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Beautiful park with its own rose garden ❀️ #🌹 #flowers #romantic #royalparks #london #hydepark
A melhor parceira que Deus me deu... te amoo #wife #esposa #parceira #trip #eurotrip #love #live #life #hydepark #london
Happy Friday! What’s on your agenda this weekend? If you’re looking for something to do, join us for an Automatic Brewing Class at 10am and/or our Roasterie Tour at 11am on Saturday. Then come see us on Sunday at the @hydeparkfarmersmarket! πŸ“·: @v_for_vidita
6.8/10. . -Was NOT expecting to enjoy this cookie as much as I did. There were so many red flags, but none more concerning than the warehouse it's mass-produced in, pictured above. I didn't take that picture (thanks, Google Street View!), let alone go to the warehouse... instead, a pizza place delivered it to me. So it seems that this company serves restaurants who want to outsource their desserts. You sometimes lose a little freshness this way, so if you're a pizza place that does this, you're banking on the fact that most people don't go to a pizza place for chocolate chip cookies. BUT I DO. That, and to steal those big cheese/pepper/oregano shakers, which you only have to do once every couple years, because they last a long time. . -The texture was similar to Chewy Chips Ahoy, but the taste was WAY better. For something that is manufactured at a facility like that, I expected to taste a little bit of plastic or child labor tears, but I didn't. . -Loaded with chocolate chips, so no bite was without a chocolatey surprise. It's a shame that some other cookies can't guarantee chocolate in every bite. I call that Fake Chews. Sad!. . -Ever so slightly undercooked on the bottom-center, aka "the circle of trust." You gotta trust that it won't disease you, but the payoff is worth it. . #chocolatechipcookies #boston #bostonfoodies #bostonfood #Massachusetts #hydepark #bracesbeforeandafter #musicaltheaternerd #liampayneimagines
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