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El puf tricotado es el perfecto aliado para el invierno✨ Hoy en nuestra #VentaDelDía (Link en Bio👆) 📸   @nataschajanina #MiEstiloWestwing #WestwingES #InspiraTuDecoración
#bizbrandfriday is BACK with another amazing business owner! I had the hardest time picking only 3 pictures for this one because there were like 20 that deserved to be shared. . Naomi Bulger is a writer, an illustrator and a mother. She’s on a path to live her life with more simplicity, greater creativity and deliberate kindness. She helps busy people rediscover their creativity and forge more meaningful connections. . Are you searching for tools, resources and courses on the path to a slower, more creative, and more connected way of living? . Are you searching for stationary? . Are you interested in commissioning a unique illustration for your project? . If any of these things ring true for you or you just LOVE her work(like I do), follow her on Instagram and click the link in her bio for more info 🙂
ITS MINT TO BE ❤️❤️ fingers are crossed winner drawn every Sunday until Christmas 🎄 #alphaboard #alphaboardco #mint #boards #inspirations #christmas
#Whenyouwereborn, you #cried, and the world #rejoiced. #Liveyourlife in such a manner that when you die, the world #cries and you rejoice. This and close variants of it are also often cited as an "Indian" proverb, a Tibetan #Buddhist #proverb or a #Cherokee proverb. Success has many #fathers everybody had a claim to this #wonderful and #inspirationalquote , I'm #posting 1/2 of these claims of #ownership but it did not matter, we all need #inspirations #😘😘💋💋❤️❤️ #Indian #cherokeeindian #sayings
I love my Saturdays as it’s the day I work on my projects. Watch out 2018 Coach Curl has some amazing projects coming. Stay Tuned #2018 #coachcurl #dailyfuel #saturday #breaktheshackles #writersofinstagram #projects #inspirations #weekend #lovewhatido #imwriting
“Conquer your neighbourhood, conquer your city, conquer your country, and then go after the rest of the world. That's my mantra.” #grandmasterflash #magicmakers #therulesofmagic #rulesofmagic #ageofideas
Paraaa tuuudo meninaaass😱👸🔝 que esse Macacão Vermelho é #perfect 😍❤😍 Com bojo 😍✔ Interessadas é só chamar no whats.99368-8057📲 ou pelo Direct😉 #looks #lookdodiabrasil #modadelivery #modagospel #modajovem #modafeminina #moda #insta #inspirations #instaloja #instadivo #instamoda #instablog #modablogueira #modablog #nayayatem#useyayastoreoficial 💋💋
If you don't live on the edge, you will never see the view. 📷: @jackharding
Momentum over Motivation! Great post by @jcdeen - 💯 IF YOU RELY ON MOTIVATION, YOU WILL FAIL 🦄 - I am going to level with you and I believe you need this message. - 🤡 Instagram is FULL of feel-good, inspirational quotes meant to motivate you... but here's the rub: MOTIVATION is much like a FEELING. One second you might feel happy, and the next second you're sad. The next second you feel hungry, and after you eat, you feel tired. - You can experience 10 different feelings in 60 seconds. - 🔥 🔥🔥🔥 But guess what? THOSE FEELINGS FADE AWAY. - 😇 And those short bursts of motivation (just like feelings) will fade away too. - 🍩 You've been there... While scrolling through IG, you see a sick set of abs and say "I'm going to start working out tomorrow." But when tomorrow comes, you're tired and just not feeling as motivated as you did when you saw that 6-pack the night before." - 🍆 And all of the sudden, you're saying "I'll do this tomorrow, or I'll work out later." - It never happens, huh? - Weeks and months go by while you wait for that spark of motivation... - Look... waiting for and relying on motivation is a BAD idea. Motivation is fleeting. Instead of letting your levels of motivation dictate your actions, why don't you build MOMENTUM instead? - The way you build momentum is like this: pick one thing you want to do, and do it, no matter what. Make it easy on yourself so you don't have to deal with a ton of resistance. - Want to start working out? Schedule 2 days per week in your calendar and get it done. Don't miss a day for at least 4 weeks. - Want to eat better? Remove the bad foods from your house and make an easy, healthy breakfast every day. - It's easy to get hung up on needing motivation, but if you build momentum with daily action toward your goals, you'll gain intrinsic motivation the longer you stick to your new habits.
We call this, their "sticky" factor. Do they stick around?⠀ ⠀ Needing a relationship to last forever can make you miss key signs like this.