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I love finding fun art, especially by local folks that just love to make art. I spent a total of $45 but can add a bit of Cuba and Calle Ocho to my future art wall. #igersraleigh #calleocho #art #littlehavana
Aargh- it won't let me fit the whole pic. Having a drink at The Ball and Chain in Little Havana, enjoying the music. This guy is awesome. #igersraleigh #littlehavana #calleocho #ballandchain
Holy hell- this was the best Cuban sandwich I've ever had, and I will dream about that cup of coffee for months. #igersraleigh #miami #cubanfood #enriquetas
Red heads got me all like ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Saltwater cures many ills. #igersraleigh #beach #ftlauderdalebeach
230/365: Spider Saw this big beefy spider on my way out of my office today. Think it's a Neoscona species, but not sure exactly. It was not as giant as I've seen some Neoscona get, but still larger than the average spider. Wonder what it was doing out in the middle of the day!
Line cutters are the worse even if they are a T-Rex. #naturalselections #igersraleigh
Wood watch in its natural habitat.
Thanks for the shot @stoggez! One of our Gaston models, love it! Have a great weekend everyone! #luxwoodswatches
When your green on the inside, your clean on the inside ;) Thanks to @nikki_fancythis for the photo collaboration
Classic look on a Friday. All of the new watches with the new interchangeable straps are now live in the shop! #luxwoodswatches
229/365: Silver-spotted Skipper Love these butterflies! Their relatively drab coloration and stocky bodies mean a lot of people mistake them for moths, but skippers are butterflies. In this photo, you can see the hooked tips of the antennae that is an important characteristic of the family, something that tells you're looking at a skipper butterfly and not a different type of butterfly or a moth.
w00t! My one-of-a-kind @hollyaikenbags arrived today. Another great memory of my weekend with @wofsejoy @roonoid and @dladore. #igersraleigh #bagaddict #dontbeahater