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Just watched Billie on the Jimmy Fallon show on YouTube, amazing ❤🖤 #greenday #greendayarmy #greendayfan #idiot #idiotarmy #lovegreenday #billiejoearmstrong #idiotnation #billiejoe #greendayfamily
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Thank you guys for the best night in my life. Thank you for RevRad. Thank you for the Tour, it was so special for all of us to see you rock again on stage. It was a pleasure to sing so loud and dance again with you. I am so thankful I was part of this, I was able to travel to different countries and cities to see them : from Paris to Oakland, from London to Los Angeles. Green Day is not just a fucking punk-rock band, Green Day has the power to reunite different people from all around the world, people with different ideologies, different points of view to sing together. I am pretty sure music can unite people and it is happening during Green Day concerts. As they said, we need to let all the bullshit behind us, we don’t need more political troubles, we come together to get away from the polarization, away from media. We need compassion, we need love, we need unity and acceptance and that’s why I love them so much, they have always spread love and unity and we all think that rock and roll can change the world. RevRad means so much for me, it has made me grow up. From the first show where I was scared to go alone, to Los Angeles where I went by myself. The American leg was the best, I have met some nice people (and I hope to see them next time !). RevRad is over now and it was one of the best things in my life so far. So, thank you again guys, thank you for everyting you’ve done. @greenday @billiejoearmstrong @mikedirnt @trecool @jasonwhiteguitarish @therealjasonfreese @jeffmatika