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Everybody wants to look their best for the Holiday season, right? But winter is almost here, and the cold weather makes the skin dry and dull... Well ladies and gentlemen, from December 1st-31st OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facials are only $100! This is the best offer for the best facial treatment out there right now✨. The OxyGeneo™ 3-in-1 is the best facial technology in the world today! It exfoliates the skin and generates millions of CO2 bubbles, that cause true skin oxygenation (it's based on science), then it naturally infuses tons of high quality, nutrient-rich, active ingredients into the skin. There's no downtime and the results are immediate! Everybody loves it 🤗 #oxygeneo #oxygenate #exfoliate #infuse #hydrate #facial #dermaspark #pollogen #radiantskin #youthfulskin #glow #aurora #auroraontario #newmarket #markham #toronto #mississauga #skincare #skin #book #booktoday #beauty
CHILL OUT | with our newest sorbet flavour, RAMBUTAN RASPBERRY. • A few weeks back, we asked on Instagram Stories, if you would prefer rambutan or lychee as a straight up fruit flavour? The results were pretty dead even, but since we had LYCHEE ROSE in the case before, we figured we’d appease the rambutan lovers this time around!
The more the merrier! Make entertaining a breeze by keeping spare carb bottles on hand so that everyone can make bubbles their way. Shop Carb Bottles: link in bio. #sodastreamnz
It's simple really... ¤wake up, go to work, come home, eat supper, crush some energize, mix up some hydrate, press play¤.. 25 minutes a day. Easy peasy. Lemon squeezy (yep - I went there). This lifestyle has been my game changer. Do I still struggle with my anxiety? Mmm some days yep. Tonight a little bit. Do I still struggle with low moods? Sometimes yep. Again, tonight a little bit. BUT what has changed is what I do when I feel those moods coming on. I know getting my butt in gear and sweating is going to fix it like nothing else can. Sitting and feeling sorry for myself and creating all sorts of crazy tragedies in my head obviously doesn't work haha.. believe me. This girls brain can come up with some pretty gnarly things and then what? Things get worse. Perfect. NOT. So get up, push yourself, step out of your comfort zone. Because when I did, everything finally started to fall into place. #PEACEANDLOVE
Treat yourself this weekend with our extra moisturising body range for ultimate hydration 💦
Treat yourself this weekend with our extra moisturising body range for ultimate hydration 💦
Stay tuned for tomorrows exclusive sales on #LipSense and #senederm skincare! You don't want to miss these savings! 💋💋💋
Friday is a great day to #hydrate after sooooo much #turkey come watch a game and drink!!!! I’ll be slanging drinks and I hope to see everyone there, #beerbuckets #brooklyn #sportsbar #beer #football #basketball #Hockey ..... Lots of great games on
Absolutely loving this combo in my water💧..and my smoothie. Fresh and summery🍋☀️ #doterra #essentialmix #hydrate
I’m excited to announce my Black Friday specials that will be available 11/23-11/25 at midnight CST. ⭐️FREE Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex ($70 value) with a $150+ purchase! OR ⭐️FREE Active Hydration Serum ($108 value) with $250+ purchase! Message me or text to place your order! . #rodanandfields #hydrate #brighteyes #thankful #loveyourskin #giftideas
Are you drinking enough? Could you be dehydrated?
From the #blacklivingwater family to yours, may this Thanksgiving bring you memories that last a lifetime. Link in bio!