come in individually portioned handfuls, tied together with a paper ribbon. They're so neat, so exact looking (you may eat this much noodle, and no more) that they put me in mind of balance. The Yin-Yang has long been a favourite symbol of mine. Ironically for an icon which is comprised solely of black and white, it does an eloquent job of reminding us that life... well, isn't. #judgeshootsfood365 #balanceddiet
What's Worse Than Finding a Worm in Your Apple?... 097/365 ... finding half a worm! My brother gave me the prompt for this, challenging me to make the idea of finding something gross in your food look at least sorta appetising. Did I succeed? When people find out that I'm doing this 365, I sometimes get given suggestions for photo concepts. It's so fun to hear the ideas that people come out with! Often, even if I'm not keen on what they actually suggest, it can spark a completely different idea. But sometimes, the idea just sounds so fun that I simply have to try it. Thanks, bro! #judgeshootsfood365 #lovemesomejellies
The Church of the... 096/365 His Noodliness, Cheese be upon Him. May you forever be touched by His noodley appendages. I wanted to do one more pasta photo, so I thought I'd go out with a salute to the big guy. #judgeshootsfood365 #flyingspaghettimonster
Meditations on Noodles 095/364 Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, Egg Noodles, Flat Noodles, Buckwheat Noodles... so many to choose from. The two different pasta dishes I made over the past couple of days have got me thinking about noodles around the world. There are so many different types, be they hair-thin rice noodles, or softly fat udon noodles, or any of the dozens (hundreds?) of different Italian pastas. Why is it that these long strands of flour have proven so delightfully appealing? Why not keep them bite-sized? There must be something inherently satisfying about sucking (or slurping) up our food that noodles have tapped in to. Whatever it may be, I love 'em. Let's just not ask Freud what he has to say about that... #judgeshootsfood365 #eeniemeeniemineymoe
Redemption 094/365 After yesterday's post, I felt it might be necessary to earn back some street-cred with the Italians. Hand rolled pasta, made into ravioli stuffed either with chicken liver pâté and sautéd mixed mushrooms, or wild garlic pesto and chopped walnuts. Two impossibly different flavours and textures. Two definite winners. Perfect for alternate mouthfuls. (both sprinkled with Parmesan shavings, naturally) Am I forgiven? #judgeshootsfood365 #scaredofthefoodmafia PS, the pesto was courtesy of my dear mother, the product of her bountiful garden, so I guess I can't take credit for that... 🤔
Spaghetti Not-So-Neapolitan 093/365 Ah yes, the classic Italian dish, that's exactly as Italian as this table setting. I started watching Samurai Gourmet this week, and it's been bringing back so many taste memories from Japan. One episode features the dish スパゲッティナポリタン, or Spaghetti Neapolitan, a classic in old-fashioned cafes. It consists of either smoked sausage or ham, fried in a pan with onion and green bell pepper. Cooked spaghetti is added and stir-fried, before being mixed with ketchup (yes, ketchup). Tabasco sauce and powdered cheese from a can finish the dish. Yuuuup. I have Neapolitan friends who would take serious offence to being associated in any way, shape or form with this recipe. Possibly as a solution to this, the name is officially translated semi-phonetically to "Spaghetti Napolitan", thus proving slightly less insulting to Italian sensibilities, through what could uncharitably be called a spelling mistake. Having said all this... I have to admit that it's... it's really damn tasty! Exceptionally easy to make, surprisingly difficult to stop eating. Give it a go! Just don't invite your Italian friends over... #judgeshootsfood365 #eastmeetswest #westsighs
A Touch of Flare 092/365 Today was a beautiful day, with the sun shining like a preview of summer. So I thought I'd turn up the heat on my drink too... I really just wanted to make the orange flame, but I thought it would look better with a cocktail in the shot, so I fixed a stiff drink and got to work! But after the shoot, I tasted it and... I really like it! It's super simple. Pour vodka and tonic at a ratio of 1:2 into a martini glass that's rimmed with sugar. Olive optional. Then, across an open flame, squeeze an orange peel at the drink. The oil in the skin will spritz out, and ignite. What you end up with is a classic vodka-tonic, but with a smokey orange flavour and a sugary hit. I don't know if this drink exists already, or I'm the first one to make it. But if I am... I'm gonna name it the Solar Flare. #judgeshootsfood365 #tomcruiseeatyourheartout
