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when we are old and decayed what will come of us? already the jet streams keep your air from reaching mine, and your dreams are claimed by places I do not know, by people that are not me; already we are nothing and how can nothing be less? will my pillows be stuffed with your yellow letters and will I listen to your less than nothing words at night? will you capture photos in bathroom mirrors and will you share them with less than no one? what will come of the love that stretched the space between us? will it lie where we left it and be lost to the years? will it be rediscovered in summer by children playing in flower beds and will it work for them, like it never did for us? what becomes of stories that are never written? what becomes of endings that have no beginning? what will come of us?
"Nothing goes away. Not on its own. You deal with it, or it deals with you." // dear Jonathan Safran Foer, I wish I could write like you. #hereiam #jonathansafranfoer #penguinbooks #bookporn #bookworm #bookaholic #takipiąteczek #szaleństwointelektualne #gdzietotrzymać #kiedyczytać #readinglist
Yesterday I went to the premiere of #eatinganimals during @idfafestival in Amsterdam, a documentary produced by Natalie Portman and Jonathan Safran Foer based on his book 'Eating Animals'. We really need a sustainable and plantbased food production system for our planet, our health and for the animals. What the hell are we doing to animals just for a piece of meat? I feel so embarrased to see what is 'normal' nowadays in the food farming industry and so glad I do not contribute to this. I feel sad for farmers that want to do it differently but can't confront these huge companies on their own. And during this documentary I fel a little bit in love with turkeys, since you can see very beautiful images of them. With the beautiful colours they look like a weird piece of art 🦃🎨. The cinema was packed by the way!!! #meatconsumption #eatinganimals #jonathansafranfoer #animalrights #animalwelfare #activism #bethechange #betterworld #savetheanimals #earthlings #animalrightsactivist #sustainableliving #natalieportman #animalstoday
Kjøp årets julegave allerede i dag! 499 bøker leter etter nye hjem. De går under navnet "De forvandlede" og ble en mørk og stormfull natt reddet fra å bli forvandlet til dopapir, melkeartonger og resirkulerte skriveblokker. Hver og en har oppført seg eksemplarisk den tiden de har oppholdt seg i min varetekt, men nå er tålmodigheten slutt. Fordi det er investert penger, tid og ånd i dem, flytter de ikke på seg helt gratis. Men for den nette sum av 199 kr. inkludert porto, tar de seg gjerne en etterlengtet tur med Posten Norge til en postkasse nær deg. Hvis du har lest helt hit og lurer på hva du skal foreta deg videre, gjør som følger: 1. Send adressen boken/bøkene skal sendes til (evt. med ønsket hilsen til deg selv eller noen du har kjær) til moropost @gmail.com/eller på PM. 2. Vipps 199 kr. til 97773912. 3. Boken sendes! NB: For Osloboere kan den potensielle julegaven også avhentes i Universitetsgaten i sentrum. Prisen synker da til 149 kr. Kontakt meg på e-postadressen ovenfor. Om "De forvandlede": Du har allerede vist interesse, men er usikker på hva slags bok du holder på å bestille? La meg stille deg tre spørsmål: Skriver Karl Ove Knausgård raskere enn sin egen skygge? Har Siri Hustvedt superkrefter? Hvilken tegneseriefigur ser du deg selv som? Dette siste spørsmålet har jeg bedt ti internasjonalt anerkjente forfattere om å besvare. Deretter har jeg intervjuet og tegnet dem – om livet som forfattere, om hvordan de skriver og hva de er opptatt av – i hvert deres unike tegneserieunivers. Resultatet leker med litteraturen på en måte du aldri før har sett. Passer for små og store fra 0-100 år. #deforvandlede #forfatter #bøker #litteratur #intervjuer #tegneserie #knausgård #sirihustvedt #jonathansafranfoer #georgesaunders #etgarkeret #joycecaroloates #mirandajuly #jmcoetzee #coetzee #junotdiaz #daveeggers
still ill but at least i finally finished this book. 10/10 would recommend, very informative research about the ethics of eating animals; history of factory farming; interviews with farmers and animal rights activists. not pushy at all, sometimes even had me question myself in which cases it might be justified to eat animals. ⚹ ⚹ ⚹ ⚹ #eatinganimals #jonathansafranfoer #book #reading #literature #research #philosophy #morals #ethics #vegetarian #factoryfarming #meat #flowers #happysocks #tights #inkedgirls #alternativegirls #altgirl #stayhome #weekend #darkgrunge #grunge #tumblrpic
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This is one of my daugthers favourite choice when it comes to reading.. I mean: eating books. I recommend everyone just reading it 😊 #eatinganimals #recommendedbooks #jonathansafranfoer #curiousbabies #9monthold 🐄🐏🐈🐕🐖🐪🦆🐣🐇🐀
It's Nothing
…ho riflesso molte volte sulla nostra rigida ricerca. Mi ha dimostrato che ogni cosa è illuminata dalla luce del passato. È sempre al nostro lato, all'interno, che guarda fuori. Come dici tu, alla rovescia. Jonfen, in questo modo, io sarò sempre al lato della tua vita. E tu sarai sempre al lato della mia. Alexander Perchov (Ogni cosa è illuminata) #jonathansafranfoer #libri
Excerpt: "love and adventure until the very last breath" Beautiful art by @nataliedrawn. I can't say it enough. I love her work.
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Reading projects are the choicest methods in which I prefer to compartmentalize the various writing styles I like to read at a given time. With 2018 imminently approaching, and with 8 being my favorite number, I decided to marshal and proceed with an ambitious project for next year: I will read 80 works from 16 authors I have never read before. These 16 illustrious authors—8 of whom are black, and 8 of whom are not—are/were important writers that stem from what is quite possibly the centenary marking of the Harlem Renaissance, 1918, to writers that are currently creating works of depth, urgency, and beauty. #chimamandangoziadichie #jamesbaldwin #michaelchabon #ralphellison #jeffreyeugenides #jonathansafranfoer #jonathanfranzen #zoranealehurston #barbarakingsolver #annieproulx #zadiesmith #donnatartt #alicewalker #colsonwhitehead #richardwright #hanyayanagihara