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Tattoo No. 4 ☺️ Das Kaleidoskop, von der Band Jennifer Rostock! Thank you @patrick_osko_art #jenniferrostock #jenniferweist #kaleidoskop #bandlove #liebe #tattoo #inked #inkedgirl #tatted #tattedgirl #notperfectbutiloveit
Feeling green 💚
Loved Enough Do you ever feel like no matter what you say It would never be enough? Because this person, this one human, Decided to walk into your life, And they're just... Wow. Their hair dances in the wind like it was born of an orchestra. Their eyes glisten in the dark like they came from a lighthouse. And the sound of their breath is as serene as the song of the trees in a Summer's breeze. They make you feel so pathetic and mushy Like a lost puppy who follows the first person to pet them, But it's more than that. It's not nearly as needy, and scary and pitiful as that. No. It's like you have been a broken link in a chain that was supposed to be neverending, And they are the start of a new necklace that never has to end. No longer is life full of shackles and chain, Because they adorn it in polished jewels and stunning silver. Their tears are as exquisitely raw and freshly mined crystals And the scent of their skin is as intoxicating as the first time you got drunk. ...and you're hooked. Damnit. You are so far in. You can't open your eyes without seeing a vision of them, But even when they are shut you replay those fond memories. The feeling of their touch lingers in the caress of your sheets And the words they whispered in your ear still have your hairs standing on end. Every decision you make is not done without considering them. Words could not be enough to express whatever this feeling is, Because one word that has escaped so many lips before Could not do this justice, For they are the thing. The filling of emptiness, The fire in the cold, The medicine in sickness And the light, In the neverending darkness. So, you wonder if it could ever be enough. If YOU..could ever be enough?
Frase em francês da @albuquerqueelari 😈💉🎨 “Le but de la vie c’est a maturation de l’ame” 😉 Obrigado Lari! #tattoo #frases #ink #inked #inkedup #inkedgirl #tatuagem #frances #tat #tattedgirl #tattoos #tattoolife #art #instaart #instattoo #dennispennatattoo
👠Shoe Lover👠 (Foto para la sección "Guerreras Fashionistas" de @caracastieneestilo) 📷 @leotorrant 🎬 @denyzquiel 👗 @duds_clothing
Begging me like pocket aces so I put it all in, she falling - - - -{📸:self portrait}
Sugar honey ice tea, your pussy keep calling - - - -{📸:self portrait}
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Yeah I know you like me, why you keep stalling - - - -{📸:self portrait}