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ICH BIN DIE EINE, die die Welt trotz ihren Umständen in Wundern sehen darf und will! Die Eine, deren Worte das Potenzial haben, Hoffnung und Mut in jemandem und in meiner Umgebung zu erwecken. Sarah Amarachi // 21 // Beruf: Studentin für Bauingenieurwesen Hobbys: Tagträumen und Tagebuch schreiben, mit Freunden was unternehmen, neue Sprachen und Kulturen lernen, lachen ICH BIN SISTERHOOD weil, ernsthaft, warum nicht? Nachdem ich das Vision Statement von Sisterhood gelesen habe, dachte ich mir "wow“ - Sisterhood ist eine Armee bewaffnet mit Liebe, Mut, Hoffnung und Bestimmung. Wir versammeln uns, um einander zu ermutigen, Siege zu feiern, aufzutanken und uns wieder neu auf unser Ziel zu fokussieren. Die Ermutigung, die ich bei Sisterhood spüre ist so ansteckend und die Einheit von Sisterhood ist so kraftvoll. So kann ich entspannen: ich schaue eine südkoreanische Serie, Ben & Jerrys Eis und meine Decke ist alles was ich brauch. Verrückte Erlebnisse: Ich kann mich an nichts Besonderes erinnern. Ich geh durch so viele verrückte Erlebnisse, es ist sozusagen meine Normalität. Gute verrückte Erlebnisse! …………. I AM THE ONE who is committed to see the world in wonder despite of the circumstances! I am the one who´s potential can bring hope and courage to someone and into my sphere. Sarag Amarachi // 21 // Profession: Student for civil engineering Hobbys: day dreaming and journaling, spending time with friends, to learn new languages and experiences different cultures, to laugh I AM SISTERHOOD because seriously why not? After I read the vision statement of the Sisterhood I thought “wow” – Sisterhood is an army armed with love, courage, hope and purpose. We gather to encourage each other, to celebrate our wins, to be filled and to put our focus on our purpose. The encouragement I feel at Sisterhood is so contagious and the unity is so powerful. How I can relax: watching a South Korean series, Ben & Jerrys Ice cream and my blanket is all I need. Crazy Experiences: Can´t really think of anything special. I go through so much craziness, it's almost my norm. Good crazy tho! #IAMTHEONE #IAMSISTERHOOD
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Gracias a Balmori por cuidar de mi piel y mi salud🙌🏼 recibiendo un super relajante masaje facial de limpieza e hidratación con productos @filorgamexico 💕 . #MissMexico #MissWorld #AndreaMeza #missmexicoorg #MissWorldMexico #beautyqueen #MissMexico2017 #pageant #model #BWAP #MW2017 #BeautyWithAPurpose #MissWorld2017 #SportsChallenge #Iamtheone #RoadtoChina #LaBellezaEstaEnTodosLados #filorga #Balmori #facial #salud
Day 2 of the @iammelwells #selfloveweek challenge! I am proud of myself because... I am bloody stubborn. Once I have something in my head I am so impatient and driven to get it. If I really, really want it nothing will stop me! I’m so proud of where I am in my job - straight out of uni into a field I actually knew nothing about, 2 (nearly 3) promotions later here I am! It doesn’t matter what clothes I wear, how my hair looks or whether or not I put my make up on right today, I change people’s lives for the better on a daily basis. I help amazing young people discover their true potential and unlock a true passion for photography in a few, the most beautiful feeling ever. Nearly quit so many times over the pressure being too much, but my stubbornness has make me stick and see it through. Workplace bullies didn’t make me leave, the pay hasn’t made me leave, I work for a charity knowing I am making a different and I am bloody proud of how far I have come and how much I have learnt. 💖 xo . . . @o.m.g.oddess #selflove #selfaware #drive #quote #iamtheone #proudmoment #igotthis #charity #youthwork
Ez minden csak nem normális... #Iamtheone
You ain't on my level, No you never will be. 😏 #vinci #photography #edit #Parinda #Galat #iamtheone #itsmontys
Accept no one's defination of your life,define yourself. @sangram_chougule_official . ________ #iamtheone #therecanbeonlyone #bodypowernutrition #physcgyms #teamibbotw
#selfloveweek DAY 2 "I am proud of myself for..." always keeping true to myself. For having a strong personality and being my own kind of cool. Sure going thru high school was hard, especially when you love plaid pants and are considered a "freak" but really I didn't mind it. I never wanted to have fake friendships or pretend to be someone I wasn't. Sure I would struggle with comparisons but mostly I was just proud to hold my ground. To this day I can say that I don't give two shits about what you think of me. 🦄 I'm here, weird, nerdy, dorky and PROUD! #selflove #iamtheone #letyourfreakflagfly #yesthatsme #toocool 😎😂
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This week from Thursday to Sunday consisted of 4 jobs. And this was the final job on Sunday, the RhythmNFood team catered a birthday dinner for my dude Chuck and his good friend Jill! We made Monkfish, Lamb, and Chicken with our spins on each. Appetizers on deck. Great people, dope location, fun vibe! #rhythmnfood #cheflife🔪 #onmybully #cooking #grindmode #gotime #entreprenuer #mediapersonality #nevernotworking #iamtheone #thisisnewark
#SelfLoveWeek day 2. I'm proud of myself for.... I never really allowed myself to be proud of anything. Always felt like I wasn't allowed to, like I wasn't good enough, smart enough, worthy enough. I had to be humble, dim my light and give the stage to others. So naming one thing I'm proud of is still totally out of my comfort zone and pushing myself to the edges. People always compliment my recipes and food photography and I tend to say a shy thank you and move on to another subject. But I'm commited to change and I'm commited to mySelf and today I want to say that I'm proud of my creativity, of being able to put up with a delicious and nourishing recipe in no time, that no one would tell that it's healthy because it tastes too damn good. That I'm proud of myself for the food photography I take. And for all the great accomplishments this creativity brought me this year. And finally, I want to say that I'm proud of myself for wanting to be true to my heart, my calling, my truth and for feeling all the resistance this challenge brings to me and for doing it anyway. 💖 #selflove #thegoddessjourney #melwells #love #alignment #spiritjunkie #trustyourgut #theuniversehasyourback #spiritualgrowth #healthymindbodysoul #healthyrecipes #thehealthybistro #thegoddessrevolution #iamtheone #proud