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No me podía aguantar las ganas de compartirles este pequeño adelanto del interior de la casa de todos los peruanos y es #PalaciodeGobierno . Aprovechando que el ingreso es gratuito para nacionales y extranjeros, me animé a visitar sus bellos ambientes. En esta oportunidad les presento el #SalondelaPaz 🇵🇪❤️☺️ . Para formar parte de las visitas guiadas uno deberá llamar previamente al área de turismo de palacio y no tiene ningún costo 😉 #GovernmentPalace #LimaPeru #CentroHistoricodeLima #Limadowntown #CentrodeLima #ArquitecturaPeruana #ArquitecturaalaCarta #architecturephotography #architecturelover #architecturelove #Sudamerica #Suramerica #Southamerica #CasadePizarro #AmericadoSul #AmericadelSur #Americalatina #Latinoamerica #Latinamerica #ig_Peru #loves_Peru #ig_americas #loves_americas #ig_latinoamerica_ #ig_photooftheday
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We spent a recent afternoon hanging out at La Llave del Golfo in Santo Suárez - a gem of a casa tucked in a quiet neighborhood of Havana with almost no tourists. The house and the family who own and run it have a great story and have done an amazing job restoring it’s three rooms and constructing an additional three room renovation. There’s even a pool in the back patio area... Check out the full story and photos on the blog! (Link in bio)
Atacama desert, 30.10.2017 - Happiness is only real when shared. – It has already been two months since we have been traveling together, so here is a message from yours truly: Eva, about traveling together. Starting this journey came about in the strangest way. We both remember it really well. We sat at our picnic table behind our house (luv 28 <3) enjoying the student life when I said to Nathalie: 'Let’s go travel a year through South America. What do you think? Oh and also let's make a documentary while we are there.' It was completely out of the blue and most of all I totally didn't expect this answer: 'Yeah, let's do it.' It really was that simple. Now more than a year later here we are. Roaming the streets of Buenos Aires. Living my dream with one of my best friends. Sorry for you folks out there in The Netherlands in the rain and all, but I am truly living the best life I can image right now (and yes there is lots of sun involved). We have are discussions, mainly because we are both very stubborn and both are 100% sure we are right, but this always makes us laugh in the end since one of us is often very wrong. We talk for hours and hours and hours about the meaning of life, our dreams, yet also about all the crazy things we encounter even though we were both there living the same experience. It is sometimes crazy how much difference there is between us. I think way too much, while Nathalie just goes about and enjoys her surrounding, I like planning and Nathalie likes going with the flow, I get excited for the crazy adventures we will have in the future, while Nathalie is grateful for the crazy events in the past and the list could really go on much longer. Yet we have very similarities that bind us together and that is the absolute joy of laughter, dancing, seeing beautiful destinations and meeting amazing new people. I am really grateful for all the crazy moments we share together and for all those in the upcoming months!