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Am I right though?! 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
Birthday present. 🎁 #LeilaAlcasid #latepost #igstories
The garden of eden is real 💙 . Photo by @jordanmcfal #travelstoriesworld
"Happy is the home with tiny feet" ❤️
We have been getting into major shenanigans over on my IG stories this week. I've sent out a crap ton of photos from a newly thrifted astrology book specific to people's exact birthdays, a few of us took a personality test and have been sharing our types and slinging articles back and forth...but today, well today I somehow ended up putting surfboardts in a bunch of people's hair. 🤷🏼‍♀️ They call me Picasso de Ponytails. 💁🏼 #lookwhatyoustartedHil #beyoncewouldbeproud #askandyoushallreceive
Dentist: Just lie back and relax. Theo: Okay. 😂 #bestdentalpatientever See the real thing on my #igstories
How was your Monday?! Being a mommy, some days I can’t do better than a messy bun, gym clothes @x2xclothing and Nike’s. I’ve always been the mom that goes with the flow during the day - Makenzie is off from school Mondays - so what do we do?! We go with the flow 😎I have to admit, I’m horrible with having a schedule and prefer change; I prefer new things going on everyday. I love being able to go somewhere we’ve never been or do something we’ve never done. At the same time, being in a relationship with a PRO bodybuilder - schedule and structure are crucial while he preps for a show and even in the off season! While eating, training and sleeping on schedule to the hour on the hour has encouraged me to tone down my “go with the flow” mentality - we’ve been able to find the perfect balance throughout our daily activities! Some people would argue and say that structure and a schedule is most healthy for my preschooler at home also, BUT everyone’s home is different. With Makenzie we have daily structure with very specific routines and then there are other parts of the day or maybe a whole day entirely where I let her decide what she wants to do (no tv involved). I think freedom, change and flexibility allows baby girl to use her imagination, adapt well to different surroundings/scenarios and, most importantly, feel confident if something doesn’t go as planned. Because if there’s one or two things I learn more and more everyday, it’s you must have confidence to survive in this world AND the ability to adapt to change will allow you to see and enjoy the pleasures in life that aren’t included in that mapped out itinerary - go with the flow mommy + structured, bodybuilder daddy = perfect harmony🤗 Happy Monday Night, Everyone❤️
My next challenge is open for enrollment y’all! I’m so excited for this one because it’s near to my ❤️!! . 3 years ago I was officially at rock bottom! I was sick, unhealthy, had no energy, and was basically existing to go from waking up to bedtime as fast as possible. . I realize something had to change and FAST! I needed something that would last through the holidays of overeating and drinking from Halloween 🎃 to New Years🍾! . Little did I know that I would make it last for 3 years! I haven’t been perfect but I’ve been able to enjoy without going back down roads that no longer serve me. . In my 30 challenge, you will learn: 💁What EXACT habits will get you the results you want 💁 How to turn your body into a fat burning machine WITHOUT starving or relying on harmful chemicals 💁 The EXACT foods I eliminated from my diet to get FAST results and what I ate to FUEL my body 💁 The exact workouts I used to get changes in my body I hadn't seen in YEARS 💁Why being motivated isn't always the answer and why it's okay to not WANT to workout or be excited about eating healthy (but mindset strategies to move past this) - It's time for you to get your transformation to the CONFIDENCE BODY you have been wanting! . Are you ready to go into the Holidays feeling your best? How about feeling confident walking into that family party instead of hiding behind your baggy clothes? . Let’s get you fit BEFORE the holidays and fast! Want to drop 10 by Thanksgiving 🦃? . Drop your email below or click on the link in my bio for details!