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How I survived #hurricaneirma, by her side. Took a trip in Central America's highest, longest and most extreme #canopy #teamo #iloveyou #evacuated #honduras
A special thanks to the @nextlevelswfl "orange army" for serving over 400 hot meals to hurting families in our community effected by #hurricaneirma
A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Florida Power & Light on behalf of all Florida residents who were without -- and some who remain without -- electricity after Hurricane Irma. The lawsuit was filed on Monday in Miami-Dade County court. According to the lawsuit, FPL collected storm charge fees to allow for trees near power lines to be pruned and for moving some power lines underground. But FPL didn't do what was promised, the lawsuit claims. "Obviously, they did not honor that promise, but nonetheless continue to collect millions and millions and millions of these fees," South Florida attorney Gonzalo Dorta said at a news conference to announce the lawsuit. Dorta said FPL began collecting the fees after Hurricane Wilma in 2005. "What happened here was not a snowstorm," Dorta said. "It was a wind and rain event, which is typical in South Florida. But this is a monopoly that agreed to provide services in South Florida where these events are foreseeable." The city of Coral Gables recently threatened legal action in a letter to FPL, saying the company has been slow to act. "We understand that it's extremely frustrating for our customers to be without power," FPL spokesman Richard Beltran said in a statement. "That said, frivolous lawsuits and ludicrous code violations that attempt to pressure us into providing preferential treatment for their city will not work. Our focus is on restoring power to all of our customers, and we will not be moved by self-entitled politicians who are looking for someone to blame for the city's irresponsibly managed tree program. The fact is the city of Coral Gables has for many years resisted FPL's well-documented efforts to trim trees and harden our electric system. Unfortunately for our customers in that area, they are now paying the price in terms of extended outages due to hundreds of trees that have fallen into our lines."
The link to download AdYoYo is on the @officialadyoyo profile. Go download the app, share this message, and support a great cause. It takes 10sec & can make a huge difference. Let’s get $100K to the families and victims affected by the #hurricanes! For every person who downloads #AdYoYo, an app that lets you #buyandsell locally using video, from now until Oct 1st they’re donating $1 to #Hurricaneirma and #Hurricaneharvey relief! #AdYoYo #100KForRelief AUoChg
Ladies- Have you been Feeling #Stressed, Exhausted, or Down since all the craziness from Hurricane Irma? Want to get your enthusiasm and energy back? Great News! Loving Support is here for you. Self-Care is exactly what we need right now to get back to feeling our best so we can continue to be there for others who depend on us. We will Officially Begin I Am Complete Woman's Club Online 22 Day Self-Care Challenge Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 20th. We'd love for you to Join Us on this Beautiful Self-Loving Journey of #Sisterhood. You still have time to Participate in the FUN and Join Us as We Play Over in our Private FB Group While We Get to Know One Another. 🙂 Let's Spread the Word and Share the Love with those You Care About. I know there are Many Women out there who Can Greatly Benefit From this Powerful Life-Changing Experience, especially after dealing with all the stress from the hurricane. Thank you. 💗 You can Find Out more on our FB Page: I am Complete Woman (link in bio) under Events. #selflove #selfcare #selfcaretime #selfcarematters #takecareofyourself #takecareofyou #womenswellness #reducestress #womensevent #southflorida #southfloridaevents #womensupportingwomen #womensgroup #hurricaneirma #SherryKane #IamCompleteWoman #WUVIP
Hurricane Irma Keys Relief We have partnered up with @edcartire to provide aid to the residents of the Florida Keys. We are looking for donations to gather up take personally and help the residents. We have setup a donation site at the High Impact Auto Body & Zuni Transportation address is 23635 South Dixie Hwy Homestead, FL 33032. Items may be dropped off at anytime between the hours of 5am - 7pm Monday Thur Friday and 8am - 12pm Saturday. Below is a list of items needed: -water -canned goods -toiletries -diapers -underwear and socks (new) -first aid items -cleaning supplies -tarps (for cover from rain) -bed pillows & blankets -box fans -utility knives, leather gloves, hand sanitizer -tools If you have any questions please contact me or DM me. Karin Mas 305-216-6837 #floridakeys #floridastrong #prayforflorida #unitedwestand #hurricaneirma #highimpactcustoms #edcartire #zunitransportation
This #Sunday we're having a Key Lime Pie Bake-Off! This is a #hurricane #relief event. # September 24 is #Community #Sunday with just one service at 10am, followed by a delicious potluck! And this #potluck has a very special feature to it. Many of us have expressed a desire to come together as a community to lend #assistance to the folks in #Houston and #Florida who are recovering from the recent hurricanes. So, we ask each of you who would like to help raise money for #disaster relief to take part in the Key Lime Pie Bake-Off! # This will work the way our annual Chili Cook-Off has worked in the past, with bakers sharing small slices of their Key Lime creations with everyone, and we in turn then get to “vote” for our favorites with our cash in the “voting jars” in front of our favorite pies (or cookies, or pudding, or cakes, or whatever Key Lime creations you want to concoct). Winner doesn’t keep the money (nor does the church.) It all goes to @hearttoheartintl for their hurricane relief efforts in Texas and Florida. But you do win bragging rights to the best pie! So everyone plan to save room in your bellies during that potluck so you can taste all the Key Lime entries and do your part to help the folks down south. #ucop #overlandpark #bakeoff #kansascity #hurricaneirma #hurricaneharvey #fundraising #support #HeartToHeartIntl #houston #Florida
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