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DIY Zitrus-Reiniger 🍋 Selbst nachdem die Schale von Zitrusfrüchten abgeraspelt und (wenn nicht gleich benötigt) zur Aufbewahrung getrocknet ist und der Saft ausgepresst wurde, dann ist noch immer genug Power in den Schalen um einen Reiniger daraus zu machen. 🍋 Hierfür die Schalen in Achtel schneiden, in ein Schraubglas geben und mit (Apfel-)Essig aufgießen. Zwei Wochen stehen lassen und gelegentlich schütteln. Anschließend durch ein Tuch wringen und in eine wiederverwendet Sprühflasche geben. Eventuell mit Wasser 1:1 verdünnen. 🍋 Nicht für kalkhaltige Steinoberflächen oder Marmor geeignet. 🍋 Der @sanlucarfruit Aufkleber landet in meinem #plasticfree Glas und mehr Müll entsteht bei verpackungsfrei gekauften Früchten nicht. 🍋 #zerowaste #aufdiehand #zitrone #orange #zitrusreiniger #reiniger #selbermachen #diy #essig #apfelessig #zerowastefail #aufdiehandblog #sustainability #sustainable #nature #natürlich #öko #green #keinetütebitte #banthebag #nofoil #noplastic #plasticfree #nomoreplastic #iquitplastics #nachhaltig #müllfrei
Me in Fiji when we found a market that sold BULK lentils & spices. SHOCKED & extremely psyched, I had my little mesh @young.eco bags ready to be filled w lentils, popcorn, fenugreek, & a variety of seeds. For the finely ground spices I folded a sheet of newspaper into an envelope, tucking the sides in to avoid spillage. 💌 A few things were packed in plastic, such as cardamom pods. The label said they were packaged by the store, meaning there was a big bag around somewhere! I inquired with an employee who shook his head--pshh I’ve experienced resistance before! 2 employees later, & I was en route to backstage supermarket where I filled my little satchel with heaps of pods. *(cardamom + ginger tea is good for seasickness!) I had fun at the produce markets, where the sellers kept trying to plastic bag my fruity goods. We would have hilarious banter, as they thought they were hooking me up w double bags. I showed them my reusable bags, boxes, & boot/trunk full of loose produce. “There is already too much plastic on the side of the road here, it’s not good! I don’t use plastic, so Fiji doesn’t turn into a trash dump!” Most of the time they agreed. It’s so important to have these conversations, listen to their perspective, grow our perspective, understand each other & collectively evolve. It’s so important to PERSIST, to find something that works & go without until you do: I tried to shop at a market before the exciting bulk discovery. I saw staff filling small plastic bags from a large bag & I asked them to fill my little satchels. They were not on board. They kept pointing to the small plastic spice bags, “this is easier for us. They don’t spill. It’s faster at check-out. It keeps the spice fresh.” I tried to explain my intentions, that we have the power to create less trash. They shook their heads: too slow, too inconvenient. I wanted to ask if they’d heard of ‘Fiji Time!’ 🙃 Bring your own bags, otherwise get creative! Origami some paper satchels with a nearby newspaper! We are only slaves to the system if we choose to be. Get creative. Avoid making trash no matter where you are, what you are doing, how inconvenient or impossible it seems. Us > Trash 💙
Pretty bloody chilly in the Capital cityyy today and the Aunty Mena's Roti Chenai cravings were reeeal. Sometimes it feels like all the good things come in plastic (RIP salt & vinegar kettle chips 😩) but luckily found my way round this one today with my own container. And man it feels like a win! Low key think I also got more than I normally would haha, stoked 😏😎
"Plastic Free July (or any month you commit to go plastic free) is designed to be extreme. It is meant to first build awareness of the pervasiveness of plastic and secondly to facilitate reasonable changes to our routines that could assist in reducing overall waste. It may feel overwhelming at times, so remember to just do your best and that even small changes make a difference" words by @plasticfreemermaid online at www.solsoya.com or www.iquitplastics.com where you can also free download her plastic free e-book full of manageable changes and tips 💙🐢🌊💚
We are almost done with #PlasticFreeFriday, but here are some simple ways you can share with your friends and co-works to keep our lakes and oceans free of plastic! Here are some tips from @parley.tv #ParleyAIR #cleanbeaches #zerowaste #plasticstrawssuck 1. Remove that trash can under your desk. This removes the convince and starts new habits of reuse, recycle, or composting it! 2. Get a reusable cloth bag. Create a habit of carrying reusable bags. 3. Invest in a reusable bottle. Purchase a cute bottle the speaks to you. 4. Make this your mantra: straws suck. Come on folks are we really that lazy we can reach your mouth to the glass. 5. Talk about it. Be a resource for your friends to ask you questions and have the right answers.
