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πŸ˜†πŸŽ— Tonight after dinner I got my killer stabbing dropped me to the floor instantly into tears cramps, I was screaming & crying but they didn't last too long. Luckily, more cannabis products helped me gain some relief, especially CBD & RSO. I haven't been taking as much RSO & my cramps are slowly coming back. Last night I had a short cramp but it wasn't as painful because I had eaten 0.8g of an RSO tube. I definitely need a second gastroenterologist to actually look πŸ‘€ at me and listen to my problems instead of some asshole reading my previous doctors notes from the hospital who assumed it was my meds giving me these killer cramps (my opiates & cannabis - not RSD CRPS and said it didn't spread like that, how would he know? The Enteric nervous system is a huge part of the nervous system, which is effected and haywire day RSD CRPS). This new guy just copied my other doctors diagnosis, then made random ass assumptions that don't even follow my symptoms, saying I have GAD & IBS & Cannabis Hyperemsis; I get IBS - that may be possible but then WHATS causing it (allergies to foods?); he was so lazy he didn't want to do any testings not even a blood test & hilariously enough DID NOT TELL ME MOST OF THIS TREATMENT DURING MY APPOINTMENT IN THIS REPORT I GOT, except take new antacid meds (which is fucking pointless because again, acid reflux, stomach aches & nausea is NOT my MAIN problem, those only stem from the intestinal cramps; hard to explain but I only get nausea & throw up when my cramps are full swing 24/7 nonstop pain), & try to get preauthorized for Amitiza again (which did NOT help during the month I took it and actually MAY have given me more and worse intestinal cramps, nausea & has because those are all some of the side effects). The Miralax he wants me to take AGAIN even though it never helped me pass ANY impacted stools & the Lactulose & Enema is fucking common sense to me at this point, especially since I told HIM I already do this; but yeah the entire beginning part of his treatment plan not one word mentioned to me. Time to get another referral for another specialist only to hear more stupidity & wait another 2+ months (already having waited 6 months). πŸ‘πŸΌ
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When your already faded as fuck but your friend forces you to do another bowl and mamma ain't raised no quitter 🀀🀀
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Gotta show them the frosty trichomes weren't filtered on.2:am
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Waiting for agar to cool so...dabs. Superglue live resin and Tangie distillate πŸ˜πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸŠ #terpyasfuck