Farm to Fork 091/365 This is #whphowicreate Food photography has to start from the farm, if it ever hopes to be authentic. Every day, I'm elbow deep in Mother Earth getting in touch with our culinary roots. Literally. Only by having a holistic knowledge of the food that I will be shooting, can I find the inspiration that I need to fuel my craft. Pictured here are my latest bounty of cucumbers, known in Latin as Cactus Indefensa. They really are a treat to grow, and so delicious when freshly pulled from the soil. #judgeshootsfood365 #aprilfools (P.S. yes, I know, I'm a little late, but I don't get to post until after midnight and I still wanted to join in the fun)
3 Little Months 090/365 Time for a celebration. These past three months have flown by. I honestly can't believe that I've been doing this project for a quarter of a year already! I thought I'd mark the occasion by shooting that most notoriously time-sensitive of foods, ice-cream. If these three months disappeared quickly, that's nothing compared to these three scoops! And yes, I did eat them all after the shoot. And yes, I am sugar crashing right now. #judgeshootsfood365 #babyyoureafirework (P.S., The support and motivation I've gotten from all you guys these past 90 days has been incredible. Thank you so very very much)
Tomato. Soup. 089/365 Continued adventures with a cute tomato. I've always been a fan of symmetry, both geometrically, and poetically. Or would this be ironically? #judgeshootsfood365 #lifeaftersoup
Tomato Soup? 088/365 In a real minimalist mood tonight. I'd been looking over my images recently and I saw that I'd been using a lot of pure blacks, very low-key. Particularly on this project, whenever I see myself spending too much time doing one thing, I want to force myself to switch it up and try something different. Hence, the most recent shots. Also, Spring is in the air, and I'm feeling something brighter 😊 #judgeshootsfood365 #oneofyourfiveaday (P.S., yikes... Instagram really did a number on the compression, eh?)
If You Want To Make An Omelette 086/365 The work-in-progress is always the hardest part for me. That point where things don't look right, and you worry if all you've actually made is an irreversible mistake. I think that's why I'm forever struggling against procrastination. I'm holding off for as long as possible, before I have to break those eggs. #judgeshootsfood365 #shitgotreal
Eye of the Gyuudon 085/365 There are times when my stomach just calls out for Gyuudon, and who am I to argue? The Japanese Beef Bowl is so simple, so easy, yet so delicious. Just softly fried onions with a sweet/soy sauce and paper-thin slices of beef atop a bowl of hot rice. Top with spring onions, and (if you want a shabu-shabu vibe) a raw egg yolk. That's it. Pure comfort food, warming for the soul. I grew up in the midst of the salmonella panic, so I spent most of my life being ultra careful about eggs. Now, in Ireland, it's been well over a decade since the last incident, and all our eggs are routinely screened for contamination. But old habits die hard, and most people are still wary of anything using raw egg. It's a real shame, because egg yolk, just on its own, is a beautiful dipping sauce. If you live in a country where the eggs are safe, and you've never tried raw yolk with beef, I cannot recommend it enough. Sublime. #judgeshootsfood365 #gyuudon4lyfe
Getting Basted 083/365 It's Friday night, and you know what that means... time to get completely BASTED! I'm talking oven at an even 140 degrees, slow roast dem lamb shanks, maybe get a vegetable trivet going underneath... Then baste that shizz every 20 minutes. Awwww, yeah. Now that's a Friday. #judgeshootsfood365 #youknowyouregettingoldwhen #whoamikiddingiwasnevercool
Beauty and the Beast 081/365 I went to see this movie tonight. Honestly, by about 20 minutes in I was just wishing I was watching the original again instead. The biggest sin for me, was that it lacked character. Particularly, the castle staff were painfully visually over-designed. They were a mess of details, animated, but lacking life. The second biggest sin was that Gaston wasn't nearly cringe-inducingly horrible enough. For this sin, there is no forgiveness. #judgeshootsfood365 #popcornromance
A Little, Forced 080/365 Some things in life can't be forced. Others, can. #judgeshootsfood365 #rhubarbmusings
Make it Rain 079/365 Chocolate... a gift from above. There aren't a whole lot of things in this world that a generous helping of chocolate can't fix. ...Diabetes being one of the more obvious exceptions. #judgeshootsfood365 #sobeautifulithurts P.S., yep, now I've got "Chocolate Rain" stuck in my head. I can only blame myself.
