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I have a perfectly good toy in front of me but I’d rather chew on my mommy’s hand 😬 #sorrymom #chompchomp #imachewer #iknowithurts #idoitanyway #bulldog #puppyplay #dogsofinstagram
It not an exciting night without getting a chair thrown at you! #nurse #psychnurse #adolescentnurse #idoitanyway #lovemyjob
A tiny winter forest grew on our dining room table today.
Out with the old, in with the new!
7 days, 7 black and white photos of your life. No people and no explanations. Challenge someone new everyday. Day 1. I challenge Rhiannon. #blackandwhite #picturechallenge #facebookchallenge #willyoudoit #youdonthaveto #hashtag #hashtagsareannoying #idoitanyway
Honestly, most of the time I don’t really know what I’m doing. Because as soon as I get comfortable in the game, the rules change, I trip, wonder if I want to play at all, catch my breathe, or try to. But I do know that even if I sit out a few rounds, I always make a comeback and keep playing. The rules have changed more in the last 24 months than in the other 320 that I’ve been figuring things out. Or maybe it’s the full moon. I’m gonna stop pretending I know and just play, cool? . And yeah, I know it’s almost ironic to be coaching an ever changing game. But which game, be it tennis or life, doesn’t change? I knew I signed up for a life of evolution and transformation, that, if anything, has always been clear. . Oh and this pic, I took it. After pressing on the self timer while my camera was resting on the hood of my car. Cause I’m a serious “runner” and ain’t got time to buy a timer and still wonder “why am I taking this pic again?!” So I just do it this way and kind of laugh at the meaninglessness of it all, and then I twirl. The hat, it’s my dad’s. It’s probably older than I am, and I love that it doesn’t fully fit right but that it’s his and now sort of mine. . Taking applications for insta husbands and real ones too. Might help with the game playing and insta pics too. Joking...partially. . Let’s keep playing, tripping, and figuring this life game out together, you down? . Besos and cheers to whatever the weekend has in store for ya! #magicplease . ✌🏼❤️🙏🏻 . #lifecoach #changethegame #justplay #therulesaretherearenorules #selftimersareweird #idoitanyway 😘
Feel pretty alright about this one, sub-9 5-miler while breaking in new shoes (or are they breaking in me? or just breaking me?). #newshoes #asics #kayano #running #runningisdumb #idoitanyway #iamdumb
Sure I could have bagged my workout this morning because I felt like crap 🍕🍫🍰 and I was up all night 😴with a little who wasn't feeling well😨 #halloweenaftermath but, I know me and that would have left me feeling #frustrated and #upset 😠 So, instead of sleeping in like I wanted to, I got up pushed play and 5 minutes my workout I already felt 100 times better😊 It's not always easy to get up and workout but, I know from experience that on days like today when it's the last thing I want to do it makes it a hell of alot easier every other day and I feel freaking great right now 👊💪
I'm sorry you're so sad mom. I don't know where Gramma Dot went, but I'll be here on your pillow waiting for your snuggles. #imnotreallyallowedonthebed #idoitanyway #mymomissad #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedismyfavoritebreed
Turns out Pooper loves being a lion as much as she liked being a ladybug #youdthinkshedlikecostumesasadogbornonhalloween #shedoesnot #shehatesthem #idoitanyway #poorpooper