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#TheHiddenDoor You must be wondering who are they; just like any other day I was roaming here and there in my city.. Here at one ground, I found these two mysterious creatures of humankind. The one above showing biceps is "don" who calls himself Don.. Me- "who are you?" BOY1- "I am don" Me- "For how much money you will kill others?" B1- " If u give me 2rs I will hit that other boy" Me- (laughing) "what you want to be in future?" B1- "biggest Don" ~ The one below with victory sign is that boy with dreams listening to my conversation with him. Me- "what u want to become in future?" BOY2- "police" Me - "will u arrest him?" B2- "yes I will" ~ I want to state something about this, I was in pure dilemma what I was hearing and listening to them was feeling something different, where our country is going? If there is bad there will be good. One guy wants to become Don and other police. And I was feeling like journalist asking questions. That boys were only 8-9 years old, I won't blame them for their thinking but for the first guy I will blame his family because his brother is also criminal and where upbringing is like this bird will escape from cage obviously, And other boy on the other side is good I will say because his upbringing is wise.. I want to question you guys Younger generation is going awry, What is going on here? You can't hide this topic by laughing on it.. right?? P.s - I like cricket 😍 ©Infinite_flame49 #poets #greatpoet #instapoet #instapoem #wordgasm #wordmagic #motivation #like4like #inspire #getinspired #mirror #beurself #follow #magiciansofword #instaindia
Happiness is........ a little girl in a woman's body singing triumphantly Edith Piaf in a hotel bathtub at 2am, half a world away from home
Always this 🌟 _______________ #rfbART
spring to life.
Hummock (noun | HUM-uk): 1. A rounded knoll or hillock. 2. A ridge of ice. 3. A fertile area in the southern United States and especially Florida that is usually higher than its surroundings and that is characterized by hardwood vegetation and deep humus-rich soil. #poetry #poetsofinstagram #poetsofig #haiku #haikuoftheday #wordoftheday #wotd #wordporn #ink #spilledink #writersofinstagram #csswordsmith #instapoet #instapoetry #poem #writing #dictionary #merriamwebster #april #writingexercise
Backpack Chapter 3/3: The Caged Tiger That Escaped 🐅 - Yea, they're gonna probably think I got lucky or that it was a mistake. - They'll probably think it was easy, piece of cake. - They'll probably think I just happened to be at the right place, at the right time, on the right date. - They'll probably think I know someone, and that my skills don't equate. - Oh well, no shame. Who am I to blame? - I don't care what they say. For so long now I've had to fight my own brain. - Fear years I've been trying to evade my own mental. A wild tiger in a circus trying to escape. - The progression of getting out of the dangerous parts of the neighborhood. - To singing the lower middle class blues to myself in middle skool because I didn't think I was good.. - Enough to trade food with the other kids based off of the lunchables they dealt. - The irony is, now that I got couple dollar signs it seems like everybody out of no where need some help. - I'm not not gonna give, I don't need tons of wealth plus giving is good for my health. - On my worst days I knelt. In the middle of the city, same backpack on since day one. - Sometimes so frustrated with my life I started questioning if I even believed in God's son. - Now to see the whole picture I'm just realizing how ignorant I was. - Since day one God's been preparing me to be in the top 3. - (Percent of the world, talking strictly financially). - From the hood tales, to learning how to negotiate at those affluent school system lunch tables. - Man I turned out so good sometimes I think this is all just a fable. - So yea. I'm good. I love my wife. I love my business. I love my family. I swear on everything I love, I'm great. - They'll probably think I knew someone, and that my skills don't equate. - Too bad they'll never know, from the beginning, I was a caged tiger, determined to escape. - They'll probably just think I'm lucky, or that it was a mistake.
Не съм му фен, но това ми допада ... А не съм му фен, защото съм прочела почти всички негови книги. ☺ Базирайте личното си мнение на на собствено проучване и отделено време, а не на хорските приказки. #слюбовкъмчетенето
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The world passes by as I look across the courtyard, I stop to see the dry world passing by. Kids riding their hoverboards, men and women making their way to their destinations, all this with man-made machines shrieking the brakes to halt; Funny are these DNA-embedded beings contending over who is richest, strongest and most influential. This is where I am. Wrapped up in your arms, fingers running everywhere; the moist soft touches, blowing kisses in the air. The warmth of your body that sets fire to even the cold October winds. This is where I want to be. The quilt that kept me warm has gone frosty, the hair that ran like silk has gotten old, the gentle squeeze on my hip stays forgotten. Ripples of pleasure turned to pain, as I look back, that’s all I gained. Looking at the dry world pass by; This is where I am, This is where I want you to be. #wordsinalign #1hundreddaysofpoetry #100daysofpoetry #MyDubai #Dubai #Dubaipage #DXB #poetry #writing #poetsofinstagram #poetsoninstagram #writersoninstagram #writer #poet #poem #poetryisnotdead #instapoet #reading #missing #love #day21 #poetrycommunityofinstagram #poetrylife #parkbench
One day you'll find someone who makes all those broken pieces of your heart feel like the most beautiful jigsaw in the world, who cherishes your cracks and fills them with gold dust. #flowers #myphotography #photographie #photographer #photo #photogram #instaart #instaartist #instaphotographer #instaphotography #mine #poem #mypoetry #instapoet
Positive Thinking
"Me" You can't change me, You may not see, Sometimes, It felt like my personality, Was all I had, I gave up on being mad, I don't care about what others do, Y'all don't know what I've been through, Even if you had a clue, There's no pity due, Through the hard parts of life, While fighting the hardest strife, There I am, Me and the fam, That's all I had, To some that sounds bad, Sometimes I wish I could go back, And that may sound a little wack, But I think about that part of me, It felt more free, It was less of myself, And more of God, Back in that place, Is where I felt his grace, That is where I became me, And that's who I'll always be, I'm proud of where I came from, I have no reason to run, My needs always covered, Even when doubt hovered, I found rest, In his eternal chest, His love is amazing, Forever and always, This is me, Deep down, It's just me.
