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There was a time when I had so much debt I was embarrassed to admit it. There was a time when I couldn't afford to go out with friends and had to constantly turn people down. There was a time when I ignored calls because I was terrified of what the debt collectors would say on the other line. For years I was so worried about how I was going to feed my children, pay for insurance, pay for cars, etc. it was never ending. We worked hard to get out of that. I mean hard. At times we worked jobs we didn't love, we showed up day after day plugging away for very little income. And then we saw a little light and a little more and then more. I still think that way sometimes. I worry when we get an extra bill in the mail from the pediatrician that I wasn't expecting. Or when suddenly we need to fix the brake lights. But worry gets me absolutely no where. Hard work is what it takes. So we continue to work hard and sometimes work second jobs to pay off debt and be able to afford our lifestyle. But the best part about our work and second jobs is that we are doing things we love. I just happened to fall into this coaching thing. I didn't plan it and I didn't start it to really make an extra income. I started it because I loved the products and wanted to share this with everyone. The extra income has helped us significantly though. This month alone I was able to pay off two doctors bills with my extra income. That might not be a lot to some, but it's a lot to us who used to have the debt collectors calling and all it took was a little inspiration! I was inspired and started sharing that inspiration with others. I've heard all you need is a little desperation or inspiration to be successful. I'm glad I've gotten to experience both in my life because it makes me so much more grateful for where I am. If you've ever considered coaching or starting your own fitness business now is the time. I promise it will be rewarding, challenging, inspiring, and most of all absolutely breathtaking. You will meet some of the most hard working people you've ever known from all walks of life and they will inspire you to be better than you ever have before. Sound like a dream job?
Did the solar eclipse come early? Nope. Just a summer afternoon in Florida. #afternoonthunderstorms
When my friends used to send me pics of myself I shuddered at the sight of them. I was angry at myself for allowing this never ending cycle to go on. I was sad that I was so unhappy with myself. I was furious that I refused to take the steps to change. And I was in denial that I actually had something to change. Today when my friend Theresa sent me this pic I was excited. I was excited because I had another picture to look back on and remind myself "never ever ever ever again" I WILL never allow my health to be ignored for so long for whatever reason. There is no relationship, activity, or thing that could be more important than making sure my health is the best it can be so I can live a healthy life. #throwbackthursday
Somebody else is excited about pumpkin season. #givemeallthepumpkin
Two years of sacrificing that pretty purse or an extra night out or a coffee run everyday or that extra martini on the weekend or that ice cream stop. Two years of hard work. Two years of dedication. Two years of health being a priority. This canister might not seem like a lot but everyday I get to pull my superfoods shake out of it, it will remind me where I began as an obese and depressed mother with high blood pressure so sick of where she was. It will remind me that today I get to be better, today I get the choice to choose my health or something else. It will remind me that excuses have no room in my life. It will remind me that this superfoods shake can change my health for the better. You may say that's way too much money to spend on a shake and that's fine if you really believe that. But ever since I started drinking this daily I saw a decrease in my blood pressure, a loss in my weight, an increase in my gut health, a decrease in my bad cravings, a decrease in my blood sugar and best of all a healthier mental state. To me there is absolutely no way those things aren't worth the cost of this shake. So as I start year three of my healthiest year yet I'm looking for people ready to join me in the fight against obesity. I'm fighting for you and your children and this fight is worth every penny! #healthiestyearofmylife
Thursday thoughts. 🤔💭
Another workout pushed my limits today 😓. This is how I recover. Almost didn't get up. Almost slept through my alarm. Almost went back to bed. Almost put it off until tonight. But my goal this week was to not skip a morning workout Monday through Thursday and I just met my goal. See sometimes we set these big goals that take forever to reach and we get discouraged so setting small weekly or daily goals keeps us motivated along the way to reach those long term 💪🏼Next goal...double workout tomorrow and then to stay on my eating plan this weekend! #smallgoalsbiggoals #mygoalsarebiggerthanmyexcuses
Today I came home and wanted a glass of wine 🍷 I knew one wouldn't hurt my results because I never eat all my carbs. I knew that one wouldn't make me gain weight instantly. I knew that one is actually helpful for blood pressure ❤️ But I didn't make an agreement with myself to have one when I know it's okay 🤦🏻‍♀️. I made an agreement to wait until I hit my goal. I immediately pulled up a shot of me from way back and just like that the desire was gone 🙅🏻Look at the difference in these two girls. Those results came from hard work. I constantly hear of people starting quick fixes or starting and stopping programs all the time. Hey, I was one of them. But not anymore. I have a plan that helped me change my view on eating. I don't diet, I fuel my body🥙🌮🥗🍕🍗🥚🥓🍏🍌🍅🌶🍎🥔🍠🥜🍓🥝🍇🍍🥑🧀. I mean I pack an entire lunchbox full of food to bring to work daily because I'm fueling my body with healthy foods! I drink that superfoods 🌱 shake every single day, no matter what! Why? Because it helps my cravings, because it builds muscle, because it's good for gut health (yup, I said it). I workout 💪 daily because my body deserves it!! But you know what the absolutely crazy thing is! A lot of people get sick of me sharing my story. Why? I used to post pictures of 🍦🍕🍺 and zaxbys kickin chicken sandwiches and nobody ever said "hey heather, you may need an intervention. Your health is in trouble. Let's talk" nope, nobody! Nobody offered me help, nobody got annoyed with my posts. Hmm, seems like maybe we've got a problem here, so my solution. I'm going to keep posting about this health craze that changed my life.🤛 Yes, those are big words. CHANGED MY LIFE. Join me if you want, mock me if you must😱But I'll be over here drinking my shake and being the healthiest me I've ever been.
This kid. ❤️
My Pandora station really hit the nail on the head this morning. Every song spoke to my soul. People always ask me why I seem to dream bigger and bigger. Well, my answer...why not? It's not hurting anyone to dream bigger. So here I go, setting more dreams, more goals, and more results will come. #dreambig
Sometimes I lose momentum. It's easy to do. I put this calendar up in my workout room to help me visualize the results. You see I've never been good at 30 day programs. I love the 21 day programs because 3 weeks isn't that long. But for some reason that extra week and two days leaves me feeling less than motivated. I am determined to finish this 30 day program strong. So here we are day 3 complete and I'm so sore already but I won't stop. I can't stop! I want those results! #cantstopwontstop #icanimustiwill
Big Shout out to @colband in #saopaulo #brazil🇧🇷 one of the most engaged groups I've ever had the pleasure of inspiring! #icanimustiwill #believe #nevergiveup #deedeeinspires #efmoment #efgold #efwintergold #globetrotter @efbrasil @efolympics
In case you needed some Pokémon in your life. 😂