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"I explained the ptarmigan management system here in Iceland in my last post, that we are given 12 days spread over 4 weekends to chase the ptarmigan. Yesterday was my first and last day hunting ptarmigan this season and together with my uncle @eyjolfurgunnarsson we reached the suggested bag limit for this season, bagging 13 ptarmigans on Skjaldbreiður. Skjaldbreiður is a lava shield formed in one huge and protracted eruption roughly 9,000 years ago. Truly stunning view and a beautiful day. The temperature was around 0 °C and mild wind, but as we reached higher altitude, around 1000 m above sea level, the wind was picking up and we got caught up in fog, and the guns were starting to freeze. Quickly we traveled down to around 700 m above sea level were we spent the rest of our day. Weather can change from good to bad within minutes at this time of year so it’s important to be prepared. In hunts like this Its so important to stay light because you are walking around 12 km each day but I never go hunting in the mountains without bringing a GPS, dry clothes, dry socks, extra batteries, a radio and enough food to be able to spend the night. What do you keep in your pack for emergency’s ? ________________________________________________________ @harkila_official Via @hunting_iceland Follow Me @hunting_fanclub_hq 👉 Click my profile to get 👕Best Shirt!!! Don't be late!!!
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"1st of November and no signs of winter yet. This is truly remarkable, usually around this time of year we would be wading through deep snow while hunting ptarmigan or tracking Arctic Foxes. But not a single snowflake has fallen so far. 26 of October 22 years ago a massive avalanche fell on the village Flateyri causing 20 casualties. The climate is changing drastically and it’s happening so quickly that we are seeing changes in weather year by year. Glaciers are melting and sea level is rising. We who live in the Arctic, we who hunt and we who spend time outdoors notice these changes way better than those who spend their entire time imprisoned behind the city walls. We humans have done more damage to planet earth in the last 100 years then all who ever lived before us combined. We are on a fast track causing permanent damage to the same nature we used to rely on in order to survive. We as individuals have little to say about the pollution coming from industries, transportation etc but we as consumers can do our part. We have to change they way we think and act so our children and their children and generations to come can enjoy the same nature and wildlife that we love so much. Do you notice different circumstances in your area ? 📷 : @stenersenoutdoors ________________________________________________________ @harkila_official @themonocular Via @hunting_iceland Follow Me @hunting_fanclub_hq 👉 Click my profile to get 👕Best Shirt!!! Don't be late!!!
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"Loading shells into the shotgun with the rifle on standby. Ready for a night out in late summer right next to a carcass of a sheep who got ill and died, that sheep is my magnet for the foxes. At that time of year there is still plenty of food around so the foxes wouldn’t eat it all up at once but they fresh taste of intestines is hard to resist. Around 03:00 in the morning a young male showed up and a few minutes later his days were gone. He never got to taste fresh liver again. What was strange about this experience is that I didn’t see him coming from the direction I had counted on, he came right next to me and I spotted him 50 m away, then he walked in a straight line towards the carcass and I got him with the shotgun at 35 m. That behavior is unusual for them because usually they are really careful and always approach downwind and with great caution. Next weekend Im going Kayak hunting with @hunt.fish.cook and we hope to get some ducks in range out on the fjords. Are you planing any hunts this week or in the upcoming weekend ? ________________________________________________________ @nordichunter @harkila_official @hunting_biggame_worldwide Via @hunting_iceland Follow Me @hunting_0ffical Don't forget to check out 👕on my profile with best 💲price, best quality
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