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I️ hope everyone is taking this time to enjoy each other and reflect on the real meaning of the holidays!!! #thankful #grateful #blessed #itsthelittlethings 💕🙏🏼
Boys have gone out for the day so having a lazy one with my girl & catching up on stranger things 2 🙌🏽 #itsthelittlethings #mumsdayoff #zara #amstaff
☀️After months of not being able to walk, I am thankful for this past week and future weeks I have to be on two feet again. It’s the little things that matter in life folks. This was the first night I’ve really felt put together in a long time. I guess there is something healing about a night at the theatre. I’m also thankful for the friends and family who have helped me through this time, whether they are aware of it or not. I love y’all. ❤️ Thank you, God! #thankful #itsthelittlethings #theatre #broken #healing ☀️
#Imadeher 💕
They're here! . The new I Choose Beauty sterling silver pendants are now in the Shop! I have a limited quantity for this launch at a special Small Business Saturday Intro Price of $44 + FREE Shipping (U.S. only)! . The pendants are custom-engraved with some of your favorite designs from the Notes to Self Collection. 5% of net proceeds goes to Mental Health America. . Solid 925 sterling silver 1" pendant . On a 17" sterling silver chain with a 1" extension . Packaged in jewelry gift box . Enter code FREESHIP at checkout. Offer good SATURDAY ONLY! . Link to shop in bio @ichoose.beauty #IChooseBeauty
"If it excites you and scares you at the same time, you should do it" . I used to have such fear to show my excitement in all things in life, because I didn't want people to think I was weird when I would screech over how happy I was to do something that excited me. You freaking bet I could hardly control myself during this, and I was not afraid to show it. I didn't care what people were thinking. . I would have never done this before I began my healthier journey. The old me would not have let these beautiful creatures push on the bottoms of my feet and soar me out of the water, in fear I would hurt them at 225lbs. #superman Granted I know I am not where I want to be, nor am I where I thought I would be a the end of this year...but I do know, that this opportunity has enlightened a stream of self confidence that I did not know existed! --What would have happened, I would have sat in the background and watched all my fellow vacationers have such fun, while being too self conscious to participate. . If you know me at all, that would crush my soul. I am not that type of person to linger and watch. I don't want to give all the credit to the weight loss [so far/not done], but I would give it to the personal development that comes along with the job! Anything that pushes you to be the best version of YOU, to be proud to be YOU, to help you learn to love YOU, is right up my alley. I have retrained my brain on this journey to not allow the fear of failing get in the way of me living life. . As a coach, I have dedicated myself to help pay this feeling forward. Helping others begin being the best version of them self possible, starting with 30 minute at home workouts, healthy meal plans and superfood shakes to get you the results you desire. Don't allow fear to get in your way of succeeding and living the life you want to...It is your time to shine, lets end the year loosing 5-15 pounds, building self confidence and going into 2018 happier and healthier together....
Trees in the city are being cut down to make way for more cars, parking and other bullshit - the Urban Tree Alliance NZ is trying to save the green, adopting trees and getting people behind their campaign... I painted this pic as I was moved to see the adopt a tree note on a beaut tree on my way home #illustration #urbantreealliance #pohutakawa #itsthelittlethings
We have lived in this home since August and I just now had the energy to go through all the rest of the boxes in our closet and organize. I used to be a very organized person, so living with clutter day in and day out really got me down. A clean closet is just one small thing, but having energy again is a BIG thing! 😊 #autoimmunedisease #rhematoidarthritis #itsthelittlethings #energy #myhealingjourney
The sorriest boyfriend in the world 😂
Happy weekend everyone!! @perthupmarket is tomorrow. I got to work with Alana of @sheeatspaper and it was sweet because her colour tones speak to me. Sooo pretty... also, her cards are printed on 100% recycled paper if that’s the sort of thing that’s important to you 💕
And Buddy the elf has returned!!! My jonovin looks forward to this every year🎄 For all the ones that look forward to my next day look at FB or my snap (swipe ➡️) Can’t wait to see his face☺️ #ItsTheLittleThings #TisTheSeason