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✨☀️Hey guess what? Life isn't perfect. It never has been, and definitely never will be. That's ok! You're not perfect either. Just try to be a little better each day and call it a win! . . Sometimes we get too wrapped up in all of the little things that we don't appreciate where we are right now. Go out and make today great! ☀️✨
Hiding in the Bathroom is out today! Are you an introvert who’d rather hide than face a networking event? My friends @morraam says you can make the life you want, on the terms you want, without sacrificing sleep, your family, or your sanity. Hiding in the Bathroom is the roadmap you need to make this happen if you’re an ambitious introvert. . (Also, I'm quoted in the book nbd.) . #HITBbook #book #books #entrepreneur #businessbook #ceo #leadership #motivation #business #reading #newbook #introvert #introvertproblems #injf #infp http://bit.ly/2th6Kzz
Here's your dose of baby love for today!! This picture cracks me up!! Harbor already has lots of expressions and sassiness that she shares with us!! I couldn't love this tiny human more!!
Morning snack! Half a banana and some pecans at work! I could easily hit the snack area with unhealthy snacks because I’m starving. Nope!
YES If there is a place to meditate and do yoga here, this is my kind of introvert heaven. What do you think? Yes or no? -follow @sharmila_dewkinandan for more soul&business flow&grow real life kick a*s vibes (📷Pinterest)
🌸 & she is still learning who she wants to be in this world 🌸
🙌 Day 2 of the "Quiet & Fierce" Truth or Dare 5-Day Visibility Challenge... . Day 2: Trust . Putting yourself out there as a introvert can feel scary. To become more visible, we fear being judged, criticized and rejected. It's important that you create a sense of safety within yourself before you share your heart with the world. You have the power to feel safe within yourself. . Remember, that you are never alone. Trust that Life is supporting you. You are not separate from Life. You are where you are because of all of the people that have come before you. All of Life is supporting to fully express who you truly are. . 🙏 My Truth: Putting myself out there in a bigger way as an introvert can feel scary and overwhelming. I mean, I don't want to be judged or criticized. But I now know that this is so much bigger than me. I am being called to step forward and share my voice for the greater good. Sharing my voice and personal story is an act of grace. And me being bravely myself is a genuine act of service. . Wanna join in? This visibility challenge will help you feel confident about being more visible as the quiet leader you are meant to be to attract the ideal people you are meant to serve. . 👉 You can still sign up here: www.dawningsoul.com/quiet&fierce (link in bio) . 💞 Lots of love goin down in our "Quiet Voice Big Impact Community" private Facebook group which is where the main challenge will be. . 🎉 Oh, and did I mention that there will be prizes? Yes!! To the bravest souls that engage each day, I'm giving away a special prize to help you feel good about being more visible with your quiet voice. . Much Love, Jenn . #quietandfierce
Yes I am and I'm shining bright and it's beautiful! Not until my page @narcandempath did I realize how blessed I am to be a lightworker and Empath, I'm right where the Universe wants me and shining my light bright to help others find theirs. I have been truly blessed and I am grateful everyday. 🙏🙌💫💛💫 #thankyouuniverse for my #abundance I am open to #receive #blessings and let go of what no longer #serves me #empath #empaths #empathsofinstagram #healer #heal #intuitive #intuition #intuitivehealing #healing #darknessintolight #lightworker #lightworkers #highlysensitive #sensitive #infjpersonality #infjgirl #intuition #introvert #loveandlightwork #loveandlight #beblessed #spreadingloveandlight💫💛💫💛💫💛💫💛💫💛
A life undocumented is sad but still important. Not everything makes it into a book or on a website. #journal #spiritualjourney #peace #introvert #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #jesus #biblejournaling
Yes she's sleeping in her hijab, no we don't sleep in our hijabs irl, yes she's probably uncomfortable, no I'm never drawing her with hair, yes you should probably like and tag a friend who can relate. . . . . . . . . . #yesimhotinthis #overthinker #overanalyze #thinktoomuch #awkwardmuslim #awkwardhijabi #hijab #hijabi #hijabiproblems #hijabistruggles #introvert #ambivert #muslimah #muslimgirl #muslimmemes #muslimhumor #comics #webcomic #webtoon #drawing #digitalart #illustrator
Im very sure that im all good..or so i thought. Till a friend plopped up on my chat box. He asked me bout my condition, am i happy with the way i am now, n make sure for me to keep my self busy with work but also take a good care of my health. He even sent me his silly face to make me laugh n act like he's bullying me. I know he's worried n just wanna comfort me. I really appreciate it. Despite of knowing me as an anti social, he offered me a silly laughs, even just by asking am i doing good.☺ This 2 weeks, im trying my best to let everythings away. I was silent bout everything n keep all of it by my self. Somehow...im grateful that im not good at expressing my self. But, when he asked bout it..the pain is bothering again. Hope it could be more n more better, soon. #memyselfandi #introvert #introvertproblems #introvertsunite #blacklover #blackinlove #iamintrovert #quotesoftheday #quotes #words #wordoftheday #heart #sad #love