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Why Aunt Flo why?!
Trying SO hard to be positive because I know those aren't bad numbers but here we are again with such a bad mature egg ratio. The docs done seem to know how to fix my issue and it's just SO frustrating to have so many unusable eggs. Well I'm gonna work on being happy about those 6 and just pray pray they all make it to day 5. The doc said depending on the quality of the embryo we put one or two in and I said no, we are putting two in. I don't care about the risk of multiples anymore. #ivf #endometriosis #infertilitysucks #infertility #ivfsupport #ivfsisters #ttc
Sometimes you just need to detoxify from the week. My face is so tingly...
Lost more of my plug about 20 hours since my first loss of mucus yesterday. Have any of you experienced that? Not loosing it all at once ? #39w2d
Had the loveliest time at brunch this morning with this gorgeous bunch of ladies - infertility is definitely shit but I'm so glad I have got to make some lovely friends on insta - and now I've got to meet a few of you too. It was like we had known each other for years and I'm looking forward to the next one! And thanks to @gemstyle for the beautiful gift! ❤️ @oursurrogacyjourney @ivfbabydreamz @mrsj.ivf.icsi
More home projects on the list today in case I go in to labor. Still hanging on to hope that the loss of my plug means she will be her very soon ! We are so anxious to meet her. #39w2d #5moredays
My new favorite flow. It integrates my breath with my movements. It grounds my feet. It awakens my body. It ignites my core. Give it a shot and let me know what you think. 💕
We have one ☝️ embryo that made it to be frozen/ biopsied for pgs. One. Out of 9. Those of you who have been through this process know how much of a roller coaster it is. I cannot describe how many feelings there were when my doctor told me this over the phone.... and how many there continue to be. Joy that we have a beautiful 4AA embryo with cell mass and blah blah (I couldn't even hear him - we were on the phone in my classroom during my planning time), devastation that 8 others didn't make it, fear about odds, stress about how much money we just spent on this protocol, proud of how well I responded on the protocol, confusion about how/why it didn't work as well as it could have, shame about how I feel broken and I don't trust my body, anxiety to tell my husband and our loved ones about the result, gut wrenching sadness that this may.never happen for us. Anger. Hope. Fear. Hope. Sadness. Hope. Exhaustion. The old adage #itonlytakesone is a popular one in the #ivf community. I understand why; it's true. We are ready for good news. I know we all are. Holy Heavenly Father, are we hoping this fighter embryo hangs on for transfer. #ivf #infertility #ivfcommunity #1in8 #infertilitysucks #infertilityawareness #thisiswhatinfertilitylookslike #godisgood #faith #myhusbandisbetterthanyours #ttcsisters #ivfsisters #strength #justtryingtogivemydogasibling
You know when you just have a feeling??? Well yeah, I had said feeling then after a 3hr hold I took a test and behold...2 glorious lines! Still early days so im cautiously optimistic but right now, we are pregnant! #5dp5dt #frozenembryotransfer #pgdivf #pgdsisters #ivf #icsi #ivfsupport #ivfsisters #ivfjourney #icsisupport #icsijourney #infertilitysupport #infertility #bfp
I realize I'm not a fashionista… I'm a fit-anista Yep, it's a real word cuz I say so #fitanista Shout out to my girls from my VIP group… Who are posting and showing up for my SELF LOVE challenge, making themselves proud, and focusing on their WINS. #thatiswhatitisallabout Guys… Why are you not in this group??! By the way… If you can read this good for you… And if you understand it?? You definitely GET ME ❤️❤️