Unravelled 078/365 There is a quote often misattributed to the great Michelangelo, who when asked how he was able to sculpt his masterpiece had replied "It's simple. Start with a block of marble and chip away anything that doesn't look like David." It's kind of a joke quote, poking fun at the artistic process and its sometimes deceptive simplicity. But it stuck in my head when I read it, because I think it's really quite beautiful. There are a nearly infinite number of shapes and forms in the world. You don't have to make them. You just have to find them. I know that for me, photography often feels less like creation, and more like discovery. And the same goes for working with food. You can't force flavours to go together, you have to find out which ones do. This lemon already had a spiral in it, all I had to do was set it free. #judgeshootsfood365 #yesicomparedthislemonslicetodavid
The Evening After The Night Before 077/365 I'm definitely getting older. #judgeshootsfood365 #postpatricksday
A Quiet One 076/365 You can think again if you reckon I'm at home making a photo in my studio tonight! Hope you all had a great St Patrick's Day, wherever you might be. Sláinte, agus Grá. ☘️🇮🇪 #judgeshootsfood365 #guinnesscountsasfood
Represent! 075/365 Happy Paddy's Day! For anyone still having trouble with this, it's PaDDy's day, as in the nickname for Patrick, from the Irish name Pádraigh. And the symbol of the day (and of Ireland in general) is the shamrock ☘️, not the four leaf clover. Kinda blows my mind how year after year, North Americans seem intent on ignoring these pretty fundamental details, while simultaneously throwing a bigger celebration than we do! 😂 #judgeshootsfood365 #fightingthegoodfight #loveireland @tourismireland P.S., have a good one! Sláinte! 🇮🇪
Sleepless Nights 074/365 The first time I drank caffeine to stay awake was in university, pulling all-nighters to finish deadlines I'd ignored for too long. But it was never coffee, it was always energy drinks. The first time I drank a full cup of coffee, was out of politeness. It was a can of coffee, offered to me in a small garage by a kindly old man. It had plenty of sugar, so it went down easy enough. The best cup of coffee I ever had was a hand drip brew, by a bona fide master in Japan, who had trained in Tokyo, but moved back to his rural hometown where I happened to be living. Almost as good as the coffee, was watching him work. Heating his antique apparatus to an exact temperature, before pouring the water over the ground beans (that he had roasted himself) one drip at a time, patiently yet intently watching as his brand of alchemy took place. After that, I haven't found a coffee that compares. It ruined me. And in general, these days I don't bother much with caffeine. But I did eat a couple of beans straight from this set up to help me stay awake long enough to post the image. So not much has changed since my college days. You gotta do what you gotta do. #judgeshootsfood365 #icanhearmyheartbeat
Reciting Pie 073/365 It's #piday so what are you waiting for? Go make some circles, and marvel at the relationship between their circumference, their area, and their radius! Wow! It's kinda hilarious how many new "holidays" have popped up in the last few years. While Pi(e) day is pretty clever, I think my favourite is November 11th... Pocky Day! #judgeshootsfood365 #irishapplepiechallenge
Not Quite Right 072/365 I cracked a couple of eggs into the frying pan tonight, but I think there was some kind of mix-up... There's something I've always admired about the surreal. Monty Python's sort of humour is right up my alley. I love things that deliberately don't make sense, things that are fun for the sake of being fun, odd for the sake of showing the absurdity of the norm. If you're not careful, life can be terrifyingly ordinary. Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for me to silly walk my way up to bed. #judgeshootsfood365 #itisanexparrot
Butterflied Shells 071/365 Fly away, on empty wings. Under blue skies, under blue seas. Deceptively delicate things. Carried off by a wave. Or on a breeze. #judgeshootsfood365 #waitforthesnaps
