#igercambridge 117 Posts

Finally got to visit the new @thelockercafe with some very lovely people at #cambridgeinstameet today ❤️ + ☕️ #coffeeshopcorners
Did you make it to the @openhousecambridge Gathering today? Thanks to all for coming and for helping us dance, create, bake, discover and Feast through the rain.
Finally got an excuse to visit @kings.college. Thanks for letting me drag you around @dvidmguire 👫 #Vaulting
Obsessed with all this white + natural light at @cofifteen ☕️ Enjoyed my v. basic avo and eggs with @charlottesteggz @hp_nutrition @portly_gourmet 🥑 #sundaybrunch
#drinkanddraw it's all about those hands ✌️👌🤘 #details #archaeology
@anit.love pulling off the #doubledenim
I have not shared enough #Punting pics with you all. #cambridgelittlegems
Apparently we've all been doing it wrong. Punting when it's a bit #grim out means you have the Cam all to yourselves. The colleges also look a little bit more #magic. ⚡️ Had such a lovely evening with @punsonaplate @joy.margot @mrs_anna_maughan @charlottesteggz @ohmygodalice and @jessicainyourear #YesWeCam