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178/365: American Bird Grasshopper There are so many of these in my area recently! When I'm driving around work on the Gator or walking the trails, these massive hoppers pop up out of the grass all over the place and fly away. They look like small prairie birds when they fly, which I presume is why they're called bird grasshoppers. Apparently they're also known to fly into trees when startled, which is something few grasshoppers do. I really enjoy watching them!
177/365: Bluebird with Katydid This bluebird is nesting in a box about 20 feet from this spot and stopped here to watch me for a bit before taking this juicy katydid back to the chicks. This is what I think happened to the katydid in my last post - but it was a lot luckier than this one!
Day 177/365 This photo was taken with a broken Nikon lens from the 1960s. The Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 has been dropped many times, and the aperture is lodged wide open. This image straight out of the camera had very low contrast, but with a quick edit in Lightroom using @tribearchipelago LXC presets as a starting point, it quickly became a decent photo. #365challenge #365photochallenge #365project #photoaday #redditphotoproject #365daychallenge #dailyphoto #fujifilmxt10 #myfujifilm #fujifilmx_us #fujifilm_xseries #mirrorless #fujifeed #ig_mirrorless #fujifilm #xseries #xt10 #fujixt10 #igersnc #igersraleigh #fujixseries #ishootjpeg #nikkor #nikon #vintagelens #lxc #tribe #tribearchipelago
Mike finally carried me over the threshold... into our new house. 😊👫🏠
176/365: Katydid This was one beaten up katydid! Quite a large one, but I suspect it had escaped from a bird. The left hind leg was all mangled and you can see some of its innards showing near the back end. Hope it recovered!
Is this what they mean by riding off into the sunset? #igersraleigh #sunset #headinghome
As weather rolls in, only the lifeguard remains. #murrellsinlet #igersraleigh #beach
Dawson's Creek > The OC
en ainaka muista tehneeni #igerstampere #igersraleigh #igersottawa
175/365: Blue Dasher I got to talk about dragonflies on one of our local news stations earlier this week! The daytime weather reporter comes out to our field station every now and again to do a live weather report and interviews some museum staff when she does. I got to talk about a citizen science project I run that gets kids across NC outside to study dragonflies in their natural environment. We caught some dragonflies to show off on the report, and my coworker here is demonstrating a good way to hold a dragonfly so it doesn't injure itself. All four wings over the back, grab all four wings at once. This dragonfly flew away unharmed! Dragonflies have been my favorite insects for ages, so I can totally geek out about them and was thrilled to get to tell people about them on tv!
Cool clouds as the rain rolled in. Snagged a quick 15 minutes on the sand before the storm. #igersraleigh #murrellsinlet
174/365: Black-eyed Susan A really pretty native member of the sunflower family! Black-eyed susans get their name from their dark centers.