Brought reusable containers to Dunkin' Donuts #iquitplastics
Saying no to single use plastic means a lot more YESSIN' to paper. As paper can be composted back into the soil (which the maestro Mumma Nature has been doing for yeaaars) we decided it's probably good to follow suit. Here's some old mail/envelopes with the plastic part ripped out heading straight for the compost out back 💌
I've remembered that I'm a mermaid, and I don't intend to go back pretending that I'm not. 🐚 The islands and the oceans are where I belong. 🐬 #iquitplastics #feminineandfearless #globalioness #saveouroceans #santabarbara #mermaids #mermaidlife #islandvibes
Just 4 ingredients - flour, water, salt, and Solomon the sourdough starter (flour+water) plus the pure magic of wild fermentation. How God came up with this I have no clue.. but how wonderful that we get to enjoy the fruits of a wild imagination ✨
“No Plastic Straw, Please” For the entire year of 2016 Meaghan Gass refused to use plastic. It’s a huge feat to accomplish when you start thinking about the basics from purchasing groceries to buying shampoo. She shopped often at her local farmers market and made her own personal care products. 2016 for Meaghan was a year of planning and preparation. She always had her reusable water bottle, bamboo flatware and a glass straw. She had to give up her favorite hot Cheetos because they came in a plastic bag, but the impact she made would be much spicier! From educating her co-workers and dive buddies to organizing zero waste events at Thunder Bay National Marine Sancturay. She is the inspiration for my original design of #plasticstrawssuck, an inspiration to all of us in the Great Lakes states, and a great reminder of why we have #PlasticFreeJuly. Meaghan Gass a #GreatLakes educator, #ZeroWaste advocate and model for a #PlasticFreeLifestyle!
Things have been pretty dire in the flat lately as we search high and low for something plastic-free to wipe our bottoms with .. so a big horray today as our paper packaged @smartasstp arrived on the doorstep! Buying in bulk means exciting big parcels PLUS we are sorted in the loo scene for a good while yet 🌴
Oh my gourd, I love this guy so much 😬
The census of marine life (a 10 year international project to identify life in our oceans), found nearly 250,000 species in our oceans, but scientists believe at least a million species of marine life could be out there and that's not counting the tens or even hundreds of millions of kinds of microbes that make up the majority of marine life. Mind blowing right? This is why it's important make a conscious effort to reduce waste daily, saying 'no' to plastic and once used items, shopping for sustainable alternatives and supporting local. #censusofmarinelife #iquitplastics #whangareiloveithere
These little plastic homies on the right are actually one of our favourite thaaangs. We've got some leftover from our plastic buying days, so now re-use and re-use and re-use them. On the left is our slight upgrade - bags made from old net curtains. Whichever one is your buzz - it all counts towards less single use plasticin' 👍🏼
New sourdough recipe, new basket to rise it in (well.. second hand from the op shop, what a score!), new clear, sunny winters day - all bringing new wonders and magic ✨ Also, we finally purchased some home compostable baking paper by @ifyoucare_usa - baking paper was one of the things that I produced the most waste with, so love that there is an alternative. Happy Saturday 🌞