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72th 🇲🇨 . #olympuslt1 #luckyshd100
Was never more please with the outcome of a show I shot than when I shot @thebandghost with nothing but a Nikon 85mm 1.8D on a Nikon N90s body lodged with a roll of Kodak UltraMax 400 that was pushed to 1600. This wasn't by choice but it made me realize even more to not be afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone. Papa Emeritus The Fillmore Philadelphia 7/20/17
Wow such savings
For the fourth of our seven founding member introductions, here's @atroutslife, accompanied by some gorgeous snaps from his analog machine of choice, the Mamiya 7ii: "I enjoy shooting film perhaps for the same reasons so many prefer digital - film takes time; it's a process. Not being able to instantaneously review the final image allows me to let go and appreciate what's in front of me. Later, the unfolding of the image is always an exciting surprise. Also, for me, the time between when the photograph was taken and when the film is processed makes for a greater appreciation of the moment. I'm so excited to spend time with the PDR community and learn from everyone!" #ThePortlandDarkroom
Canmore, AB 2017 #35mm
Lookout, February 2016. #35mm #film #fujifilmsuperia #canonae1
Majestic Kitters🌿 📷: '91 Minolta Riva Twin 28