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Продолжаю марафон #imrealmask от #tonymoly - Гранат☄️ - Заявляется, как питательная, повышающая упругость и эластичность, маска. - Что я заметила: - ☄️Осветляет лицо - ☄️Сужает поры, (если использовать после патчей от чёрных точек, то вообще огонь 🔥) - ☄️Тонизирует - ☄️ И самое главное, не оставляет жирной пленки на утро, если делать ее на ночь. - В общем даёт очень даже хороший экстренный уход. - По шкале #imreal 8/10 #нормальнаятема #tonymolyimreal
So I have something interesting that find very funny I want to tell you guys 😂 I have a #hater . Before I went to work t hater sent me this text message. So they are mad that I didn't have the nerve to ask for their number, so they decided to send me all of this hate 😂😂 they sure took a lot of time to find my Instagram, to get my number just to tell me this 😂 all I can say is you can hate all you want sweetheart 😘🖤 you don't know me, you don't know what I do everyday, you don't know what I go through, you don't see the struggle, you only see what I post and what I say in person. If you don't like me than I don't give a flying fuck. If you don't like me than don't talk to me or listen to me. You see me crying in a corner because you're hating? Nah bitch please ✋yeah I admit that I'm not someone that everyone can get used to since I'm a weird one. Yes I don't have a lot of free time, but when I do I like to go and support my friend's band and record them, that's call being a supportive friend lol and I study when I have free time, yeahh I talk about myself a lot but who doesn't, I will write things however I want to write them, so what if my posts sound like it was written by a third grader, I had a sheltered life;😎 and the funniest thing EVER for me is: how am I fake and all talk? 🤣😂 my friends who grew up with me, who knew me since the beginning, who started being friends with me, know that this is how I am through and through! I have changed since I was smaller but I changed into the girl that I am now. They know that when I say I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it. I admit I may forget sometimes and sometimes I don't do it but who doesn't make mistakes, I'm only human. Yeah, I admit that I can be annoying, I can talk a lot, I can be contradicting, and I can be a handful. But you know what else I am? I am a good friend, I am loyal, I am helpful, I am kind and caring,I work hard for what I want, I will have your back when you need me and I am VERY protective of my friends. I know who I am and I have friends and family who know me for who I am and still love me. So hate all you want! 😘🖤 I'm being real, if you can't handle then get gone! 👏👋
Im real 😂 #imreal #hi
Mascarilla #tonymoly #imrealsheetmask Es una máscara de 3 capas de celulosa impregnada en extractos naturales de algas. De única aplicación, es un shock que purifica la piel de las toxinas a las que está expuesta continuamente: humo, tierra y smog, restos de maquillaje, jabones y cremas... Para una ocasión especial, lava bien tu rostro y aplica la máscara, déjala actuar por 30 minutos y retirala. Sin enjuague #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #imreal #imrealmask #Valparaíso #makemeup #sea #purify #afterweekend #naturalbeauty
We all come across all kinds of different people online, and I'm fortunate enough to say that for the most part I've met some awesome individuals. I'm a nice person, and as long as you respect me, I'll be cool with just about anyone. I'm a single woman and I'm extremely cautious with whom I spend my time with. I understand that this is frustrating for some folks, because I don't always respond the way they would like for me to. Some individuals have drawn their own conclusions, I've been told that I think I'm too good or that I must be a lesbian, neither one of those comments offend me. For one, I know my worth and I'm not settling, second, I believe that love is where you find it, and if the universe conspires to have me fall in love with a woman instead of a man so be it. I was raised by an incredible woman who taught me to be open minded and accepting of everyone, I'm not talking about my biological mother, I'm talking about my adoptive granny. Today however, I was offended by a message that I received from someone insinuating that I wasn't interested in them because of their race, and that did upset me. I base my opinion of you on whether you're an asshole or not, not by what you look like. This individual obviously knows nothing about me, even though if one were to scroll through my social media accounts they would realize that I'm far from who this person thinks I am. I was very upset for most of the afternoon, but thanks to some of my friends I'm over it. I guess no matter what there will always be someone judging you without knowing a damn thing about you, but that's how some people are. #peoplesuck #fuckwhatyouthink #idgaf #latinasbelike #dontjudgeme #vegan #ally #youdontknowme #shittypeople #singlegirlprobs #women #knowyourworth #forreal #forrealtho #imreal #seriously #seriouslythough #idfwy #gtfoh #boybye
Conoces las mascarillas de @tonymoly.us_official ?son buenísimas! Te dejan la piel super hidratada y llena de vitaminas 💟 todos los secretos de la cosmetica koreana 👌 #skincare #tonymoly #imreal #masksheet #cosmeticacoreana #tonymolynme #mascarillas #tonymoly
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🎧 Tuesday Tunes 🎧 #JLO #jenniferlopez #imreal #remix #jarule
I can't decide which one to try first 😍😍😍 🍑🍋🍷 #tonymoly #facemask #sheetmask #imreal #peach #lemon #redwine #loveyourskin #vitalizing #brightening #porecare
I relate to this on a spiritual level. #mylife #foreverawkward #introvertproblems #imreal Source: whisper, via Pinterest.
sementara latian sendiri dulu, walopun progressnya lamban 😂, daripada ga latian 😅 #yogisofinstagram #yogamom #instayogi #yogilove #yogaleggings #yogapractice #yogapracticenotyogaperfect #imreal