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When the wife decides to rail slide the Mom Mobile and snap a brake hose during #huntingseason ya just have to get er done... and make sure its safe. 😎😂😂😂 🔥😈🔥 #sendit #mommobile #canihuntnow #formyson 😇 #flames #silver #sharpie #wtfareyoudoingnow #ducttape #wtf 😂😂😂
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Now that's a lot of venison! It's midnight now and I've just finished getting all the venison, from this morning's hunt, into the freezer. It's a neat skill to learn, the whole processing and butchering wild game (or farm raised meat). Since hubby watched a video on how to professionally butcher a deer, the cuts have turned out amazing. This makes our dinners turn out much better, because the venison is cut in just the right way to be as tender as possible. It's been fun learning how to have delicious venison and wild game. It pays off with dinners like tonight where the roast just fell apart as I shredded it. Makes everyone happy 😀 | #hunterswife #life
""The Last Gasp." A ferruginous hawk surprises a prairie dog in Colorado 🦅 Amazing photo i had to share even though it's not really a hunting pic or have game animal in it. • • • Via @out.hunting Follow Me @hunting_lovers_hq
"Amazing shot! Great job ➥ Get Featured: ➥ Follow : @Hunting_heart to get more amazing photo ➥ Credited : Instagram and pinterest . . . . . Via @hunter_news Follow Me @hunting.magazine
"Carrying out big game meat is done differently by each hunter, by each species of game and by each country. Some move it with ATV’S, cars, snowmobiles, boats, dog sleds, horses or even lamas. I guess the rules that apply in each place end up being the deciding factor for each hunter as well as physical abilities or the experience each one is after. Backcountry elk hunters in Alaska might take a full week packing out a big bull in bear country on foot while a musk ox hunter in Greenland might be able to move all the in a few hours and get it on a boat. Some trophy hunters hunting in Africa even pay indigenous people to take care of it all after they’ve taken a picture with the carcass. To me that seems really effortless and disrespectful, but that’s just my opinion. I’m still at that age where I want the blood, sweat and tears experience but in a few decades that might change, only time can tell. What’s your opinion ? 📷: @stenersenoutdoors ________________________________________________________ @harkila_official @nordichunter @sako_international Via @hunting_iceland Follow Me @hunting_fanclub_hq
"Night encounter 😳 ---------------------------------- Via @hunting_biggame_worldwide Follow Me @hunting_0ffical
It’s #HuntingSeason ⚓️🚢
Baba was set #Saturday @Regranned from @koffithaguru - Stunting like a Mannequin #workmode #huntingseason - #regrann
Hellow @setiady_fajar Exif : EOS 60D FIX 50mm ISO-1000 f/4 1/10sec. External : photoshop cs 6 & lightroom #gilamotret #huntting #hunting #huntingseason #tukangmotret #tukangmotret #umbrellagirl #cihanjawarpurwakarta #neonlights