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growth is also an area of comfort, because we settle on the idea of evolution and expansion, elevation, and remain the same, just "better" "versions". we go from one box to the next, and, "this is just not going to work out." perhaps we don't want to see that we are the problem? now look at that. the problem working on itself. what do you get from that? #askyourself
Happy Hump Day again! This will end the happy hump day series after an impressive two week run...until I go take more pictures of hump-shaped things (fingers crossed it's real life boobs!)
when you're taught and told what to think and not guided into how to think, you will always be easily lead or feel the urge to follow others/someone else's way of thought. #fact
The silence that surrounds you when you get to train by yourself. You learn to be self sufficient. You learn to focus. You learn who you are. . . . . #crossfit #crossfitgirl #crossfitlife #peaceandquiet #selfsufficent #focus #introspection #passion #grit #crossfitluganosouthern #deadlift #bemorehuman #awesomeo
She is both, hellfire and holy water. And the flavor you taste depends on how you treat her. -Sneha Pal By far one of my favorite quotes❤ Ps: am I still into fitness if I decide not to post a pic of my buttocks on instagram on humpday? #respectoverattention #hellwater #holywater #youchoose ⚡️leanstrengthbymaria @gmail.com ✨Instagram: leanstrength ⚡️snapchat: mariacosta121 ⚡️ #leanstrength