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Cocina con isla y terraza, hoy en el blog #delikatissen
Рабочая неделя выдалась тяжёлой. И сегодня у меня наконец-то долгожданный выходной. Тосты с авокадо и неторопливо сваренный кофе на завтрак, барельефы и мыловарение с детьми 🙈ещё хочу почитать, закончить новую брошку, записать рождественский плей-лист..и ещё подумываю о том чтобы снять видео 🙈 Я жутко стесняюсь и боюсь показаться не интересной, но мне хочется делиться с вами большим, чем просто удачные фотографии. Что скажете? Стоит или пока не надо снимать ролик? Хорошего дня вам, дорогие и удачного начала недели 🌞 . . . . #ig_moscow #moscowgram #onlinemoscow #onlinegirl #smilegirl #moodygram #wintermood #thisatmosphereismazing #novembermood #inspirationoftheday #decembecroming #autumnmood #amazingpic #awesomeday
In art, the value of a masterpiece is always determined by who made it. For instance, a Picasso is valuable because of who painted it. Sometimes we may feel like others have determined our values. However, like a Picasso our value is determined by Who made us! What people say about your family, your choices or your life doesn't determine your worth. You're of great value and you have worth, not because of anything you've done, but because of Who created you! Your are God's Masterpiece! #QuotesILove #BeautifulMonday #OffICommot #SuiGeneris #Kintsukuroi
It's not selfish or self centred to focus on yourself - How do you pour from an empty cup? How can you meet your dream Love, Career, Life.... if you don't fully understand YOU. Your wants, needs, desires? Before making any moves for anyone else do it for YOU, go all in on being the BEST VERSION OF YOU. It ain't easy! But your future self, friends, family, husband, children, wife, Co-workers will all reap the benefits 🙏🏽 FYI it's taken me 10years 🙌🏽 for me it's the journey not the destination, but that's another post 😉
🌻Blossom Color Inspiration🌻 OMG, sooo S W E E T #inspirationoftheday #flowers #simplethings_simplelife_simple love
Just a reminder that you are amazing! I’m SO EXCITED to show you my latest product to put some #handlettering pep in your step! My newest “You Got This” die cut sticker will make all your favorite stuff look custom made. Great for putting on laptops, sketchbooks, mirrors, and more. Use code LAUNCHDAY for free US shipping. 🛍 lettershoppe.com/shop