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Lee Morgan - "Expoobident" (Vee-Jay, 1960) This album was one of about twenty that I indiscriminately ripped from the CD collection of a friend when I was first dipping my toes into the waters of jazz, and of course the nonsensical name has always stuck with me, so this is one of those records that I treasure for personal reasons as well as musical ones. Like "Here's Lee Morgan", released for Vee-Jay in the same year, this features Clifford Jordan on tenor and the glorious Art Blakey on drums. The piano and bass positions are different, and are held by Eddie Higgins and Art Davis, respectively. Davis I know well, but I found myself scratching my head at Higgins. It turns out that he was more of an arranger than a player, but that his natural talent made him able to handle bop playing when it was called for, and he shows up on classic jazz recordings from time to time. In any case, he has a light but focused feel here, which leaves a lot of harmonic room for the horns to play with. I found Blakey to be more mellow on this record, also. Morgan is on fire as it seems he always was, and he leads this group of top industry elites with a command that belies the fact that he couldn't yet legally drink. #vinyligclub #jazz #vinyl #vinylcommunity #instavinyl #vinyljunkie #vinylclub #igvinylclub #igvinyl #cratediggers #cratedigging #vinylcollector #vinylcollection #vinylrecords #jazzrecords #jazzvinyl #recordcollector #recordcollection #recordlover #vinyllove #veejay #leemorgan #artdavis #artblakey #cliffordjordan #eddiehiggins
The Joshua Tree Anniversary tour is great and all, but how amazing would a Zoo TV 'Revisited' tour be amid the cultural climate of 2017? Trolling social media accounts, prank calling The White House and the Trump hotels, exploring unchecked narcissism and poking fun at our insatiable collective lust for celebrity. I'd go see that show, baby. I'd go see it twice. #u2 #achtungbaby #zootv #2017
Charles Bradley - Changes b/w Ain't It A Sin . Original 2013 US 7" released on Dunham . RIP Charles Bradley. . On the suggestion of @jamiekronick, I was lucky enough to catch 'The Screaming Eagle Of Soul' twice at Ottawa's Bluesfest. Both nights, I watched a middle-aged man in a skintight suit with a v-neck to his navel and a shit-hot band, do the splits and induce screaming from Kanata hockey moms. He absolutely killed it. I became a huge fan. . This Black Sabbath cover was a 2013 Black Friday Record Store Day release limited to 1000 copies. I'm really glad he re-released it as the the title track of his last LP in 2016. Seek out his Neil Young and Nirvana covers (seriously).
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