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Life's too short to tolerate shit that doesn't make you happy 🖤
Both masters in the art of being a kid. 😻
What started out as a fairly unremarkable day turned out to be incredibly special and one I'll always remember. ❤
Spending the evening meal planning and watching The Office 👌🏻 • What are you having this week? #mealplanningmonday #theoffice
Such a beautiful day. Honestly, today was pretty perfect. Brooklyn is doing so well at the caregivers and being back at work full swing has been such a blessing. Came home to run 3.15K before well, everything. Nothing better then a hella productive day 💪🏻🌲☕️ #HappyMonday #cyc
💥Never miss a Monday💥 Today was day 1 of doubles☝🏼I'm doing a hybrid of 2 of my favorite programs✌🏼That's right I said 2😳 I've got goals and want sick results so I'm going to push myself harder in order to be stronger💪🏼 Here's to the next 8 weeks of self love and discipline👊🏼🤘🏼 Wanna show yourself some love? My next online challenge starts 5/8 and I want YOU to join us👌🏼Drop me a message if your curious💌It's going to be awesome!⭐️
I remember when I used to come home from work stressing about what in the heck I was going to make for dinner that night. More often than I'd like to admit, it would end up being something like macaroni and cheese, fast food, or frozen chicken nuggets. Planning my meals ahead of time has really cut down on my stress because I already know what to make when I get home and all the ingredients are already here. Today I had a really rough day at work so I was thankful Burrito Bowls were on the menu. Lettuce, black beans, Spanish rice, corn, tomatoes, avocado, cheese, sour cream, salsa, and a few tortilla chips. #MeatlessMonday has become a thing in our household and this came together in less than 30 minutes. Now to relax!
Hoje fomos fazer ultrassom 👏👏 E estou com: ➡ 30 semanas e 3 dias ➡ 1.383 kg ➡ 39 cm (onde estou escondida?) 😍😍😍,mamãe nem acreditou no meu tamanho e minha gordurinha,pois com 27 semanas eu estava com 900 gramas 😱. #mamae #mamaedeprimeiraviagem #mamaedemenina #mamaedaliz #mamaesrabiscadas #mamaetattoo #tattoedmom #mae #maelouca #maedeprincesa #maternidade #gestacao #inkedmom #baby #babylove #mybaby #meubebe #meubebezinho
New fun color. Dont think it will end up being as bright but I like it. It would be a nice color for a crochet bikini. What do you think?
Before and after! Did some highlights and lowlights on @sarhamurphy 😍 #hairdressing
It's been 10 months since I've had a drink or a cigarette. I'm so grateful to be standing here with a clear mind and body. The truth is, I used to be really weighed down by my past and all consumed with regret. That's probably a lot of why I drank. I felt guilty about how I treated my Dad. I felt bad about how I'd acted as a teen or young adult. Ya know, as if I could change any of that now. Funny thing, when I stopped drinking, I started to live life unapologetically. Every decision I made in my life led me exactly to where I am today. Why would I want to change that? Obviously I'm not proud of the things I did while under the influence. I've apologized to the people I've hurt. I'll admit that a lot of those years were chock full of my not-so-finest moments. But what I won't stand for is ANYONE using my past against me or throwing it in my face. Your past made you who you are. Don't ever let anyone make you feel ashamed of it. And NO ONE is so perfect that they have any business making you feel like shit for your mistakes. If you know someone like that, RUN FAST AND FAR in the opposite fucking direction. Mistakes are how we learn and grow. When we fuck up, and we feel really bad about it, the best thing we can do is learn to forgive ourselves. The Universe isn't out to punish people who are sorry. Understand that you did the best you could with the information you had or the person you were at the time and move on. Life is too damn short to beat yourself up. Be patient and forgiving, and start with YOU. Own your whole story, every beautiful, twisted chapter. I am 10 months sober today. I'm grateful for where I am, and hopeful about where I'm headed. ☀️ What have you overcome to become who you are today?