__ Cleanse my soul, enrich my dreams. I am forever yours, I give willingly. Scrub off my layers, until I lay bare. Exposed is my heart, please do take care. Wash away my nightmares, soap up my dreams. You are the one I adore, the one who makes me believe. Written By: @cagallinger ___ Day 25: #cmaprilchallenge "Soap" Hosted By: @cerynnmccain ___ #writingcommunity #poetrycommunity #poem #poems #poets #poetry #prose #spilledinkpoetry #spilledthoughts #igpoems #igpoets #instapoetry #instapoet #writingdesk #writers #writing #igpoetssociety #instapoet #instapoetry #instawriter #instawrite #poetryaddict #poetryofig #poetryaddict
▪ Just because you choose to be colorless, doesn't mean I have to be dull. Just because you choose to be dull, doesn't mean I have to be lack luster. I embrace my radiance. You should embrace yours too. #jlwyman
No quiero que pases. No entres... ¡Cierra la maldita puerta ya, joder!  Perdona... Mi intención no es asustarte. Pero no entres. No quiero bajo ninguna circunstancia que veas lo que hay al otro lado. Es así, estoy enjaulado y asustado. Aquí dentro hay recuerdos en forma de cadáver, remordimientos del ayer, cuervos, cuentos que no conté, otros que no me creí, mentiras que no vi, verdades que supuse ver. Por eso no quiero que entres... No me perdonaría que conocieras con tus propios ojos el monstruo en el que me he convertido. El monstruo que un día maté pero sigue vivo. O quizá me mató él a mí y ahora finge ser yo. Te doy la bienvenida al cuarto de la desesperación. Pero no entres... Que ya te lo explicaré mejor. #escritosen5minutos #andresdosleyes #conversoconversos
Take off your mask. Remove your bravado! 🌻 Enjoy #reading? Then grab a copy of 'And Then'. A book of poems with a short story intertwined, bringing the chapters together to form a whole. Now available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, and other book retailers (Link in Bio) #aarondanielwrites
. that blue, two chips of sky looking out with a soul attached; holy fuck, you're beautiful. i'd like to grab your face and stick my tongue into it -- and i'm much too drunk to be here among people. care to help me find my hotel room? . --------- . Part of a series on sex, love, loss, and relationships. . . . . #poetry #typewriterpoetry #poet #prosepoetry #sweetnothingspoetry #poem #poems #spilledink #instapoem #poetryhive #runawaywriters #writersnetwork #globalwordsmiths #poetsofinstagram #poemporn #lovepoem #instapoet #lgbtpoetry #gaypoetry #by me poetry #writersuniverse #herheartpoetry #lgbtpoet #instagay #gaypoet #drunkpoetry #hlraven #queerlife
Ich bewohne den Augenblick und verleihe ihn nicht an morgen.
Tasting Shame An excerpt from My book #Hush . Signed copies are listed on Etsy at nicolelyonspoetry . Unsigned copies can be purchased worldwide through Amazon, The Book Depository, Barnes & Noble, Booktopia and Feminine Collective. . #poetry #poem #poetryisnotdead #poetryinmotion #poetsofig #igpoets #instapoet #instadaily #instagood #quote #quoteoftheday #qotd #nicolelyons #nicolelyonspoetry #nicolelyonsquotes #words #wordporn #writersofig #wordsmith #truth #love #dark #darkpoetry #mentalhealth #stigma #life #kiss #darkness
Personal favorite. (Repost) Illustration by: @muhammedsalah_
✒~A Ya no hay puntos de sutura que resistan. Ahora, que toda ella es herida. - #letras #frases #instapoet #textgram #quote #nights #pic #writing
Grab your copy of 'Memories Unwound' through the link in my bio or on www.rubydhal.com! You can also DM me for a signed copy. I love you guys x • • [found] Artist of illustration: @regards_coupables
Her black little silk dress, Hiding her curves like a fortress, Those visible black stalkings, Gartered at her thighs, Hair like those silk threads, And pleasing to these eyes, Pounding of the heart out of my chest, My eyes were the victim and couldn't rest, Darkness of the room mixed with her perfume, And her divine curves were like my playroom, Hugged her from the back, Removed those laces to make her unpack, Full of sins we tangled our lips and I filled her neck with some scripts, Her eyes were shining, Her curves were thundering, Her skin was smiling, High on lust we were playing on bodies, Like a maestro on our own Piano, Kissed her dripping wet glory hole, Her juices made me out of control, Her nails were painting art on my back, I was getting harder with every smack, She was the queen of The knights, And I never learnt to lose this fight, Her moaning sounds were perfect like a violin, And, she was more beautiful than the mornings of Berlin, Hours later, that black little silk dress laying on the floor, It was smiling as it never needs anymore. ❤️