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Right it’s rant time: Firstly The amount of Jackson “fans” sending hate to Dylan is actually fucked like they claim they want J to be happy yet they send hate to the person he loves; how is that making him happy. J and D have enough shit happening in their lives without so called fans hating on D. It’s complete bullshit. If your a true J fan then you aren’t going to go and hate on D; they make each other so happy and people judge them based on the very small part of their relationship we actually see I’m sorry but that’s bullshit! Then there is Dylan’s younow. Im not naming accounts but I have seen quiet a few accounts say they no longer like D or they don’t like D as much because of the younow yesterday I’m sorry but that’s bullshit D has every right to say what he likes on his younow and he said that the thing about the motorcycle was a JOKE do you know what that is? Everyone started hating on him IN HIS SAFE SPACE because of that and may I just add J was watching so if it was an issue then he probably would have commented or messaged Dylan. Then there’s the “guest Dylan/ Jackson” or “FaceTime Dylan/ Jackson” on both younows like what the fuck they don’t need half of the comments being guest them or FaceTime each other like if the other wanted to guest they would go in the guest. Speaking of which some people decided to comment “guest Jackson it will get you more views” on Dylan’s broadcast I’m sorry but D never once said he cares about the views or the numbers yes he appreciates them but he doesn’t actually care. Also D is not leech which is what some people STILL think after 3 months. D is not a leech at all like how the fuck does he suggest his a leech. Finally the hate from the Jackson fanpages and people who don’t like him because of what was said on the younow, if you have a problem with D then keep it to yourself don’t hate on him and if you don’t want to be a fan of his anymore don’t start hating on him because the true fans will defend him. D is amazing and he doesn’t need Jackson fans telling him bullshit and remember this affects Jackson as well not just Dylan it hurts Jackson too. @dylangeick @jackson_krecioch #dylangeick #jylan #jacksonkrecioch
Okay so ew school...When’s summer? { @jackson_krecioch #jacksonkrecioch }