Killed it in class @ilovekickboxingpnw getting back on point. So of course couldn't miss a Monday. Now to shower and relax a lil before work. And again it's my Friday bitches 💁🏽💁🏽 #ilkb #ilkbnation #ilovekickboxing #gigharbor #autismawareness #checkinforcharity #sweatangels #inked #inkedup #inkedmom #inkedgirls #sweat #sweatyselfie #nevermissamonday #geterdone #noexcuses #ihavegoals #summerbodloading #wa #washingtonstate #pnw #pnwliving #pewpew
"Perfect eyes will have perfect aim" 🌙🖤
When you are vegan and breastfeeding... snacks are always your first priority! Especially when traveling for 12+ hours! Officially all packed up and can't believe we will be boarding our flight in less than 10 hours for a trip to Punta Cana that I earned because of a crazy little thing called coaching that I jumped into just two years ago ✨
I spent the day cleaning and re-organizing after vacation so naturally I had my scrubby sweats on Well I lost track of time and next thing I knew it was time to go to get the kids off the school bus Marcy gets off the bus and says, "Mommy that shirt is too small!" Oh little girl, I may be fluffy after vacation and it being shark week, but I worked hard to wear a shirt like this without cringing I definitely need some new sweats though these ones are muy muy baggy Old me would have changed my clothes and stressed myself out about being late because I couldn't walk to the bus stop like that New me says, "FTW! Your judging me for wearing my cleaning sweats to get my kids off the bus says way more about you than it does me." Confidence👉🏼It's freaking awesome
Gotta love the puppy stage where they wanna chew on everything..including you! This guys is the definition of energy 💖 #pit #boxer #mymutt #furmom #inkedmom
When your drink matches your hair 💜💕
Guten Abend meine lieben 🐭 🌙 An alle Bald Mamis hier , habt ihr eigentlich schon einen Namen ? Wie handhabt ihr das ? Wird der Name schon vorher verraten oder wartet ihr bis das kleine Wunder da ist ? 🤔 Ich werde jeden Tag gefragt , ob wir denn schon einen Namen für den kleinen haben. Und Jaa das haben wir , aber verraten wird er erst wenn er da ist ! Wieso!? Ganz einfach. Sooo viele Freunde und Familienmitglieder geben ihren Senf dazu , so das man verunsichert ist . 😅😩 ist das bei euch ähnlich?! Wir sind total glücklich mit dem Namen den wir haben . Und froh das wir ihn bis zur Geburt erstmal für uns behalten ✊🏼🍀😂 __________ Für mich geht es jetzt ins Bett !! Tote Mädchen lügen nicht gucken 🙏🏽 gute Nacht 🌙✨🍃 . . . . . #preggo #8monthspreggo #pregnancy #prengnant #babyboy #junibaby2017 #belly #instamamagang #mumtobe #mommyblog #mamiblog #memories #lifestyleblogger #babygram #babyisloading #babyinside #mommytobe #kiwu #kiwu2017 #wochenwechsel #preggoblog #preggolifestyle #blogger #mommytobe #youngmommy #livingwithbaby #inkedmom #love
Chubby cuteness flashback 😍
Måndag och veckan började betydligt bättre än hur jag avslutade igår. Idag är jag sådär jobbigt jäkla positiv igen 😉 Dessutom har jag röjt och städat bland flyttkartongerna nere i kaoset så nu har jag även en inre lycka🌪 Nu: #biggestlosersverige 💁🏼 #happy 😆 #postpregnancy #postpartumfitness #mammaträning #mammamage #thecomeback #aldrigvila #tyngre #icaniwill #girlswithmuscle #bodyfitness #beastmode #fatbutfit #fitmomsofig #fitmom #fitness #fitnesslifestyle #girlswholift #inkedmom #bodybuilding #nocco #bandana #skinssverige #fitfam #sats #satshuddinge #minresaräknas #ink #3dbryn
Hoy no me peine por qué en realidad estoy cansada y mis ganas de arreglarme no las encontré ... #tired #nofilter #unveiled #inkedmom #tattooedmom #anchortattoo
#glücksgefühlchallenge part 24 thema #proud #stolz ich bin stolz auf mein leben. ich bin stolz eine mama von zwei wundervollen kindern zu sein, ich bin stolz auf jeden tag den ich (oder wir) mit seinen höhen unf tiefen meistern und ich bin stolz auf mich erwachsen geworden zu sein. mag sich jetzt vielleicht doof anhören,aber wer mich kennt versteht es nur zu gut. vor sechs jahren hätte sich keiner die studierende mutter vorstellen können die brav daheim für ordnung und das essen sorgt 😅 #proudofwhoiam #proudmom #proudofmyself
Enjoying our morning at Maynards Market & Kitchen ☀️☕️🌵
Finishing up a pot of #Fixate Easy Chicken Noodle Soup. Hubs said he could eat it every day, and since I want us BOTH eating healthier, I make sure he has it every day. He's working tonight so I wanna make sure he has something yummy to eat at work. Also, this doesn't taste much different from traditional chicken soup, so that's pretty great too. What are you cooking today? I'm always looking for new recipes to throw into the mix. Send em my way! Want this recipe? Let me know in the comments below!
#MotivationalMonday We were only given one body in life and each body is beautifully unique. Are you showing your body love by keeping it healthy and strong? Are you confident in who you are? #bodypositive #confidence
Stiv som bare det etter lørdagens halvmaraton 😣 Da er det bare en ting å gjøre.. Strekke litt ut 🖒 #stiff #stiv #stivogstøl #stretching #yoga #inked #inkedgirlsdoitbetter #girlswithtattoos #girlswithink #mom #inkedmom #fitmom #bøyogtøy
"My eyes are my favorite part of me , not for how they look but for how they see. Which often makes me wonder what I look like in your eyes...." #redhair #browneyes #girlswithtattoos #inkedmom #inkedgirls #momwithtattoos #quotes #eyes #love #favorite #questions #wonder #peace