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293/365: Acorn Woodpecker I found a whole colony of nesting acorn woodpeckers in downtown San Jose! I'll always like the California quail best, but I absolutely love acorn woodpeckers - they're my second favorite. They're so, so beautiful.
292/365: Rose Not native, but I came across a large rose bed in San Jose, CA where I'm currently attending a conference. I don't take a lot of photos of roses generally, but the afternoon sun shining through the petals was awfully pretty and I couldn't resist.
291/365: Dogwood Flower Buds I love how big the flower buds of dogwoods are! The potential for a lot of beauty is wrapped up inside those little green packages. Next spring, this little dogwood in my yard might actually have some flowers! It will be the first time it's bloomed if it does.
A Southside Gin Rickey from Flask & Beaker is the perfect way to start the weekend! 🍸
Cleo was, shall we say, unimpressed with needing a visit today. πŸ˜„ Still, she sat quietly on my lap and let me examine her. With a few dirty looks thrown in for good measure. She’s rather fun! #igersraleigh #vetlife #cornishrex
🍁 Its finally feeling like fall around here! It always makes me want to get in cozy sweaters and make fun half up half down styles! There's just something about the crispness of fall that makes my creativity level rise and all I wanna do is make stuff, anyone else with me??? Right now I'm enjoying lots of styles that are half up, making soap and all kinds of scrubs, and baking! I'm really feeling fall y'all πŸ€—πŸπŸ‚πŸ what are you guys currently onto doing??
Big bold braids! I need to do more of these guys, they're SO much fun! πŸ€—
to be FAIR, I’ve made this pun too many times in the past 24 hrs, but I’m ~wheely~ glad you put up with it ❀️🎑
290/365: Dog Phallus Stinkhorns It's stinkhorn time in central North Carolina and these are popping up in mulched areas all over at work. The olive green slime contains spores that insects love, so the stinky mushrooms attract insects (a lot of flies!) and the insects eat the green goop. The spores are then moved to other places via insect feet, bellies, or feces. Once a spore reaches a suitable spot, a new stinkhorn egg will form (a round ball of fungus) and emerge from the ground, from which these red and mucky olive green mushrooms then emerge. According to a few sources, they smell like cat feces. Given that I'm very allergic to cats and try to avoid them, I can't add a personal corroboration. They just smell like stinkhorns to me!
289/366: Green Tree Frog Been posting these fairly often recently, but I love them! So cute, and I've seen a lot in the last few months.