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(Netflix Show) The Defenders has finally arrived to Netflix, this is the culmination of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist all in one is like the Netflix Avengers. I have only seen both Daredevil seasons which are awesome, Jessica Jones season one which I loved and Luke Cage season I thought it was entertaining but no as good as the previous Marvel Netflix shows and I skipped Iron Fist because a lot of people told me it was bad so I didn't want to embark on that journey. The show begins with the four main characters doing their own thing, Iron Fist is tracking down the hand, Luke Cage is trying to help in Harlem, Jessica Jones is tracking down a client and Matt Murdock is trying now to be Daredevil because he doesn't want to hurt those closest to him anymore, I liked that aspect of the show all of them doing therir business and their own things lead to meet each other. I liked how the show fills you in on what is happening because since I didn't watch Iron Fist I was afraid I was going to be lost in his story but I actually wasn't. These heroes they don't actually work together until like episode three and I also liked that I liked seeing that the show took its time to setup the situation and has them getting used to each other when they finally meet. First the action scenes they were good, they could've been better in some scenes but they were not bad but no as good as the fights in Daredevil's show. Also the performances were great, Charlie Cox as Daredevil was fantastic once again, Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones again really good, Mike Colter as Luke Cage again really good and I actually liked Finn Jones performance as Iron Fist., also Sigourney Weaver is the villain and she was also great in this show, she didn't overcooked her performance and I felt her desperation throughout the show. This is a very short show is only eight episodes but I felt like that was the correct amount because the show didn't feel stretched out or something like that. In my opinion is not as good as Daredevil or Jessica Jones but I liked it more than Luke Cage. My advice check it out if you have the time is not a hard watch. (Continued in the comments)
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