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shawty I don't wanna live if I can't be with you 🔒 / #imvu #imvufashion #imvukids
( @kkkeemza )The haters just bring me and my people closer 😉 / #imvu #imvufashion #imvukids
#Repost @laverevu ( @get_repost) ・・・ ⠀ » Styled in Solene --- Holy cow. Kartierre and I were just hanging out in the shop when Kat ran across these new products of @solene.png They are school based but not your typical uniform. ⠀ I fell in love right away and ofcourse had to show off these items to all of you so let's rate these sets. ⠀ When I look at the quality of these items each I have no complaints. It's all clean and clear and no smudgy textures to be found. I love how these are 3 diffrent sets but still can be combined with eachother. ⠀ The rebel back to school vibes really get me going, even though this normally isn't my cup of tea. But sometimes when you try something out of your comfortzone it just works. Kat and I both love these outfits and I really have nothing bad to say about these items, so I had to get them right away. Therefor Solene earned a solid 10 from me. --- #imvu #imvublog #imvufashion