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Today's song: Blasphemy - Tyler Joseph. Today was a good day. I spent the day with my dad, pretty calm, but I guess my mind thinks otherwise.
i drew this abstract art of tyler, although it was based off the wonderful art by rlydun on Tumblr, so please do go check them out !!
Why tf is it not letting me copy video links on here?
Ok but why this guy looks like Patrick 😂
Such a pretty picture ☺️ I think he's wearing nail polish too 😝😍
DING DONG! YOURE OPINION IS WRONG! (But I love Halsey, she's my fucking queen) - - - (Tag someone?) #twentyonepilots #tylerjoseph #joshuadun #skeletonclique #tøp #jennajoseph #joshler #blurryface #regionalatthebest #vessel #twentyonepilotsselftitled
Day three!! I'm still loving this challenge (and my idol!!!)
We be handling the hiatus real well....ish 😭 #tylerjoseph #jennajoseph
I literally will go out of my way to shame jake paul
Omg I'm tearing up 😂
first post!! I'm not the best at finding things but I'll try 💗 [ #jennajoseph #twentyonepilots ]