In Memory 070/365 A miso tsunami. 6 years ago today (well, yesterday), the Great Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami struck Northeastern Japan. I had only just interviewed for a job in Japan when it was all over the news, along with the ensuing Nuclear Meltdown in Fukushima. A few months later, I landed in what would become my home for two years. A rural town in Northeastern Japan, across the mountains from the worst of the devastation. Shaken, but relatively unscathed. Exactly one year after the event, I visited one of the hardest hit coastal towns, Ishinomaki. The level of raw destruction, even after a year of tireless clean-up operations, was staggering. I will never forget the sight of it. But more than that, much more than that, I will never forget the spirit of the Japanese people, as they dealt with this monumental crisis. がんばれ東北。あなたはいつもわたしの心の中にいる。 #judgeshootsfood365 #japan🇯🇵
Vine Roasted 069/365 Together 'til the end! Although one of them didn't last for the photo... an example had to be made. Let that be a lesson to the others. You can't allow tomatoes get out of line in the kitchen. Also, first taste is chef's prerogative. 😋 #judgeshootsfood365 #sosweetandjuicy
Living That Taco Life 068/365 Tonight I went to a Mexican cooking demonstration by @mexicancookeire and you better believe I rolled my way home. I don't get to eat an awful lot of Mexican cuisine, and when I do it's usually some Tex-Mex approximation. But the recipes we gorged ourselves on tonight all had one thing in common. They were bonkersly simple. Okay, two things in common. They were also ridiculously tasty. Of course, I couldn't resist making a nuisance of myself with my camera. Pictured here is Chicken Tinga, a shredded poached chicken recipe, and one of what I can only guess were hundreds of tortillas which made their way to my plate. I lost count pretty fast. Thank you, Lily, for a fantastic evening! #judgeshootsfood365 #foodcomatime
Push, Little One 067/365 "I've been present for the birth of every animal on this Island. Just look at that." "Surely not the ones that have bred in the wild?" "Actually, they can't breed in the wild. Population control is one of our security precautions here. There is no unauthorized breeding in Jurassic Park." "How do you know they can't breed?" "Because all the animals in Jurassic Park are females." Jurassic Park. A movie about a group of dudes controlling women's reproductive rights. If I recall correctly, it doesn't end well... (In honour of International Women's Day) #judgeshootsfood365 #internationalwomensday P.S., yes, that is the egg that I dropped yesterday...
Dawn of Life 066/365 A goose egg and a quail egg, looking very 2001: A Space Odyssey. People commonly say that photography is about freezing a moment in time. Well let me just say, you don't know a frozen moment in time until you've looked on in horror as (mere seconds after you've pressed the shutter) the goose egg tips over, rolls off the table and falls three feet. At least it made for a very decisive end to the shoot. Goodnight guys! #judgeshootsfood365 #badparentingskills
Get Cracking 065/365 Whipping up a batch of fried eggs. Funny story, I was shooting this and then I lay down on the floor and sort of fell asleep for 15 minutes. I think the only reason I'm not still there is that face-down on bare floorboards is not actually all that comfortable. I think the past week of truly ungodly upload times has very much caught up with me. I'm about as cracked as these eggs. Something must be done. #judgeshootsfood365 #whatifthisisalladream
Go Together Like... 064/365 #whpbettertogether I couldn't resist these gorgeous carrots when I saw them, and I couldn't resist this classic reference when I saw the Weekend Hashtag Project. Of course, when it comes to food, there are so many things that work better together. That has always been the magic of cooking, taking seemingly random ingredients and turning them into more than the sum of their parts. But for my money, everything is better together with butter. #judgeshootsfood365 #runforestrun
Stained Glacé 063/365 Caramelised Lemon slice, with chopped glacé cherries. Effect achieved in camera. I'll let you have a guess as to how I went about it 😉 Glass isn't the only thing that the Catholic Church has stained. The continued revelations around the Tuam mass children's grave in Ireland, while at this point thoroughly unsurprising, remaining sickening. Having grown up atheist in Catholic Ireland, I never had much love for the church. I hold nothing against people who hold dear their personal spirituality. But I couldn't be happier to see that hypocritical institution's grip on my country loosening. #judgeshootsfood365 #tuam (P.S., arty arty art, transparency and the church, arty arty art...)
