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I'm sorry but I had to get rid of the other guy.. 🤣 If you like the movie, you're going to love this fugure. Never have I seen a more complexed & intricate release since the Mk1. Can you imagine the amount of work that goes into assembling this? If you have not got one yet, don't believe me.. Ask a friend who owns one to show you his.. I couldn't believe it myself until I saw it in the flesh. (Actually more like in the plastic 🤣) But I swear to you that you will say that the amount of detailing that goes into the Ultron Mk1 is just divine.. The wires, the connectors and the pistons transport you from reality to fantasy.. I'm simply ecstatic that I did not give this a pass.. It is secretly one of my happiest purchases.. PEACE IN OUR TIME! Have a great weekend peeps! #marvel #marveluniverse #marvelcinematicuniverse #hottoys #hottoysultron #tonystark #actionfigures #actionfigurephotography #collectibles #hottoyscollector #hottoysphotography #hottoysfigures #hottoyscommunity
“That’s how i cut and run.”
John Wick custom 1/6 scale figure. Battle damaged by me😉😄