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Ok 😂😂😂 last one today! But here's #junebug from @kyliecosmetics #kylietakemeonvacation collection and it doesnt disappoint it's not at all streaky or crumbly it feels so soft on the lips it is just gorg!!!!! #kyliecosmetics #kylietakemeonvacation #kyliejunebuglipkit #iminlove
Working on a new piece, following Jesus 60" x 40" acrylics on canvas - This one time back when I first found the truth of life and death, Jesus came over, in person. - Father God and Jesus had been teaching me of what the sacrifice meant. (atonement) - I'll never forget the lesson. Its when I finally understood the gift, its also when I finally felt convicted of my sin. - It was pretty cool, right after I feel to my knees. Father God then said, James don't worry about it, you are forgiven my son! - I started rejoicing over everything. It's why I now have the best day of my life day after day every day. - God forgave me, then blessed me beyond measure. (Thanks to Jesus) - Right then Jesus said okay James now stand up. I want you to follow me. - He meant it in every sense of the word too. Then an amber portal opened and we walked onto a narrow path. - Inside Jesus showed me every person we would be affecting in the future with our walk. - You were there! -
Spotted getting off the train at Grand Central, bags in hand 💅🏼🛍💋✨ #newyork #grandcentral #iminlove #justtryingtobeserena #blakelivelystoodhere #xoxogossipgirl