Spring/Summer Collection 062/365 It should be noted, emphatically, that I don't draw. It's one of the main reasons I started taking photographs. At best, through liberal use of the Undo command, I can doodle digitally... but that's really just trail and error. I've never developed the skill to draw with pen on paper, where every mistake is permanent. However, when I took a bite out of the last gummy strawberry in the packet and by chance stopped to take a look at it before finishing the deed, I knew I'd have to draw somebody to model the dress I'd unwittingly created. Sometimes, it can't be helped. My apologies. #judgeshootsfood365 #isitadressoraleotard
Hot Chocolate (Am I Doing it Right?) 061/365 On a wet and miserable night, a friend recommended that I make some hot chocolate to cheer myself up. Well, let me just say, this was the worst idea for a recipe ever. Whoever invented hot chocolate is a sadist. I've never burned my mouth so badly before! And I've eaten pizza straight out of the oven. I give up. I guess cooking's just not for me. #judgeshootsfood365 #playwithfireandyougetburned (P.S., I hope you've enjoyed this little mini-series! It's been fun making them, and I might do some more misinterpreted recipes in the future. But for now, it's back to our regular scheduled programming of... well, random stuff I guess. Huh... not all that different really 🤔)
Toasted Cheese (Am I Doing it Right?) 060/365 After I made a complete embarrassment of myself yesterday by failing at making a pancake, I knew I'd have to redeem myself. I picked a safe, easy recipe, to minimise the chance of a repeat. How far wrong could I go with a toasted cheese? I have to say though, I have no idea how people are bothered to make these. They aren't really anything special, and cleaning the toaster afterwards is a nightmare! #judgeshootsfood365 #overrated (P.S., someone told me that Americans call it a grilled cheese. I can't even imagine how you'd rescue any cheese at all doing it that way!)
Lemon Pan-Cake (Am I Doing it Right?) 059/365 Everyone on Instagram today was going nuts about something called "pancakes", so I thought I'd get on the bandwagon and see what all the fuss was about. I didn't want to make any silly mistakes, so I stuck with the traditional lemon and honey pancake. Marks for effort? Also... BOOM! February complete! 2 months down. Do your worst, March. #judgeshootsfood365 #igotdis
The Ghost of Chocolate Past 058/365 Ultra minimalistic today, because it's that kind of Monday. The last time I melted chocolate and drizzled it, I made a bit of a mess. When I was cleaning up all the hardened bits that completely missed their target, this little squiggle caught my eye. I was all like "you and me are gonna be good friends little dude, I can feel it", and I set it aside. It took me a while to decide how I wanted to work it into a photo, but I settled on this. It was the quickest, easiest shot I've taken so far, and I'm actually rather pleased with it! #judgeshootsfood365 #lessismore #ihope P.S., Chocolate-Ghost, sadly, is no longer with us... frankly it's a miracle he survived as long as he did.
