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RESULT AND CAUSE⠀ -⠀ Don’t draw to conclusions too quickly. You didn’t get lean because you went vegan, took a fat burner or had a green smoothie. ⠀ -⠀ The previous mentioned, may have indirectly caused you to adjust your energy intake. Therefore making you leaner, but F no, it wasn’t the Maca powder, or Carnitine. ⠀ -⠀ People often wrongly associate the term ‘healthy’ with fat loss. Chances are that “healthy” caramel smoothie that cost $15 from the dipshit “wellness expert” is full of calorie dense BS that’s going to make you fat. Save your money and spend it at Aldi. ⠀ -⠀ #cleaneating #fatloss #love #iifym #flexibledieting #healthy #nutrition #food #diet #aesthetics #personaltrainer #instagood #fitfam #macros #fit #bodybuilding #shredded #physique #fitnessmodel #fitspo #instafit #love #aesthetics #fitness #workout #bodybuilding #foodie #inspiration #foodporn #instafood⠀
COMPLIANCE | And who would have thought it was actually do-able? After the first few days of tracking what I ate, it became SO much easier to make sure I stayed in the green each and every day. There is actually WAY less meal prep and planning that goes on then when I was super strict with meal plans. I've eaten out, had beer, had ice cream - but most of all, I'm still sticking to healthier options. Slightly amended macros this week but overall same calories . . . . . . #avatarnutrition #nutrition #weightloss #IIFYM #iifymgirls #workout #gymlife #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #anytimefitnessPH #anytimefitness #macros #countingmacros #numbergameon #ocd #gym #fitness #fitbit #fitbitcharge2
Breakfast and lunch prepped for work today 🥗🍌 #healthyeating #macros #iifym #offtoworkigo
Alcune colazioni sono al limite del #foodporn !😋 Se vi piace il mix banana/cioccolato🍌+🍫 vi consiglio questa "ricetta".👇 Per la base potete trovare la ricetta nel post precedente.👉 Poi abbiamo la 🍌banana, scagliette di cioccolato fondente 90%🍫 e una cremina fantastica.🍮 ✨Veniamo alla CREMINA!✨ Non è altro che uno scoop di #proteine (nel mio caso gusto vaniglia) con aggiunta di pochissima acqua. Basta mischiare velocemente fino a quando non si sciolgono bene e diventano una cremina. (ovviamente più acqua mettete, più viene liquido. Consiglio di mettere poche gocce alla volta!!💦) Vi posso assicurare che è spaziale!🚀
Good morning UK! Here's Yesterday's dinner -Brown Rice -Chard and Bell Peppers -Seasoned Tofu 🔥🔥👏🏾
Not the prettiest picture but bulking is A M A Z I NG 😍😍😍 Peanut butter crumpet with healthy chocolate pudding made with rice flakes. On close to 500g of carbs on training days 😍 Macros for whole meal: C117 F8 P15 #bulkingseason #winterbulk #weights #weightlifting #gains #gym #fit #fitness #macros #fit #flexibledieting #iifym #iifymgirls #postworkout #powerlifting #lifting #legday #bodyrecomp #bodyrecomposition #strong #strength #strongnotskinny #strengthtraining
I don't really post too much about my fitness journey anymore, but I can guarantee it is still a huge passion of mine! I took this picture the other day and couldn't believe my back/traps looked liked that! I fall off and get back up all the time when it comes to the gym and my diet, but most importantly I never quit. I see so many of my friends getting out to the gym trying to create a better/healthier versions of themselves and that makes me so happy to see. Never give up on your dreams because the results will always follow! ❤ #iifym #fitness #passion
Yesterday's lovely dinner looking like a healthy all day breakfast 🍴 Heck chicken italia sausages, bacon medallions and scrambled egg with spinach and mushrooms 👌🏼🍳🥓 #yummy #meal #dinner #alldaybreakfast #instafood #nutrition #macros #fitfam #fat #protein #lowcarb #iifym #delicious #homecooking #bacon #sausages #chicken #egg #vegetables #tasty #foodie #igfitness #flexibledieting #thisgirlcan #goodeats #fitspo #foodporn #healthisbalanced #postworkout #fitfood
Seeing as I couldn't film my workout today to post for ya'll, I figure posting it down below will work just as well 👇🏼👇🏼 BOOTY DAY WORKOUT 🍑 WARMUP/GLUTE ACTIVATION (2 sets) 12x body weight donkey kicks + 15 pulses (each leg) 15x RB clams 10x single leg RB hip ups (each leg) SUPERSET #1 (4 sets) 10x elevated reverse lunge w/barbell (each leg) 20x alternating curtsy lunges w/barbell SUPERSET #2 (3 sets) 8x close stance RDL w/barbell 8x sumo RDL w/barbell HEAVY WEIGHT COMPOUND MOVEMENT 12x3-4 hips thrusts (as heavy as you can go!!) SUPERSET #3 10x leg extensions 10x body weight sissy squats (using the leg extension machine - sorry I don't have the clip, google the movement and some youtube clips will come up!) BURNOUT Complete another 2 sets of the glute activation circuit! 🍑🍑
MCDONALD'S BANANA THICKSHAKE It all started last Thursday night. I'd just arrived home with a whole heap of McDonald's, way more than my tiny family of four required. "Look babe, they have banana thickshakes now!" I said in a much higher pitched voice than I meant to. "Great!" she said with obvious adoration in her eyes. So we sit down at the table and I go to take the biggest gulp of banana thickshake you ever did see. "Wait." she said, "don't drink that before you've eaten. The strong banana taste will literally ruin your entire meal." I stare at her for a moment, "but babe, I need to get the full taste of this so I can review it properly. I don't want to ruin it by eating my Quadruple Quarter Pounder first. My review would be inaccurate." She stares back at me, "I'm warning you. Don't! The rest of your meal will taste weird if you drink this now!" "But babe, I gotta. It's my job." "Your job!? What are you talking about!?" she yells, "you haven't made a single cent since you started doing this stupid blog! In fact, it's actually costing us a stupid amount of money to buy all of this stuff, not to mention all of the half eaten food that you've tried that's just been sitting in our pantry for months now! I've had enough of this shit! I want a divorce!" So anyway, long story short, that's one pretty good reason not to drink your Banana Shake before you eat your meal, because your wife will leave you. Another good reason is because the strong banana taste will literally ruin your entire meal.... I really wish somebody had of told me that earlier. 5/10
Before I started my competing season, I'm not going to lie, I was really nervous about what it was going to be like backstage 🤔 I had this naive idea that it was going to be really "bitchy" 🤦🏻‍♀️ and that I'd have no one to talk to and to help tie my bikini 😂 . I couldn't of been more WRONG 🙅🏻 every single girl that I met in both shows were genuinely the nicest girls ever💃🏻Backstage was filled with beautiful athletes, giving compliments, a helping hand and offering each other support 👭it just makes show day that little bit more special ❤️ . Top 5 bikini over 169cm London SE championships 🙋🏻 happy #humpday
Yesterdays breakfast vibes ✌🏼SO hungry, couldn't decide what to have = have everything. I was out of the office at a meeting from 7.30am to 10.30pm on Monday and had to be a bit flexible with food (although obviously I was loaded with snacks of my own #trekbars). I pretty much stuck to my macros but some of it was made up with not v nutritious foods which is fine #iifym but I just find that means the next day I'm STARVING. That being said, the macros for this mountain isn't bad at all! Approx 36C, 30P, 9F and approx 350cals (for all that food!) 👱🏼‍♀️x