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today marks my 1st work anniversary at Dmaansara Realty Berhad. thank you to these individuals who keep me going until today; my sensible, sensitive and alpha boss who doesn't have any limitation in guiding and exhanging views; my understanding, complementary and supportive team mates who never think twice when we need each other; as well as my practical close colleagues (including close friends) who're always there in motivating one to another. being in a public listed company and in a Group Legal Division that oversees the whole Group of Companies and oversea companies, the experience is challenging, the function is intriguing and the process is demanding; my journey has been equally complex. splitting my 1-year milestone into business fractions; I had to deal with spilling worklods in Q1, they never stop; you'll receive many more when the others have not even been submitted. In Q2, it's about managing my time, prioritizing works and outlining timeline for every tasks. Q3 has been very tiring; I had to deal with people's emotions, attitude and how to overcome them. Lesson, if Plan A didn't work, don't quit; you have many other plans to think of. Q4 has been very very crucial; my company has proved to the industry that we've transformed from red to black. I had to manage things I've been doing in three separate fragments at a time; managing overflowing works while engaging with people's requests and putting interpersonal skills into sense and also calibrating the parameter of works I had. as I said earlier, what keep me going are those individuals who relentlessly assist me mentally, physically and emotionally whenever I need them. putting a period to my 1-year journey; for the next interval of my career at the company, I'm just going to maintain the momentum and sustain the motivation I already have along my way. in short, this 1 year has been nothing but a test, a good one. #igers #igdaily #igersmy #igersoftheday #igaddict #igworldclub #ignation #instagood #vsco #vscomy #vscocam #vscocamphotos
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She is not a man, not manly either, Don't call her mixture of man and woman together ; She came from a woman, and she's a woman too, She's a amalgamation of situations she came through ; She tried to blend in, but couldn't shrink, She stood unique, making the normal ones think; She hated herself for how she was, Now, learned to love even her scars; Her mood changes, sometimes, in a blink, Something a bit childish, lies with a whink; She does behave more maturely than many her age, She was not born to be bound in any cage ; She does go into her own repair garage, alone, once in a while, She carried her fire, with a lovely smile! °° Clicked with a @oneplusx . . . . . . . . . . @everydaymumbai @mumbaibizarre @thingstodoinmumbai @trelltalemumbai @storiesofmumbai @SoMumbai @mumbaidiaries @mumbai_life_line @soimumbai @MyMumbai @igersnavimumbai @mumbai_uncensored @indiaclicks @Igramming_India @India_ig @lonelyplanetindia @India @discover_india @ohmyindia @MyPixelDiary @indiapictures @indianphotography @instagram @indianphotographyclub @mumbai_igers @bnw_india @EverydayMumbai @soi . . #igers #photography #beautiful #doubleexposure