Indecision 057/365 #whpcolorful When you can't decide whether you want to make a Blueberry Tart, a Raspberry Tart, an Almond and Fig Tart, a Plum Tart, or a classic Apple Tart, so you say screw it and make them all. Naturally. I honestly don't know why I do these things. Out of all these flavours, the only one I'd ever made before was the apple, so I had to figure out the others. A stupid amount of work for one pie! But I have to say, cutting it up and tasting each flavour one after another was kinda awesome. Personal verdict? The blueberry (with a touch of lemon) was pretty darn good. The raspberry was INSANELY good with cream (to balance the sharpness). But I think the winner may have been... the humble apple. I got the cinnamon and sugar just right, and tasting the first forkful was a moment of enlightenment where I closed my eyes and heard a voice say... "This. This is why Apple Pie is the gold standard." #judgeshootsfood365 #justonemoreslice
Always on the Sunny Side 056/365 Back to my roots, with another egg photo 😅 A great exercise that's recommended for beginner photographers is to photograph an egg. I'm talking about a whole egg, though, in its shell. It's a curved, textured surface, with an even, matte tone, and a colour similar to relatively pale skinned humans. And most importantly, it's easy and cheap to get your hands on one! Shooting an egg helps build an understanding of light, recognising its angle, its hardness. And equally, paying attention to the absence of light, the drama of shadow. It's very useful practice, particularly for portraiture. I never did it myself. But as a food photographer, I've been drawn to shoot eggs in my own way. Food is life, and life is food, whether it be plant life, or animal life. There's no getting around that. Things eat other things, to survive. And an egg feels like a beautiful representation of that duality. Both a symbol of life, and a symbol of food. A cycle, an unbroken circle. #judgeshootsfood365 #letthegreatworldspin
T.G.I.F. 055/365 This week has been a bit of a fruit bender, so I thought I should give it an appropriate send off. One thing that this 365 project has kinda done is stop me from having a drink. Some nights, I'd just love a beer, or a taste of rum to wind down with, but if I don't have my photo done (spoiler, I never have my photo done), then drinking would just be a terrible idea. I can't speak for other drugs, but alcohol definitely doesn't improve my creativity. It makes me wanna go to bed. I guess I'll just have to make do with smoothie shots... #judgeshootsfood365 #thesewouldbesodamngoodwithrum
Worship Me 053/365 It has been observed that there is a tribe of people living along the western coast of the North Americas who worship the avocado as a god. These adherents have been known to find ways to consume the creamy fruit as part of every meal of the day. Toast is replaced with "avocado toast". Chocolate cake becomes "avocado chocolate cake". Rumour has it, a no-foam half-caff iced "avocado latte" is in the works... Seriously, California. I mean, I love avocado as much as the next (sane) person. But... you'll let us know if you need help, right? #judgeshootsfood365 #iforonewelcomeouravocadooverlords
Satsuma Dalí 052/365 "I am not strange. I am just not normal." Today's planned photo was a complete disaster. I tried to shoot one of my Shadow Series with an orange. I thought you would see all the cool segments in the shadow, and it would be all cool, and awesome and cool! But no... you would not. And it was not. So I gave up. My friend, the ever glorious John Boylan, called around as I was finishing up. He wanted to see what photo I was working on tonight, and I explained that it was a bit of a wash out, but I was finished, and I guess I'll just have to post a bad shot today. I felt shitty about it, but hey... not everyday can be a good day, right? I just wanted to forget it and watch a movie together. But he insisted on taking a look, and I obliged. When he saw the butchered remains of my oranges, he said "hey, even that could be a cool photo!" I laughed and agreed, but defeated, started to clear it away anyway. Looking at the clock, he said "I'm in no rush. How about we spend 29 minutes working on a new photo. 29 minutes, and if you get something better, great. If you don't, it'll still be fun to give it a go together." He picked up one of the thin slices of orange that lay strewn about, and stuck it on a paper towel I'd used to wipe up stray juice. Then he stared at it. Over an hour and a half later, we stepped back from this scene on my tabletop. As faithful a recreation of The Persistence of Memory as we could manage, made from fruit, ingenuity and whatever random scraps we could find. John Boylan is one of those true friends, those rare friends, who never lets you be unhappy with your art. If you have such a friend, count yourself lucky. #judgeshootsfood365 #salvadordali
Hole in One 051/365 Round two of the Shadow-Series! I like doing themes every now and again, it gives me a break from having to think of a brand new idea each day, while also posing the different challenge of finding multiple interesting ways to play with just one idea. Also, this kinda fits with the prompt "A Portrait". Voilà! Avocado, a portrait! #judgeshootsfood365 #sliceoflife