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My packaging project for week 7 #foliofocus2017 with @risedesignandshine Swipe for all three options 💕✨
Day 22 #inktober • Women are really complex. It's true, we are. Dating them is hard.
🍂 ~ पियूष मिश्रा ~ 🍂 . . . Ishq Ki Raah Bhi Kitni Ajeeb Hain. . Kisi Aur Ka Sikhaya Ishq, Kisi Aur Se Karna Padta Hai. .❤️ #PiyushMishra #sketch #portrait #black #watercolours #girl #lady #love #poetry #illustrationoftheday #instagram #google #bollywood #piyushmishrasketch #shayari #poetry #urdu #hindi #illustration #illustrator #art #artist #artitsofinstagram #followformore ~kA$h!&h❤️
Day 21 #inktober • 'Ghost World' is my favorite comic and that had to be part of this comic.
"Ground Control to Major Tom. Take your protein pills and put your helmet on." ⚡️ Here's some Synthwave flavor for all you Space Oddities. ⚡️
Inktober, Day 14: Fierce— The environmental analysis/ threat detection/ bio-classification systems of the Mk. 9 S.T.A.R. Armor were all working together at lightfast speeds, searching through an incalculable sea of DOGD (Department of Galactic Defense) data archives, to identify the monstrously fierce behemoth that nearly smashed the Astro-Trooper into a lumpy jam with its powerful tail. By the time his onboard system identified the giant saw- toothed creature as a Thunder King, Beta Prime had already fired off several blasts of scorching plasma at the monster while taking to the skies with help from his fusion jet system. The few plasma rounds that hit the creature only increased its rage. The Thunder King swung its massive head towards the Trooper and snapped its jaws. Beta Prime narrowed the sights of his XM-29 in on the monster and squeezed off a round that caught the beast in its maw. Though not deadly, the plasma shattered several of the monster’s teeth, caused severe burns and mild disfigurement to its mouth. More importantly for the Astro- Trooper, it caused the Thunder King to retreat back into the dense alien jungle. As Beta Prime gently touched down on Theta soil, he could feel the ground shake less and less the further away the Thunder King ran. @talesofthelostastrotrooper
Bonne nuit
I wheely love bikes (esp the one in the middle)
Day #23 vaguely featuring the official prompt “juicy”. Also today I had to feature the sculptures that @the_new_yorkian and I discovered @metmuseum cloisters which inspired this drawing. #gurldonteven #braids #inktober2017 #inktober2017day23 #medievaltimes