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Chi vola impara a sfottere le sue cadute 🦋 #withmyownwings
TFW yr emotions are too ✨existential ✨for regular emojis ...."Messages From The Void" This is my new iPhone message sticker set ! 👻🙌🏼💕 . Available now for less than $2 in the App Store. Search by Criteri, Rebecca Chaperon or Messages From The Void ! 🕳💬 . 🏳🏳G🕯V E A W A Y T I M E 🏳🏳🏳 If you want to score a free iMessage sticker set please participate (details below) and I will choose a winner at the weekend. The stickers only work on iPhones ( and you may need to have a data plan ! ) but feel free to participate anyway : ) . . To participate tag a friend and comment below : ) easy right ! Good luck : ) . . Also if you like a melancholy meme now and then check out . @textsfromyourexistentialist #dscolour #thevoid #existential #imessage #iphonesticker #iphonestagram #iphoneapps #iphoneartists #selfexpression #gothfauve #pastelgoth #vancouverisawesome #giveaway #crystals #icebergs #digitalartworld #textstickers #stickers #stickerobsessed #stickerporn #bigmood #currentmood
Vicine, vicine 💕 • • • #sis #mancanze #mancapoco
#buonanotte noi dormiamo in cuccia 😴
Shhh 🤐💋🗯
A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. 🍃🍁
🖤che cordinazione
If you only ever make one of my recipes, please let it be this one! It’s a recipe of my aunts, who is English by birth, married to a French man, and lives in the west of Ireland (I’d say a pretty good culinary combination). She also runs a cafe and has done an awful lot of travelling. She makes this with chicken, but I’m a vegetarian who occasionally eats responsibly sourced fish, so I make it with tofu! • This should serve around four. • Begin by cutting the required amount of Tofu into friendly sized cubes, and gently brown them on a low heat. Add in about a teaspoon of each of the following: Turmeric, Cumin, Garam Masala, Ground Coriander, and Curry, and toast for around a minute. At this point you can add cayenne pepper, salt and black pepper to taste. Add around 100ml of water and allow to gently boil, and evaporate! Add one tin of full fat coconut milk, while continuing to boil. Chop spinach and add, I use a full, large bag! Do the same with fresh coriander, around a handful. Boil some rice. Serve the two together and enjoy! . . . . . #ukfoodblog #foodblogger #foodporn #foodie #bloggers #igseller #photooftheday #recipes
Caos calmo❌
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Quindi prendo da te e tu prendi da me. Come fosse il nostro giorno, Come stessimo sparendo in un secondo io e te.